National Newswatch

Afghanistan appeals for more support from Canada to train troops, police

Nov 19 2017 — Chris Hall — One of the leading figures in Afghanistan’s national government insists his war-torn country must be put back at the forefront of NATO’s efforts to defeat terrorist groups in the Middle East and South Asia. Abdullah Abdullah, the government’s chief executive and one of the featured speakers this weekend at the Halifax International Security Forum, says […]

Trudeau sends a message, or three, on Asian summit tour

Nov 14 2017 — Chris Hall — Justin Trudeau received a lot of negative publicity in the foreign media and to a lesser extent here at home after refusing to sign an agreement in principle for a new trade deal with 10 other Pacific Rim nations on Friday. Whether he “sabotaged” the deal, as one Australian newspaper put it, or “screwed” the […]

Focus of fall economic statement was where Morneau wanted it: on the middle class

Oct 25 2017 — Chris Hall — April may be the cruellest month to a poet, but October has been anything but kind to the Liberal government — particularly Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Whether it was allegations of conflict of interest over his continued multimillion-dollar stake in the family business, or his heavily panned efforts at small business tax reform, the Liberals […]

Liberals battle problems mostly of their own creation

Sep 14 2017 — Chris Hall — For the better part of two days members of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet met behind closed doors in St. John’s, plotting strategy for the fall legislative session, while outside their opponents, critics and interest groups declared open season on significant parts of the Liberal agenda. Instead of controlling the debate this week, instead of […]

Justin Trudeau, British PM Theresa May to discuss Boeing-Bombardier spat in meeting next week

Sep 12 2017 — Chris Hall — British Prime Minister Theresa May will visit Canada on Monday as Canadian officials try to get U.S. aerospace manufacturer Boeing to continue talks to head off a potentially damaging trade dispute over passenger jets. Boeing asked the U.S. Commerce Department to investigate whether Bombardier is dumping planes into the American market, alleging government subsidies to […]

Liberal-friendly diplomat’s new job pays above scale, but is he worth it?

Aug 22 2017 — Chris Hall — Gerald Butts is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s top adviser, making him arguably the second most influential person in this Liberal government given his regular involvement with the PM on the most sensitive and important files. So when Butts took to Twitter on Monday to defend the government’s decision to pay his friend Rana Sarkar, the […]

On national security, Liberals stake out the middle ground

Jun 21 2017 — Chris Hall — To understand the Liberal’s new anti-terrorism measures introduced Tuesday, go back two years to when the party supported the then Conservative government’s hard-line anti-terrorism bill with a promise to amend the most controversial measures just as soon as they got the chance. The Conservatives were proposing to give this country’s national security agencies dramatic new […]

Justice system ‘in urgent need of reform’: Senate committee

Jun 15 2017 — Chris Hall — The Supreme Court of Canada is known as the court of last resort because its decisions are final. There are no more appeals to make, no more arguments to be heard on a case. But every so often the court of last resort gives itself a kind of do-over using a new case to clarify […]