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The price of ‘exemptionalism’ in Canada-U.S. relations

Mar 13 2018 — Christopher Sands — Former U.S. president Richard Nixon is seen here with Pierre Trudeau in Ottawa in 1972. Nixon was bitterly opposed to Canada’s Auto Pact moves 50 years ago, saying Canada had cheated at the expense of American jobs and investment. He refused calls to exempt Canada from an import surcharge. (THE CANADIAN PRESS) Christopher Sands, Johns […]

The case for a “mutual recognition” deal with the US

May 12 2017 — Christopher Sands — Maryscott Greenwood makes a characteristically strong and persuasive case that the United States and Canada should be bolder in reconciling the differences in our regulatory standards. Doing so would make it possible to overcome obstacles to market access that are particularly challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises in both countries — and opening trade to […]

On defense, Canada is an ally worth engaging

May 4 2016 — Christopher Sands — First, President Obama said it, in an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg published in The Atlantic. Then, Republican front-runner Donald Trump said it in his foreign policy speech in Washington last week. U.S. allies have heard the message loud and clear: The United States is frustrated with allies who take a “free ride” on U.S. defense […]