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Doug Ford’s use of the notwithstanding clause would steamroll free speech

Jun 10 2021 — Colby Cosh — Well, that escalated quickly. On Tuesday, an Ontario Superior Court judge, the distinguished ex-professor Ed Morgan, quietly issued a ruling on an application by Working Families Ontario and an assortment of teacher unions. This gang hoped to block aggressive new campaign finance rules made by the province’s Conservative government. And this in turn reflected the […]

François Legault’s constitutional trap for Trudeau is only verbiage

May 20 2021 — Colby Cosh — “Does anyone else,” the Globe and Mail asked in an unsigned editorial leader Tuesday, “get the feeling that (Quebec premier) Legault just baited a political trap for (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau?” Ah, how satisfying it is, I thought, to find my own thoughts echoed in another newspaper. François Legault’s Bill 96, which injects a fresh […]

CBC versus CPC lawsuit takes an odd turn

Sep 19 2020 — Colby Cosh — Remember how the CBC brought a copyright infringement suit against the Conservative party with about 10 days left to go in the 2019 federal election campaign? We were so young then! The proceeding has not received much attention lately, but it is still underway, and I noticed this week that it has taken some turns […]

Advice on Western separatism: don’t take it more seriously than it takes itself

Jul 26 2019 — Colby Cosh — On Thursday, the former MP Jay Hill, an Old Reformer from Fort St. John who rose to become Conservative Government Whip, published a Western separatist op-ed in the Calgary Herald. Well, the article is conditionally Western separatist, anyway. Hill writes that western independence is a “possible, some would say probable, consequence” of Justin Trudeau’s re-election […]

Trudeau and the Gang of Six: A PM undone by his own handiwork

Jun 13 2019 — Colby Cosh — There’s almost no other way to put it: the prime minister seems to be losing his marbles. On Monday, the premiers of five provinces and the Northwest Territories sent him a polite, conventional open letter raising familiar concerns with the Liberal government’s resource bills C-69 (which creates a new regime for federal review of big […]

Jason Kenney, from unity schemer to unity premier

Apr 17 2019 — Colby Cosh — In the end it was as written. The ultra-hard final numbers in the Alberta election, as faithful readers have been warned, are going to take a while to arrive. But it became apparent shockingly early on Tuesday night that the United Conservative Party would secure a comfortable majority in the Alberta legislature, completing Jason Kenney’s […]

So who is ‘misremembering’ — Butts or Wilson-Raybould?

Mar 6 2019 — Colby Cosh — On Wednesday, in testifying about the SNC-Lavalin scandal that has punched a hole in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, Gerald Butts left an impression of sincerity, or at least earnestness, and professed the best of intentions as Trudeau’s exiled principal secretary. Do you suppose it will help? The Liberal government’s SNC situation clearly has a traplike nature. […]

Michael Wernick spewed drivel while taking us all for fools

Feb 22 2019 — Colby Cosh — Like Michael Wernick, the clerk of the Privy Council, I am a strong believer in the traditions and the strength of our public service. I think, for example, that most of the persons who have occupied his position as the country’s senior mandarin are intelligent, sincere and thoughtful people. It is positively unprecedented for one […]