National Newswatch

Tony Clement’s former mistress allegedly offered $1,000 for ‘explicit’ photos by group claiming ‘Liberal’ support

Nov 14 2018 — Christie Blatchford — Screenshots of an online conversation between former Conservative MP Tony Clement and a young woman with whom he had an affair show that she was offered a bribe in exchange for dirt on him by “a group of women who have been harmed by him” and who claimed to have “organizational support with the liberals.” […]

Doug Ford has a point — he was elected; the judge was not

Sep 10 2018 — Christie Blatchford — There is real gut-level truth to what Ontario Premier Doug Ford said Monday, as he announced that he’s recalling the Legislature and will invoke the sacred notwithstanding clause to override the Ontario Superior Court decision which earlier in the day tossed his attempt to cut Toronto City Council almost in half. Ford said it several […]

I like Bernier, who has the courage to go his own way

Aug 24 2018 — Christie Blatchford — Years and years ago, Toronto had a police chief who simply couldn’t answer a question. Oh, he would talk. He would talk until your ears bled. He would put together long clauses that bore no relation to each other, link them with clichés and time-fillers, add in various lawyerly bits he’d picked up (“At this […]