National Newswatch

Trudeau not committing to ban on assault weapons

May 8 2018 — Cormac MacSweeney — The prime minister isn’t committing to a ban on assault weapons, despite an urgent plea from the injured and families of victims in the Quebec mosque shooting in January, 2017. Seventy-five injured worshippers and family members of those killed in the attack have have released an open letter, calling on the federal government to ban […]

Jodie Emery under fire for saying alcohol causes rape

Dec 16 2016 — Cormac MacSweeney — Prominent marijuana rights advocate Jodie Emery is under fire from women’s rights advocates after saying alcohol causes rape. While appearing on the 680 NEWS podcast Maclean’s on the Hill, Emery argued that marijuana shouldn’t face the same regulation as alcohol. “Marijuana is not like alcohol, which causes rape, violence, murder, death and disease every single […]

Tories give Trudeau Liberals ultimatum over carbon tax plan

Oct 5 2016 — Cormac MacSweeney — The official federal opposition says it can’t support the Paris Climate agreement unless the federal Liberals change their carbon price plan. Several provinces are angry they are being forced to choose between a carbon tax and a cap and trade system, otherwise Ottawa says it will impose a price on pollution. Conservative Environment Critic Ed […]

Questions arise after Trudeau selfie with terror suspect

Sep 29 2016 — Cormac MacSweeney — Opposition MPs are raising concerns after reports say a Canadian suspect in a terror investigation was able to get so close to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he took a selfie with him. It looks like any other selfie members of the public take with Trudeau, but according to a report from The Star and La […]

Brazeau’s senate expense trial postponed until June 2017

Mar 4 2016 — Cormac MacSweeney — The trial for Sen. Patrick Brazeau is being postponed until June 12 of next year. Brazeau’s lawyer, Christian Deslauriers, appeared before a judge Friday morning at the Ottawa courthouse asking for a delay in Brazeau’s trial on fraud and breach of trust in relation to the Senate expense scandal. Brazeau himself did not appear, and […]

Investigators drafting final report into police & security action during Ottawa terror attack

Mar 19 2015 — Cormac MacSweeney — The Ontario Provincial Police investigation into the actions of RCMP and security on Parliament Hill during the Ottawa terror attack is nearing completion. The investigation, a standard after officer involved shootings, was requested by both the RCMP commissioner and the speaker of the House of Commons. The investigation will likely shed more light on Michael […]