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O’Toole’s Conservatives just can’t quit The Rebel

Jan 13 2021 — Campbell Clark — “Exclusive interview,” the headline blared. The Rebel was letting us know that Conservative leaders were talking to it again, officially. Erin O’Toole had done an interview with the far-right media website. Or maybe he hadn’t. Or maybe he had. Both, actually. And in that little riddle lies the sticky little problem that Mr. O’Toole and […]

It’s the provinces that will emerge from this crisis weaker, as power shifts to Ottawa

May 22 2020 — Campbell Clark — Remember the Resistance? The four small-c conservative premiers were lined up on a magazine cover alongside a pre-election Andrew Scheer and touted as the real counterweight to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. More recently, last year’s election left an apprehended national-unity crisis in its wake, with the revival of the Bloc Québécois and the seething rejection […]

Bring on the projections – and the caveats: COVID-19 models are a complicated truth

Apr 3 2020 — Campbell Clark — Once the White House’s coronavirus task force released its own model predicting that 100,000 to 240,000 Americans could die from COVID-19, it was inevitable that there would be more questions about what Canada’s projections say. If there’s one thing that social distancing and self-isolation have made common, it is wondering where all this is going. […]

Trudeau plays crisis role as lecturer-in-chief

Mar 24 2020 — Campbell Clark — “Enough is enough,” Justin Trudeau said to Canadians flouting self-isolation guidelines. “Go home and stay home.” That wasn’t all. He once again raised the prospect that if people don’t listen, the government can and will step in with tough measures to enforce the social-distancing rules. It doesn’t want to, but … Any parent will recognize […]