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Last question left in gas plants trial, was the destroyed data personal or not

Nov 22 2017 — Christie Blatchford — The contention by David Livingston and Laura Miller and their lawyers that they hired someone to wipe 20 computers in the office of former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty merely to delete personal information is nonsense, a prosecutor says. “That’s an artificial interpretation of the evidence divorced from the surrounding events,” federal Crown Tom Lemon told […]

Sweeping access to computers in premier’s office was unprecedented, gas plant trial told

Oct 26 2017 — Christie Blatchford — A second witness at the gas plants trial has testified that it was David Nicholl, Ontario’s chief information technology officer, who asked for the sweeping access given to David Livingston’s executive assistant. Now retired from the public service, Thomas Stenson was testifying at the criminal trial of Livingston and Laura Miller, once the power duo […]

McGuinty’s statement on gas plants was untrue, key witness tells trial

Oct 17 2017 — Christie Blatchford — In the exquisitely even-handed manner that is his trademark and in his usual careful language, Ontario’s former top public servant Tuesday called former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty a big fat liar. Peter Wallace was being cross-examined by Brian Gover, lawyer for former McGuinty chief of staff David Livingston. Livingston and his former deputy, Laura Miller, […]

Mike Duffy may have a point in lawsuit against the Senate

Aug 24 2017 — Christie Blatchford — It is always like this with Mike Duffy, the beleaguered Senator from Prince Edward Island — he invariably paints himself as high-minded, but consistently acts low. Thursday from Ottawa, the 71-year-old issued a statement about his just-filed lawsuit against the Senate and the federal attorney general (specifically, the RCMP) that included this gem: “If this […]

Hate and mob power is as ugly as it has ever been, only louder in the modern world

Aug 18 2017 — Christie Blatchford — As evidence that there really is nothing new under the sun, notwithstanding that grotesque neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, Va., last Saturday that ended in death for Heather Heyer and all the fallout since, I give you Exhibit A. It’s an ancient microfilm clipping from Ryerson University’s student newspaper, The Eyeopener, dated Nov. 30, 1972, retrieved […]