National Newswatch

Poilievre runs over facts in his race to make inflation case

Dec 3 2021 — Campbell Clark — Pierre Poilievre has sunk his teeth into a hot economic issue, inflation, and the Conservative Party’s shadow finance minister can point to a cost of living that is rising at a rate Canadians haven’t seen for years. But he still insists on stretching facts to push his point. There’s always a certain amount of spin […]

The election campaign is shaping up to be shapeless – and that should scare Justin Trudeau

Aug 23 2021 — Campbell Clark — It is an amorphous mass, its shape undefined, its substance or sentience unknown. It is the Canadian federal election campaign so far: The Blob. It’s not a campaign about nothing, but a campaign about everything. National child-care programs, long-term care, income supports, green industry, climate change, boosting the economy and every party’s own plan for […]

Green Party’s potential crumbles in small-time bickering

Jul 12 2021 — Campbell Clark — When Annamie Paul became the Green Party’s national leader last October, the plan was to make it a national force in electoral politics. Now it is crumbling. The Green brand should, you would think, be rising in politics: More and more people see climate change as the cause of our times. But the organization itself […]

Trudeau is stuck performing in his quarantine theatre

Jun 9 2021 — Campbell Clark — Call me crazy, but I don’t want the Prime Minister of the country cooling his heels in a hotel, with RCMP officers patrolling the halls, for a couple of days next week. That is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s symbolic penance for a symbolic policy, a mandatory quarantine in a hotel for up to three days […]

China’s clumsy sanctions on Canada’s opposition backfires

Mar 29 2021 — Campbell Clark — When the Chinese government announced it would put sanctions on Conservative MP Michael Chong, it seemed at first like there must be some kind of goofy mistake. Chinese officials were firing back at the Canadian government because it imposed sanctions on four Chinese individuals over human-rights violations in Xinjiang, but somehow they missed the Liberal […]