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Julie Payette doubles down on anti-science mythbusting

Nov 23 2017 — Carl Meyer — Governor General Julie Payette doubled down Wednesday on her comments attacking anti-science “myths.” Payette, a former astronaut and engineer who logged hundreds of hours in space, took the opportunity at an awards ceremony Nov. 22 to “highlight three ‘historical’ myths that relate to the field of science” — one of which was the conspiracy theory […]

Montreal-born scientist says forestry sector in denial about disappearing caribou

Nov 9 2017 — Carl Meyer — A Canadian scientist who has researched endangered caribou recovery for years is accusing Canada’s forestry industry of treating the decline of the species in the same way that climate doubters treat the science of global warming. Montreal-born Mark Hebblewhite, an associate professor at the University of Montana’s wildlife biology program, served on a science panel […]

Freeland warned about ‘fake news’ before U.S. trip

Nov 6 2017 — Carl Meyer — The warnings for Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland were blunt. Ahead of a recent visit to the United States, the federal minister was advised to beware of “fake news”, “hybrid warfare” and other sophisticated tactics designed to achieve military and political goals. The warnings were delivered in a newly-released federal government briefing note obtained […]

Canada plans to release ‘more credible’ climate change info

Nov 1 2017 — Carl Meyer — There was some polite applause after retired atmospheric scientist John Reid stood up to ask his question. Reid, who used to work at Environment and Climate Change Canada, wanted to know whether the public actually had the tools to track the government’s climate change promises, when it takes years for the department to release greenhouse […]

Parliament holds secret meeting on fossil fuel subsidies

Oct 26 2017 — Carl Meyer — A member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s caucus says she was only trying to put witnesses “at ease” this week when she successfully pushed public hearings about subsidies for the fossil fuel industry behind closed doors. Brossard—Saint-Lambert Liberal MP Alexandra Mendès, vice chair of the House of Commons public accounts committee said the maneuver was […]

Top scientist teases ‘solution’ to climate funding crisis

Oct 19 2017 — Carl Meyer — The Climate Change and Atmospheric Research program (CCAR), which supports seven independent projects in climate science, is due to run out at the end of the year, to the dismay of countless scientists, advocacy groups and environmentalists. One of the projects it supports, the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL), is a crucial Arctic lab […]

Canada deploys ‘multi-pronged’ lobbying to counter Trump’s EPA cuts

Sep 21 2017 — Carl Meyer — Canada has deployed a “multi-pronged” lobbying strategy against the Trump administration’s budget over concerns that proposed U.S. cuts will put a “fundamental” component of the Trudeau government’s climate change plan in jeopardy, newly-released federal briefing documents show. The records from the director of the Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada warn that Trump’s […]

Tory critic wants access to secret NAFTA texts

Sep 14 2017 — Carl Meyer — The Trudeau government is being urged to stop keeping the House of Commons in the dark about the confidential background documents it’s using to renegotiate NAFTA. Niagara West MP Dean Allison told National Observer he plans to raise the issue when the Commons returns next week. If people outside government who are involved in the […]

Who hid the electric car?

Sep 13 2017 — Carl Meyer — Picture this: you’re open to the idea of buying an electric car and have heard rebates are available. But when you go to a dealership, there are no electric cars on the showroom floor and none outside to test drive. The dealer hasn’t heard of any rebates. You leave, wondering what the fuss is all […]

Feds halt probe of climate doubters

Sep 7 2017 — Carl Meyer — Canada’s independent competition watchdog says it doesn’t have enough resources to investigate false advertising by climate deniers, and is calling on the public for help. After more than a year of investigating, the Competition Bureau abruptly dropped its inquiry earlier this summer into three groups that had displayed information in public raising doubts about the […]