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Norman and Vance — comrades in arms, foes in the courtroom

Jan 30 2019 — Christie Blatchford — Born in the same year, to military families, Jon Vance and Mark Norman followed separate career tracks as rising stars, Vance in the army, Norman in the navy, until they ended up, respectively, as the Nos. 1 and 2 in the Canadian Forces. They would have worked together intimately, and likely found themselves, long-suffering spouses […]

A terror plot, but all we got from police was hot air

Jan 25 2019 — Christie Blatchford — Honest to Pete, it’s enough to make you tear your hair out. First came the breaking news that the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) had launched a raid on two homes in Kingston, Ont. Then came word that the RCMP would hold a press briefing several hours hence at which details would be […]

There may be toxic men, but traditional masculinity is quite glorious

Jan 19 2019 — Christie Blatchford — It never occurred to me that traditional masculinity could be harmful, as the American Psychological Association recently proclaimed, or toxic, as movements such as #MeToo and ads like the controversial Gillette commercial released this week suggest. The commercial shows two sorts of boys and men — those behaving badly (by bullying, resorting to physical violence […]

Tony Clement’s former mistress allegedly offered $1,000 for ‘explicit’ photos by group claiming ‘Liberal’ support

Nov 14 2018 — Christie Blatchford — Screenshots of an online conversation between former Conservative MP Tony Clement and a young woman with whom he had an affair show that she was offered a bribe in exchange for dirt on him by “a group of women who have been harmed by him” and who claimed to have “organizational support with the liberals.” […]

Doug Ford has a point — he was elected; the judge was not

Sep 10 2018 — Christie Blatchford — There is real gut-level truth to what Ontario Premier Doug Ford said Monday, as he announced that he’s recalling the Legislature and will invoke the sacred notwithstanding clause to override the Ontario Superior Court decision which earlier in the day tossed his attempt to cut Toronto City Council almost in half. Ford said it several […]