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Thibeault, under an ‘ethical cloud’, should step aside

Nov 23 2016 — Christina Blizzard — There’s an old saying: When you lie down with dogs, sometimes you get up with fleas. When you run for a party that’s embroiled in a number of scandals, you could get splashed with mud. It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is. That’s what came to mind Tuesday when Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault […]

Harris government had more integrity than Wynne’s

Nov 22 2016 — Christina Blizzard — Former PC premier Mike Harris and his government had so much more integrity than the Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne. When Harris was in power, at the mere hint of impropriety, a minister was leaned on by the premier’s office and told to step aside. Solicitor general Bob Runciman quit after he named a young […]

Where’s the anger from Ontario voters?

Nov 18 2016 — Christina Blizzard — Call it a draw. A split decision. Nothing changes — and Premier Kathleen Wynne can return to Queen’s Park unscathed on Monday morning. Niagara West-Glanbrook is still Tory; Ottawa-Vanier, still Liberal. One riding stayed loyal to its small and large C conservative roots. The Liberals held Ottawa-Vanier by a comfortable margin. It wasn’t even close […]

Who are these people who support Wynne?

Nov 8 2016 — Christina Blizzard — OK, the big shock about the latest Mainstreet/Postmedia poll isn’t that 58% of all Ontarians believe Premier Kathleen Wynne should go. No, the jaw-dropping number reported Monday is that 42% believe she should stay — even though a former senior member of her staff is facing bribery charges in the wake of last year’s Sudbury […]

Speedy PC nominations cause rumblings

Oct 28 2016 — Christina Blizzard — PC Leader Patrick Brown has an embarrassment of riches — and no way to manage the legions of folk who want to run for the party in 2018. With Premier Kathleen Wynne struggling at record low approval numbers, the conservative world is hammering at the PC gates. There are rumblings among some Tories that Brown […]

Have the Ontario PCs been Ubered?

Oct 26 2016 — Christina Blizzard — I’m starting to believe the PC Party of Ontario has been Ubered. Younger, more energetic and tech-savvy people have moved in, using the party’s own rules to disrupt the status quo. It happened first when Patrick Brown stunned party insiders by outselling and outmanoeuvring long-time party stalwart Christine Elliott to win the party’s top job. […]

Wynne’s golf club fundraiser inappropriate

Oct 21 2016 — Christina Blizzard — The head of the Ontario Medical Association and a property developer paid $5,500 each to have lunch with Premier Kathleen Wynne as a fundraiser for a posh women’s golf club two years ago, the Toronto Sun has learned. Wynne’s wife, Jane Rounthwaite, is a member of the club and was on the board of directors […]

Will the real Patrick Brown please stand up?

Sep 18 2016 — Christina Blizzard — It was Winston Churchill who described Russia as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” You might say the same thing of Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown. His stunningly successful leadership campaign was viewed by many Progressive Conservative faithful as a coup. Brown shocked the party to its true Tory blue Stanfield Y-fronts, […]

Patrick Brown wins his first battle with Scarborough byelection

Sep 2 2016 — Christina Blizzard — That was a huge sigh of relief and a great, joyful whoop of joy you heard from the campaign HQ of PC candidate Raymond Cho, who was elected to represent Scarborough-Rouge River Thursday night. Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown desperately needed this win and the last minute misstep over the sex-ed letter that went out […]

Is PM Trudeau’s wife Sophie emulating the royals?

Jul 28 2016 — Christina Blizzard — There’s good news on the royals’ front. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — Will and Kate — will visit this fall. They won’t be in Toronto, but will head off to B.C. and the Yukon. This is good news, I’m sure, for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire. The photogenic Trudeaus […]

Nothing like a task force to guide us into the world of weed

Jul 1 2016 — Christina Blizzard — Justin Trudeau’s pledge to legalize pot isn’t exactly giving his government the euphoric high they’d hoped for. Turns out it’s way tougher to do than they anticipated. To speed things up, they’ve announced a traditional Liberal solution: Recycle old cabinet ministers and appoint a task force. On Thursday, they announced former Attorney General Anne McLellan […]

Wynne culls old geezers in cabinet shuffle

Jun 14 2016 — Christina Blizzard — Think of this as the Soylent Green of cabinet shuffles. Over the past week, we’ve watched as ageing MPPs were turned into eco-friendly sludge to be devoured by their own party. Kathleen Wynne’s cabinet was massively moved and shaken Monday. It wasn’t so much a shuffle as an earthquake. It was all about taking out […]

Wynne exhibiting selective outrage in MPP code of conduct push

Apr 19 2016 — Christina Blizzard — In the pot-meet-kettle department, Premier Kathleen Wynne has asked Speaker Dave Levac for a code of conduct for MPPs. This is a swipe at Carleton-Mississippi Mills MPP Jack MacLaren, who told some off-colour jokes and has used some extremely bad language in riding events. Oh, and he also used stock footage photos on his website. […]

Trudeau should clean up election funding

Mar 9 2016 — Christina Blizzard — That was a curious lecture Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave Monday, on the superiority of the Canadian electoral system over that of the U.S. It’s all about the money, he opined at a Huffington Post town hall meeting. Canada has capped individual donations and no corporate or union donations are allowed, he said, in what […]