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Liberals’ filibuster at House Affairs ‘ugly to watch,’ but it’s a ‘survival technique,’ say pollsters and politicos

Mar 20 2023 — Chelsea Nash — A filibuster at a House Affairs Committee meeting may not be something most Canadians notice, but pollsters say it is still a risky strategy for the government, as Liberal MPs deploy their rhetorical skills in an effort to prevent the prime minister’s chief of staff Katie Telford from being called before the committee. On Tuesday, […]

At Broadbent’s Progress Summit, a desire for more populism on the political left emerges

Mar 10 2023 — Chelsea Nash — At the Broadbent Institute’s annual Progress Summit, Bernie Sanders’ former campaign manager pitched embracing populism. “When you talk about populism, it’s become a word that’s been degraded and demonized, because we see it on the right. It’s xenophobic, it’s hateful. And what we need to counter it is a populism on the left. That’s what […]

Ignoring Danielle Smith is Justin Trudeau’s best strategy as she tries to bait him into a fight leading up to Alberta election

Jan 23 2023 — Chelsea Nash — Amidst what experts are describing as a significant downturn in federal-provincial relations, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has made it clear that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—not her opponents at the ballot box—is her target for the upcoming Alberta election. Pollster Nik Nanos of Nanos Research said to understand at least some of the tension between Ottawa […]

Three Amigos Summit sets up Biden’s Ottawa visit to focus on critical minerals, ‘North American industrial policy’: experts

Jan 12 2023 — Chelsea Nash — As the North American Leaders’ Summit wrapped up in Mexico City on Jan. 11, the eyes of stakeholders, MPs, and expert observers are turning quickly to U.S. President Joe Biden’s anticipated visit to Canada in March—the first official visit of his presidency. The Three Amigos Summit ended with many promises made between the three countries, […]

NDP and Conservatives could find common ground to battle food inflation

Dec 11 2022 — Chelsea Nash — The NDP and the Conservative parties spent much of the last week focused on rising food prices, and while they have ideologically opposed approaches, they are finding common ground. While the NDP would like to see grocery stores held responsible for what they’ve deemed “greed-flation,” the Conservatives are focusing on keeping taxes low for farmers […]

AFN losing credibility after controversial suspension of its national chief, say Indigenous advocates

Jun 27 2022 — Chelsea Nash — In the wake of the Assembly of First Nations’ controversial decision to recently suspend its first woman national chief, Indigenous advocates say the controversy could tank the AFN for good. RoseAnne Archibald was suspended on June 17 after she spoke out publicly about what she considers “fictitious attacks” against her by AFN staff. In a […]

Feds won’t say if they will implement chief electoral officer’s call to make spread of election misinformation illegal

Jun 19 2022 — Chelsea Nash — The government won’t say if it plans to take up the Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perrault’s recent recommendation to make the spread of disinformation about the electoral process illegal. In response to a list of detailed questions asking whether the government had plans to follow through on this recommendation or any of the other […]

Indigenous advocates won’t turn down visit by UN special rapporteur, but are focused on need for criminal prosecution for residential school abuses

Jun 5 2022 — Chelsea Nash — Indigenous leaders want justice for the abuses that took place in residential schools, and say they won’t get it from yet another visit from the UN special rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous people to Canada. Nonetheless, at the urging of the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations RoseAnne Archibald, UN special rapporteur […]