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Being an MP in the Age of Conspiracy, Theoretical and Not

Jun 19 2022 — Charlie Angus — New Abacus Data polling reveals some pretty sobering findings on the state of the Canadian political landscape. According to the survey, 44 percent of Canadians now believe that a secret group of elites is controlling elections, recessions and wars. Thirty-seven percent are inclined to believe the racist “white replacement theory”. The poll also found that […]

‘Freedom convoy’ caught Canada unprepared

Feb 22 2022 — Charlie Angus — Politically, the so-called freedom convoy has served as a projection of all manner of discontent. But the deeper and more troubling fact is it has revealed a fundamental fissure in how we perceive social reality in Canada. I began to understand the seriousness of this disconnect as I struggled to engage with constituents about what […]