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‘Canadian-style systemic racism’: Black public servants file suit against federal government

Dec 3 2020 — Charelle Evelyn — The Canadian government has failed to uphold the Charter rights of Black employees in the federal public service, shirking its responsibility to create discrimination- and harassment-free workplaces, and actively excluding Black bureaucrats, allege plaintiffs in a proposed class-action lawsuit. “There has been a de facto practice of Black employee exclusion throughout the public service because […]

‘It’s a lot of lip service’: Black federal public servants hope ‘Floyd effect’ will finally drive change as anti-racism movement grips Canada

Jun 15 2020 — Charelle Evelyn — Black public servants, already more likely to report being victims of racial discrimination than the rest of the federal bureaucracy, are hoping the “Floyd effect” will help drive the changes for which they’ve spent years trying to gain traction. “In some ways, this has had a positive effect in the amount of interest that it […]

Nearly 20,000 sensitive documents mishandled under Trudeau government

Apr 24 2019 — Charelle Evelyn — Only one government employee has had their security clearance revoked since 2016, though there have been nearly 20,000 instances of sensitive documents being mishandled in the last three years. According to numbers tabled in the House of Commons on April 9, 19,787 classified or protected documents were stored “in a manner which did not meet […]

Senate committee blows holes in Liberal gun bill

Apr 10 2019 — Charelle Evelyn — Conservative Senators followed through on their promise to “gut” the Liberals’ gun bill, successfully getting a number of changes passed in committee that strip away key features of the legislation. On April 8, the Senate’s National Security and Defence Committee finished its review of Bill C-71, which according to the government, would improve public safety […]

‘I want to be audited’: Seven years after expense scandal, some Senators say scrutiny still missing

Apr 3 2019 — Charelle Evelyn — Six years’ worth of Senators’ expenses have largely gone unscrutinized since the federal auditor general dug into the Upper Chamber’s books following the 2012 expense scandal, and the Upper Chamber is due for another comprehensive review, say some Senators. With progress stalled on a committee meant to oversee their spending, Senators will examine options to […]

Tory MPs push for loosening rules to allow more partisan mail-outs

Mar 20 2019 — Charelle Evelyn — It should be up to an MP’s constituents, not faceless bureaucrats, to decide if the messages they receive in their tax-funded mail-outs are too partisan, according to Conservative members of the House of Commons Board of Internal Economy (BOIE). Conservative whip Mark Strahl (Chilliwack Hope, B.C.) said that there is “an increasing frustration” among his […]

Liberal promises on Indigenous relationship ring hollow to activists, experts as protests continue

Jan 16 2019 — Charelle Evelyn — Protest actions, like the ones that spread across the country and internationally in support of the Unist’ot’en camp in northern British Columbia this month, may not sway the hearts and minds of the general electorate about the government’s record on Indigenous issues come election day, says a pollster. But according to experts and First Nations […]

Senators flagged design flaw stalling Senate Chamber move-in two years ago: committee chair

Dec 19 2018 — Charelle Evelyn — Senators on a committee overseeing the transformation of the Government Conference Centre into their temporary home say nearly two years ago they flagged the issue that is now delaying the start of the next sitting. On Dec. 13, Conservative Senator Scott Tannas (Alberta) informed the Senate’s Internal Economy, Budgets, and Administration Committee that a Nov. […]

Senate Internal Economy Committee to get security briefings, after Tories criticize ‘ridiculous’ secrecy

Nov 7 2018 — Charelle Evelyn — The Senate’s Internal Economy Committee will get a visit from the head of Parliament Hill security this month and regular updates from the Chamber’s Speaker, after several Conservative Senators criticized what they saw as a “ridiculous” lack of transparency on security matters in the Parliamentary Precinct. Chief Superintendent Jane MacLatchy, director of the Parliamentary Protective […]

Elections debate commissioner coming before 2019 election, but not through legislation: Minister Gould

Oct 17 2018 — Charelle Evelyn — With less than a year before the 2019 writ drops, the Liberal government is abandoning any possibility of introducing legislation to establish an independent leaders’ debate commissioner before the next election, though it says a commissioner will be in place. Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould (Burlington, Ont.) told the Procedure and House Affairs Committee (PROC) […]