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The House: Can Canadian federalism cope with 21st century threats?

Jul 3 2021 — Chris Hall — The Constitution sets out the division of powers between Ottawa and provincial governments. But is it also helping to divide the country as politicians struggle with large-scale threats such as climate change, the state of long-term care and the COVID-19 pandemic? “I think it’s been a real problem,” said University of British Columbia political scientist […]

The House: O’Toole says he’s hitting Trudeau where it hurts — his ethics

Jun 26 2021 — Chris Hall — Conservative leader Erin O’Toole heads into a possible election campaign this summer knowing the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic put him at a competitive disadvantage compared to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In an end-of-session interview airing Saturday on CBC’s The House, O’Toole acknowledged that polls have consistently put his party behind the governing Liberals […]

The House: Canadians are losing patience with the border closure

Jun 19 2021 — Chris Hall — For many Canadians, the ban on most travel to and from the United States — in place now for 15 months — borders on the excessive. Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says he gets it, even as he defends the decision to continue with the cross-border restrictions for at least another month. “Let me acknowledge […]

The House: Will Doug Ford pay a price for deploying the notwithstanding clause?

Jun 12 2021 — Chris Hall — As a rule, when the courts overturn a law for violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, federal or provincial governments either appeal it to the very top or redraft the offending legislation to ensure those rights and freedoms are respected. Ontario’s not taking either approach. Premier Doug Ford is invoking the notwithstanding clause in […]

The House: Is it past time Canada had an Indigenous governor general?

Jun 5 2021 — Chris Hall — The federal cabinet minister leading the search for a new governor general says background checks on the short list of candidates are nearly finished. But Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc isn’t saying how many names will be sent to the prime minister, or whether the search committee has been instructed to include a nominee with […]

Why (almost) nobody in Ottawa wants to talk about Quebec’s new language bill

May 28 2021 — Chris Hall — Former Conservative leader Kim Campbell once said an election is no time to discuss serious issues. While she later claimed her words had been taken out of context, there’s some truth to the idea that a short election period doesn’t allow enough time to properly explore complex, divisive issues. It also helps explain why Bloc […]

Canada’s sanctions are sending China a ‘message,’ says Garneau

Mar 27 2021 — Chris Hall — Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau compares dealing with China on the international stage to standing up to a schoolyard bully. “I’ve known bullies in my life, and I know bullies can change, but bullies don’t change unless you send very clear messages to them,” Garneau said in an interview airing this morning on CBC’s political […]

World must do more to support democracy in Myanmar: Bob Rae

Mar 6 2021 — Chris Hall — Bob Rae says the international community must support the democratic movement in Myanmar as protesters there continue to risk their lives to protest against last month’s military coup. Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations says it’s the only way to honour the courage shown by those standing up for democracy. “I do think that what […]