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Time for RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki to tell the whole story

Jun 30 2022 — Campbell Clark — There’s something crucial missing: an explanation from RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki. It can’t wait much longer. The allegation that the Liberal government pressured the RCMP to release information about the investigation into the Nova Scotia shootings of April 18 to 19, 2020, in order to advance their gun-control agenda is now boiling down to two […]

Can the Liberal Party really replace Justin Trudeau?

Jun 20 2022 — Campbell Clark — The next election is supposed to be three years away, but we’re seeing a lot of predictions of Justin Trudeau’s political demise. But for his Liberal Party, there is no easy way to leave him behind. Predicting Mr. Trudeau’s next three years seems like a mug’s game when you consider the surprises of his first […]

Conservative leadership debate was more about who supported trucker convoy first

May 6 2022 — Campbell Clark — The early days of the Conservative leadership campaign have featured top-tier candidates declaring each other unfit to lead, exclusionary and untruthful, so you had to wonder what would happen when they were asked to debate face-to-face. Insults? Badgering? Accusations? Yes, yes and yes. Two things rang out through the 90-minute debate: posturing about truckers’ convoys […]

Conservatives tear each other down to get to the top

Mar 15 2022 — Campbell Clark — There are some people who say that Conservative politicians are liars who will say anything to get elected, govern unethically, or flirt with racial discrimination to win votes. But those are just the people running for the leadership of the Conservative Party. The things Tory leadership candidates are saying about each other are downright scathing. […]

This will be Erin O’Toole’s winter of MP discontent

Dec 20 2021 — Campbell Clark — Andrew Scheer didn’t get this far. Now Erin O’Toole faces the long cold winter of a losing Conservative leader. Making sure that the many Tory MPs who are still ambivalent about his leadership don’t turn cold on him in the next few months will be key to his survival. Already he has seen a handful […]

Poilievre runs over facts in his race to make inflation case

Dec 3 2021 — Campbell Clark — Pierre Poilievre has sunk his teeth into a hot economic issue, inflation, and the Conservative Party’s shadow finance minister can point to a cost of living that is rising at a rate Canadians haven’t seen for years. But he still insists on stretching facts to push his point. There’s always a certain amount of spin […]

The election campaign is shaping up to be shapeless – and that should scare Justin Trudeau

Aug 23 2021 — Campbell Clark — It is an amorphous mass, its shape undefined, its substance or sentience unknown. It is the Canadian federal election campaign so far: The Blob. It’s not a campaign about nothing, but a campaign about everything. National child-care programs, long-term care, income supports, green industry, climate change, boosting the economy and every party’s own plan for […]