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Pierre Poilievre can’t look the other way forever

Nov 13 2022 — Chantal Hébert — For now, Canada’s premiers are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s problem. And as the breakdown in negotiations on the financing of the health-care system demonstrated this week, federal-provincial co-operation is in very short supply these days. But when the next federal election campaign comes around, it is Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre who will have to account […]

Doug Ford’s war with CUPE risks throwing Canada into a unity crisis

Nov 4 2022 — Chantal Hébert — Under the guise of a controversial piece of back-to-work legislation, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has thrown a constitutional grenade at Canada’s collective bargaining process this week. The collateral damage that will result from Ontario’s decision to suspend the constitutional rights of the province’s education workers, the better to dictate the terms of their contract, is […]

For Pierre Poilievre, right-leaning premiers are more likely to hinder than help

Oct 8 2022 — Chantal Hébert — The reelection with a stronger hand of Quebec premier François Legault will inevitably shake things up on the federal-provincial scene. So will Danielle Smith’s selection as the successor to Alberta premier Jason Kenney. The incoming Alberta premier and her re-elected Quebec counterpart bring to their relationship with Justin Trudeau’s government a long list of grievances […]

For Quebec Premier François Legault, a massive election victory may have been the easy part

Oct 4 2022 — Chantal Hébert — Propelled at least in part by a winner-takes-all voting system, Quebec Premier François Legault cruised past four opposition parties to a massive reelection victory on Monday. In the process, a plurality of voters — mostly in francophone ridings — confirmed they have little or no interest in resuming the unity battle that defined the province’s […]

Trudeau will not leave Canada in Poilievre’s hands

Sep 11 2022 — Chantal Hébert — As of now, all is in place for an electoral duel between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre. The only unknown is when what is lining up to be an epic battle will take place. Provided the Liberal/NDP pact holds, Canada will not be going to the polls this fall and perhaps […]