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The Trudeau government’s Trans Mountain purchase has triggered staggering interest expenses

Dec 5 2018 — Carl Meyer — The Trans Mountain oil pipeline is costing a Canadian Crown corporation some staggering interest expenses that cast doubt on strong revenues from the infrastructure touted in the federal government’s recent economic update. The interest expenses were $20 million over a single month in September, right after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government purchased the pipeline and […]

Attacks against Canadian Muslims and other hate crimes are surging

Nov 29 2018 — Carl Meyer — There has been a disturbing spike of hate crimes in Canada, with attacks against Canadian Muslims more than doubling, new figures show. The record high of 2,073 police-reported hate crimes in 2017 was largely the result of a surge in property hate crimes like graffiti and vandalism, Statistics Canada said Thursday, and comes as Muslims […]

Developing world powers past wealthier nations with clean energy

Nov 28 2018 — Carl Meyer — The developing world is now driving the deployment of clean energy technology, while wealthier nations are stepping back on new builds, says a new report. The number of developing nations that recorded a net year-over-year increase in solar, wind, hydro, biomass and geothermal power increased, while the number installing oil, gas and coal decreased, according […]

Quebec youth apply to sue Canada to get tougher carbon pollution targets

Nov 26 2018 — Carl Meyer — A network of young people in Quebec have applied to sue the Canadian government for failing to get tough on the carbon pollution that is heating the planet and putting their futures in jeopardy. Environnement Jeunesse applied Monday to bring a class action lawsuit against the Government of Canada, on behalf of all Quebecers aged […]

Ontario Minister Lisa MacLeod attacked Trudeau migrant policy days after turning down a federal briefing on the issue

Nov 22 2018 — Carl Meyer — Ontario’s immigration minister attacked the Trudeau government’s policies on border crossers just days after turning down a federal offer to get briefed on the same issue, reveal newly-released internal emails. The rejection of the offer was delivered in an email that came from an official speaking on behalf of Ontario Minister of Children, Community and […]

Guess where Quebec gets its oil

Nov 13 2018 — Carl Meyer — The supply of oil going to Quebec refineries has undergone a dramatic transformation in less than six years. While the province got most of its oil from overseas in 2012, the situation had flipped by 2017, with most of the supply now coming from North American producers. On top of that, Western Canada is now […]

May warns Ottawa will be forced to pay for oilpatch cleanup costs

Nov 7 2018 — Carl Meyer — Green Leader Elizabeth May is warning that taxpayers across Canada could soon be forced to bail out Alberta’s oilpatch because of a failure to adequately manage billions of dollars worth of liabilities — a concern immediately dismissed by federal Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi. May was reacting to revelations that Alberta’s fossil fuel industry regulator […]

Transport Canada welcomes GM’s electric car plan

Oct 30 2018 — Carl Meyer — Transport Canada has welcomed a General Motors proposal to make millions of electric cars mandatory on U.S. roads, prompting questions about the federal government’s promised national zero-emissions vehicle strategy.

Alberta to Ottawa: ‘Quit dithering’ and reveal environmental review regime changes

Oct 24 2018 — Carl Meyer — Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips called on the federal government Wednesday to “quit dithering” and immediately reveal the types of resource development projects that would trigger environmental reviews under a proposed new approval process. Phillips spoke to media on Parliament Hill after meeting with an array of senators, and issued a number of demands in […]

Unscrambling the language of Canada’s G7 climate diplomacy

Sep 25 2018 — Carl Meyer — What is the difference between “many ministers” and “several ministers”? If you think you know the answer, you’re well on your way to decoding Canada’s pronouncements about the meetings of representatives from G7 nations and observer states that it hosted in Halifax last week. Canada has released what are known as “chair’s summaries,” the official […]

Climate scientists won’t be assessing Trump effect just yet

Sep 25 2018 — Carl Meyer — A major upcoming international climate report won’t be assessing how the White House’s actions have hurt humanity’s chances of surviving climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – an organization of 195 governments that harnesses the intellect of hundreds of experts to assess peer-reviewed, published science – is still lacking the needed source material […]