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Pierre Poilievre should have Conservatives worried about his potential to self-destruct — and to take the party with him

May 14 2022 — Chantal Hébert — This was the week when Conservative front-runner Pierre Poilievre could have sealed his leadership deal. With a widely acknowledged lead on his rivals, he had two opportunities in the shape of successive leadership debates to step into a more prime ministerial picture frame and start unifying the party and eventually the country behind him.

Hijab ban divides younger voters from boomers

Jan 22 2022 — Chantal Hébert — Let’s talk first about the old dog that has so far failed to bark. When the reassignment late last year of a Quebec elementary school teacher for wearing a hijab prompted various non-Quebec mayors to support the fight against the province’s Bill 21 with taxpayers’ dollars, many believed the initiative would backfire. In the face […]