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Trudeau sows confusion with his mixed messaging on Indigenous genocide

Jun 10 2019 — Chantal Hébert — After a week’s consideration, it seems Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not completely convinced after all that Canada’s treatment of its Indigenous peoples amounts to genocide. The latter was the main and most controversial finding of the final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. The prime minister had […]

Dozens of MPs saying farewell to federal politics

Jun 7 2019 — Chantal Hébert — This is the time in the political cycle when the revolving doors of politics are in full swing. Dozens of Canada’s current MPs are saying farewell to federal politics this month with more retirement announcements expected to come over the summer. They are often leaving their parties with big gaps to fill. And that sometimes […]

Doug Ford’s unpopularity is Andrew Scheer’s problem

Jun 6 2019 — Chantal Hébert — As Doug Ford’s Tories celebrate the first anniversary of their election victory this week, the jubilation in federal Conservative backrooms at the return of their party to power in Canada’s largest province has given way to trepidation. Barely a year in his term, Ford has become more unpopular than the chronically unpopular Liberal premier he […]

Liberal insiders looking at Mark Carney as Trudeau’s successor

May 28 2019 — Chantal Hébert — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership has not emerged unscathed from his trouble-plagued pre-election season. With a possible Liberal defeat this fall in mind, some insiders are already strategizing a path to the party leadership for former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney. Carney is due to finish his current gig as governor of the Bank […]

Former Liberals play the long game with Independent campaigns

May 27 2019 — Chantal Hébert — In the big pre-election picture, the most significant call Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott made on the way to back-to-back news conferences on Monday was to remain in elected politics. That in itself was the bad news for Justin Trudeau, since most of the votes either of them earns as an Independent candidate in this […]

So far, Maxime Bernier poses little threat to Andrew Scheer

May 22 2019 — Chantal Hébert — Eight months after he bolted from the Conservative Party and with the clock ticking to the October general election, the buzz that attended Maxime Bernier’s stormy departure from Andrew Scheer’s caucus to create a rival conservative party has dissipated. Bernier has so far failed to parlay the significant political capital he had accumulated as a […]

Trudeau has a choice to make about Quebec’s secularism debate

May 16 2019 — Chantal Hébert — It is not only on the pipeline front that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a politically critical call to make in the lead-up to the upcoming federal campaign. At some point in the not-so-distant future, he will have to decide whether to become more actively involved in Quebec’s ongoing securalism debate. That time is almost […]

Police still struggle in the grey areas of politics

May 13 2019 — Chantal Hébert — Since a breach of trust charge against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman was dropped last week, the opposition parties in the House of Commons have been demanding an inquiry into potential Liberal interference in the judicial travails of the military’s former second in command. There is no doubt the electoral self-interest of the Conservatives and the New […]

Greens are racing NDP to the climate-change punch

May 10 2019 — Chantal Hébert — On the day his party lost a B.C. seat to the Greens in a byelection this week, Jagmeet Singh took Justin Trudeau to task about climate change, an issue he raised again over the next two days. It was a change of pace of sorts for the NDP leader. There have been twenty-four House sittings […]

Green victory suggests progressive vote is up for grabs

May 7 2019 — Chantal Hébert — If there were any doubts that the upcoming federal election really has become Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives to lose, the results of Monday’s byelection in the B.C. riding of Nanaimo-Ladysmith should have dispelled them. No, the last byelection to be held before next fall’s federal campaign did not feature a great surge to the right. The […]