National Newswatch

Group suspected of hosting Chinese ‘police station’ received up to $200,000 in federal funding

May 18 2023 — Christopher Nardi — The federal government gave up to $200,000 in funding since 2020 to a Quebec charity the RCMP suspects may be hosting a secret Chinese “police station.” Experts on Chinese foreign interference fear that funding may have helped pro-Beijing actors grow the Chinese Communist Party’s network in Canada, while “legitimizing” the organization police suspect may be […]

Federal government unveils new, heavily redesigned ‘state-of-the-art’ passport

May 10 2023 — Christopher Nardi — The single biggest change is to the document’s data page that features the owner’s picture and personal information. A driver’s-license-style ID page, temperature-sensitive ink and completely new imagery. The federal government unveiled a new Canadian passport that features a host of advanced security features and a significant graphic redesign that largely eliminates references to the […]

Tank maker paid Ukrainian broker to secure $92M, sole-sourced contract with Ottawa, lawsuit says

May 2 2023 — Christopher Nardi — Canadian defence company Roshel allegedly committed “illegal acts” and broke anti-corruption laws to secure a sole-sourced, $92-million contract with the federal government for armoured vehicles destined for Ukraine, according to a former executive’s lawsuit. The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), the federal Crown corporation overseeing the deal, says it is “deeply concerned” with the claims and […]

Wanted: new federal ethics commissioner. Salary: $110,000 less than the others were paid

Apr 1 2023 — Christopher Nardi — The Liberal government is cutting the pay of the next person hired to oversee its ethical issues by more than $110,000 per year, even though the outgoing ethics commissioner recently criticized the government for not taking ethics “more seriously.” On March 28, the federal government launched an “open, transparent and merit-based” selection process to find […]

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