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Canadians were waiting to hear Trudeau’s full explanation on SNC-Lavalin – and they didn’t get it

Mar 7 2019 — Campbell Clark — Not an apology. Not really an act of contrition. Not a full-throated defence. Not a detailed accounting of events. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s press conference on the SNC-Lavalin affair included an assertion that there were lessons learned although he wasn’t terribly specific about which ones. So what was that? The Prime Minister said that he […]

Ambassador John McCallum’s comments undermine Ottawa’s argument for rule of law

Jan 24 2019 — Campbell Clark — What was John McCallum thinking? The Canadian government has persistently pushed back at Chinese pressure over the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou by insisting this is a rule-of-law country where the government can’t influence judges. But then Mr. McCallum, Canada’s ambassador to China, waded in by suggesting that Ms. Meng, who is sought for […]

Ottawa’s allies feel the chill as Beijing shows how it will likely act as a superpower

Jan 17 2019 — Campbell Clark — There have been detentions, dark warnings and a death sentence. And the rhetoric in the seething dispute with China turned strangely to whether Canada has a lot of friends. In Beijing, the Chinese foreign ministry’s surprisingly pugnacious spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, dismissed Canada’s efforts to rally international support in its tense dispute with China, using what […]

USMCA makes for an awkward trilateral relationship

Oct 8 2018 — Campbell Clark — Canada and Mexico have just been through the same kind of trial in trade talks. The aftermath is a little awkward. The two smaller partners in the old North American free-trade agreement talked up a common front, but at key points, they let that slide to look out for No. 1. That’s the story of […]

Rubik’s Cube of potential pitfalls await any leader who tries to govern in New Brunswick

Sep 26 2018 — Campbell Clark — The premier is still the premier. But New Brunswick’s election campaign isn’t really over. The province’s voters delivered not only a hung legislature but a Rubik’s Cube of potential pitfalls for any leader who tries to govern. First crack goes to the incumbent, Premier Brian Gallant. And it’s still possible his second-place standing could be […]