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When MPs return after summer break, the political landscape might not be as hospitable for Justin Trudeau

Jun 20 2021 — Chantal Hébert — Canada’s parliamentarians are about to adjourn their debates for the summer possibly to return only after a general election. One way or another, they are in for a somewhat different political conversation next fall. With every passing week this spring, other issues have slowly been pushing the pandemic off centre stage. In the House of […]

With Doug Ford and Jason Kenney plummeting in the polls, it’s time to ask: Is there something wrong with Canada’s right?

May 30 2021 — Chantal Hébert — Canada’s leading provincial Conservatives have taken a big hit over the course of the pandemic. Outside of the Atlantic region, no Conservative premier gets a passing grade for his management of the health crisis. These days, the government leaders of Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba sit at the bottom of the provincial list. A majority of […]