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USMCA makes for an awkward trilateral relationship

Oct 8 2018 — Campbell Clark — Canada and Mexico have just been through the same kind of trial in trade talks. The aftermath is a little awkward. The two smaller partners in the old North American free-trade agreement talked up a common front, but at key points, they let that slide to look out for No. 1. That’s the story of […]

Rubik’s Cube of potential pitfalls await any leader who tries to govern in New Brunswick

Sep 26 2018 — Campbell Clark — The premier is still the premier. But New Brunswick’s election campaign isn’t really over. The province’s voters delivered not only a hung legislature but a Rubik’s Cube of potential pitfalls for any leader who tries to govern. First crack goes to the incumbent, Premier Brian Gallant. And it’s still possible his second-place standing could be […]

To India, to make sure the shallow politicking is a bipartsan thing

Aug 22 2018 — Campbell Clark — Justin Trudeau’s botched trip to India in February was always ill-conceived because it revolved around lazy diplomatic tropes and shallow politicking to domestic audiences – now Andrew Scheer is going to compound the mistake. The Conservative Leader’s news release blared that Mr. Scheer will go on a nine-day mission this fall to “repair and strengthen […]

Trudeau government quick to brand any deviation from NAFTA negotiating hegemony as disloyalty to Canada

Aug 5 2018 — Campbell Clark — The committee on un-Canadian activities has convened somewhere in a corner of the PMO’s communications office, and they’ve found certain Conservatives to be suspiciously disloyal. Not just disloyal to them, but to the nation, and for the unforgivable offence of meeting Americans without a minder. This is the Liberals preparing to fire at any opponent […]

It appears Ontarians have lost faith in carbon taxes

May 16 2018 — Campbell Clark — The debate on carbon taxes at the May 7 meeting of the Commons finance committee looked like it was frustrating one of the witnesses, University of Alberta economist Andrew Leach. Conservative MPs, and Alberta United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney, suggested a carbon tax won’t really reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and Mr. Leach slapped back in the […]

Gender will be a thread through several sections of Liberals’ Feb. 27 budget: source

Feb 13 2018 — Campbell Clark — Finance Minister Bill Morneau is planning a gender budget, putting federal money behind Justin Trudeau’s declaration that he’s a feminist prime minister. It will include money to pay the costs of agenda-setting pay-equity legislation for employees in the federal government and federally regulated sectors, and will go beyond that into measures to encourage the participation […]