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The malicious and dishonest media really are, as Trump says, ‘enemies of the people’

May 19 2017 — Conrad Black — Even allowing for the astonishing pyrotechnics of current American politics, the Canadian journalistic reaction has been rather disappointing. Canadians have a unique ring-side seat on American personalities and events, and flatter themselves that they know that country better than any other foreigners do. Perhaps because of the garishness of American politics, the immense amounts of […]

In the Senate and the courts, an erosion of our humanity

Mar 24 2017 — Conrad Black — Almost three years ago I wrote a column here criticizing the dismissal from his employment ahead of an expected indictment of former prime ministerial assistant Bruce Carson. I was skeptical of the grounds for the indictment, which was eventually produced, and was the subject of an acquittal. The Crown prosecutors appealed the acquittal and were […]

Pull yourselves together, senators — Don Meredith and Lynn Beyak don’t deserve to be kicked out

Mar 17 2017 — Conrad Black — The poor, benighted Canadian Senate is struggling to restore its credibility, but it is approaching it by self-consciously persecuting its own members. First, it should cease to be so self-conscious about last year’s expenses controversy. The amounts were trivial and the demands for abolition of the Senate were piled up on the assumption, for which […]

More delusions of Canadian grandeur follow Trump election

Nov 25 2016 — Conrad Black — As the days have ticked past since the U.S. election, its implications, especially for the media, have been interpreted with agonizing slowness. The polls, so inaccurate, yet uniformly revealed public disrespect for the press. Ninety per cent of conventional media was hostile to Trump and 90 per cent of polling organizations predicted a comfortable Clinton […]

The Trudeau government is competent, but not daring

Oct 7 2016 — Conrad Black — The Trudeau government is gradually revealing a general pattern of policy implementation that is heavy on symbolism and compassionate disconcertion, and is sufficient to avoid general derision for tokenism, but is rather moderate. This is certainly the time-honoured Canadian method, and while it generally irritates those who are more radical, it retains the adherence of […]

America the basket case

Jul 30 2016 — Conrad Black — The Democratic National Convention has been a piercing glimpse into why the United States has every appearance of being a country of vulgar idiots governed by vulgar idiots. Of course it is a great country, by most measurements the greatest country there has ever been. And shame on anyone who does not acknowledge with thanks […]

The genius of Donald Trump

Jul 23 2016 — Conrad Black — Even in the week that he is nominated by the Republican party for the presidency of the United States, intelligent people fail in droves to understand what Donald Trump has accomplished. It was disappointing to read the editorial in this newspaper on Tuesday that “a Trump presidency would be a descent into the uncertainties of […]

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, so far

Jul 8 2016 — Conrad Black — A pattern is emerging in the conduct of the Trudeau government. It straddles fairly stylishly between gestures to the trendy and fashionable cutting leftward edge of its support without grossly offending the solid centre of the country that provides the majority for any Canadian federal government. That centre was fairly comfortable with the Harper government, […]

A fresh start for Europe

Jun 24 2016 — Conrad Black — The absurdly exaggerated reaction to the British vote to leave the European Union demonstrates the complacency and incompetence of the governing elites in Britain and Western Europe, and how those attitudes rippled out, unchallenged, in the international media and financial markets. There is some analogy with the comeuppance given the American political class by the […]

Why Canada is justified in selling arms to the Saudis

May 13 2016 — Conrad Black — The controversy over the sale of light armoured vehicles (LAVs) to Saudi Arabia illustrates the fact that Canada can now decide whether it wants to be one of the world’s important powers or not. This does not mean a super power, which is not and will not be on offer for a country of 35 […]

Celebrating the end of the Mike Duffy farce

Apr 29 2016 — Conrad Black — My absence in England last week prevented me from celebrating the acquittal of Mike Duffy in this column, but there are a few points still to be made about it. There was never anything wrong with Mike Duffy padding around promoting the Conservative party while a paid-up senator. MPs do that and there is nothing […]

Tom Mulcair deserved better

Apr 15 2016 — Conrad Black — The New Democratic Party’s treatment of Thomas Mulcair is disgraceful and cowardly. My own background with Mulcair does not make us natural allies, as he objected in Parliament to my return to this country four years ago, and I have generally not supported the NDP at any level. Our only personal encounter was accidental, brief, […]

Six months of the Trudeau government — so far, so good

Apr 8 2016 — Conrad Black — A report card on the federal government as it approaches six months in office would have to be reasonably positive. There have been no horrifying blunders such as in the Pearson-Gordon “60 Days of Decision” in 1963, which led to an interesting budget that was quickly withdrawn. (It is a testimony to Canada’s fundamental solidity […]

Don’t underestimate Donald. He will win

Mar 4 2016 — Conrad Black — It is with great regret that I take public issue with my colleague John Robson, a columnist and editorial writer for the National Post, in this case over his comments on Donald Trump in this newspaper on Monday. John completely missed the point of the Trump candidacy. Donald Trump polled extensively last year and confirmed […]