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Alberta is isolated at the worst possible time

Jan 15 2018 — Chris Nelson — The Rainmaker died seven years ago, but if ever his words were needed in Alberta and the rest of Western Canada, it’s today. That would be Keith Davey, believed by many to be the Godfather of the modern Liberal Party of Canada, and affectionately called The Rainmaker by those he helped grab or hang onto […]

Alberta government makes mess of death and taxes

Mar 20 2017 — Chris Nelson — Ben Franklin must be doing the old 360-degree roll in his final Philadelphia resting place at the latest muddle our provincial government has dragged us into. It was old Ben, in discussing the then-recently-signed U.S. Constitution, who declared: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Maybe the premier […]

Alberta politics needs to get out of the sewer

Mar 17 2017 — Chris Nelson — Such were the joys of childhood – throwing firecrackers into sewer pipes and anxiously waiting, homemade spear in hand, the resulting exodus of rats. And kids today think some new app is fun? They haven’t lived. So, arriving in Alberta many years ago, it came as a surprise that here was a land where such […]

Nothing adds up in Alberta’s budget

Feb 27 2017 — Chris Nelson — If you told the Alberta Treasury that today is Monday, what are the chances they’d be able to correctly predict what day tomorrow will be? Probably they’d respond “Thursday,” judging from the hodge-podge of failed predictions and busted assumptions arising in the third-quarter financial update unveiled by Treasurer Joe Ceci. There must have been something […]

Canadians blindsided by Trudeau’s sunny ways

Feb 18 2017 — Chris Nelson — The problem with these so-called sunny ways that our prime minister is supposed to epitomize is they can easily blind you to the truth. Last week, I watched the much-anticipated first meeting between Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald ‘Tweeter’ Trump with a mix of trepidation and small-minded anticipation – half-expecting the younger Canuck to […]

Opposition is giving NDP government an easy ride in Alberta

Feb 16 2017 — Chris Nelson — The best opposition politician in Alberta right now is Rachel Notley. Her recent speech to the adoring NDP faithful at the University of Calgary, in which she savaged the parties trying to line up against her bunch of rascals, was the best bit of political grandstanding seen in many a month. “Whatever new name they […]

Alberta NDP doomed unless they bring back jobs

Dec 26 2016 — Chris Nelson — It’s the jobs, stupid. That variation on James Carville’s wise advice to Bill Clinton during the election fight with George H.W. Bush back in 1992, should double as Rachel Notley’s screensaver in the coming year. Because, make no mistake, the long, hard road to the next provincial election is about to begin here in Alberta. […]

Alberta’s pipeline battle is just beginning to heat up

Dec 8 2016 — Chris Nelson — It’s said if you live long enough, then nothing should ever come as a surprise. So I’ll assume I’ve a few more years kicking around this Earth of ours because, for the life of me, having this province’s economic future squarely in the hands of a Liberal prime minister and an NDP premier isn’t something […]

Premier Notley should jump aboard the Trump bus

Nov 17 2016 — Chris Nelson — Perhaps pipelines are like those proverbial London buses — you wait ages for one and then two come at once. If so, then that would bring some serious relief to our beleaguered city. It might not do much for the thousands vainly looking for stable work before Christmas here in EI Central, but at least […]

It’s no longer called debt — it’s called stimulus

Nov 7 2016 — Chris Nelson — We’re all Keynesians now, here in the True North Strong and not-quite-so-debt Free. Admittedly, it’s taken a while, but we’ve finally seen the light. There used to be outliers among us spendthrift Canucks, like those Albertan redneck rubes. Yes, the ones who didn’t much like jumping aboard the debt and deficit bus by spending more […]

Carbon tax is the ultimate trick or treat

Oct 31 2016 — Chris Nelson — Trick or treat is the question Albertans will still be asking, long after tonight’s homage to the pagan lurking in all of us remains little more than a cold, collapsed pumpkin on an early morning doorstep. Suddenly, we’re like that fabled farmer in Saskatchewan, who, staring hard and long enough, can see the back of […]

Pondering a future without energy wealth

Oct 17 2016 — Chris Nelson — It wasn’t the “what if” game most would indulge in while standing inside Iceland’s Thrihnukagigur volcano. The sensible would ponder what if it erupts? But sense isn’t always a strong point, so instead, I wondered if Alberta could emulate this barren, lava-strewn island in the bleak North Atlantic if indeed our country commits economic harakiri […]

When Jim Prentice looked in the mirror, he saw a man

Oct 15 2016 — Chris Nelson — There were never any diamonds to be found, deep in the mines where Jim Prentice became a man. Somehow, and such is the quiet sadness of politics, he later got tarred with the moniker Diamond Jim, as though born with some mythical silver spoon in his mouth. In reality, nothing could have been further from […]

Trudeau’s carbon tax is a stab in the back to Alberta

Oct 6 2016 — Chris Nelson — Now I know how all those old rednecks felt with their bumper stickers promising not to pee away the next oil boom if only providence would provide one. After wondering aloud when our golden boy prime minister would actually get down to running the country, rather than posing for endless selfies and glossy magazine shoots, […]

Jobless numbers are a carbon tax wake-up call

Oct 3 2016 — Chris Nelson — When I first arrived in this province 34 short years ago, Alberta was in the midst of a Pierre Trudeau-inspired economic bloodbath. Unemployment was nearing 10 per cent, people were cashing in their homes for a dollar and hightailing it elsewhere, with the entire energy industry essentially following suit in waving a hurried farewell, thanks […]