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Lobbying watchdog says three cases have been sent to RCMP for criminal investigation since start of pandemic

Nov 28 2020 — Christopher Nardi — The federal lobbying watchdog says she has referred three files to the RCMP for criminal investigation since the beginning of the pandemic in a year that has seen a significant uptick in lobbying. “Since April 2020, I have opened 16 preliminary assessments, and currently have five ongoing investigations. Also since April, I have referred three […]

RCMP cancel nearly $20,000 contract after watchdog warns it was awarded to employee with insider information

Nov 5 2020 — Christopher Nardi — The RCMP cancelled a nearly $20,000 contract after the federal procurement ombudsman warned that it had been awarded to one of the force’s own employees who likely had insider information. On October 23, 2019, Canada’s federal police force signed an $18,600 (plus GST) contract with Meaghan Potter for janitorial services at its detachment in Deloraine, […]

Canada’s efforts to fight foreign bribery are ‘shockingly low,’ new report says

Oct 15 2020 — Christopher Nardi — Canada’s efforts to fight foreign bribery are “shockingly low,” particularly when compared to key allies such as the U.S., United Kingdom and France, a new report says. “There’s unfortunately a persistent belief that corruption is not something Canadian companies need to think about, either because some companies just don’t understand the risk, or worse, some […]

Procurement ombudsman opens investigation into six sole-source contracts awarded to WE by Trudeau government

Aug 21 2020 — Christopher Nardi — The federal procurement watchdog has launched an investigation into a series of sole-source government contracts awarded to the WE organization since 2017. In an email to National Post, Procurement Ombudsman (OPO) Alexander Jeglic’s office confirmed that it had launched an in-depth review of at least six non-competitive contracts that were awarded to WE.

Bill Morneau to resign as finance minister, MP following breakdown in relations with Trudeau over COVID policy, WE scandal

Aug 17 2020 — Christopher Nardi — Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau will resign as both minister and MP following a week of growing public tension between himself and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over COVID-19 pandemic economic policies. Morneau, who has been Trudeau’s sole finance minister since his election as prime minister in 2015, will make the announcement during an impromptu press […]

MP Michelle Rempel Garner assures she went ‘above and beyond’ quarantine obligations since return to Canada from U.S.

Aug 14 2020 — Christopher Nardi — Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner assured she quarantined for the mandatory 14 days upon returning from the United States, where she was based for a significant part of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the latest meeting of the federal COVID-19 parliamentary committee on Wednesday, many people on social media were surprised to see Rempel Garner sitting […]

PMO, Morneau won’t say if Katie Telford’s husband communicated with them since joining private mortgage company

Aug 10 2020 — Christopher Nardi — The prime minister’s office and the finance minister’s both office refuse to say if Chief of Staff Katie Telford’s husband ever communicated with them since he became senior vice-president at a major private mortgage company that is now running the government’s commercial rent subsidy program. “That’s very disturbing, considering that both the prime minister’s and […]

Trudeau government paying $84M to firm employing Katie Telford’s husband to manage rent assistance aid program

Aug 7 2020 — Christopher Nardi — The Trudeau government is paying up to $84 million to a company that employs Chief of Staff Katie Telford’s husband as a senior executive to administer its COVID-19 emergency commercial rent assistance program for small businesses. Due to the ties between Telford and her husband, Robert Silver, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) assures that their […]