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United Conservatives poised for victory in a very close Alberta election: Abacus Data Poll

May 28 2023 — David Coletto — Analyzing the final poll of an election is both an exciting and anxiety-inducing exercise, especially when the election is close. Throughout the pre-campaign and campaign periods in Alberta, I’ve tried to offer a deeper understanding of what’s going on in the province, starting with our first survey back in December. That survey suggested that Danielle […]

NDP and UCP Statistically Tied in Alberta

May 17 2023 — David Coletto — Over the weekend we released a new poll that found the NDP taking a lead over the UCP. Several other polls have been released or leaked which have found varying results – from a large UCP lead to a large NDP lead. So I wanted to verify and update the province-wide picture and conducted a […]

Conservatives lead by 3 over Liberals

May 17 2023 — David Coletto — From May 9 to 12, 2023, Abacus Data conducted a national survey of 2,500 adults exploring several topics related to Canadian politics and current events as part of our regular national omnibus surveys. In this analysis, I share the latest federal vote intention results. If an election was held at the time of the survey, […]

What do Canadians think about Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre?

May 15 2023 — David Coletto — In a recent national survey conducted by Abacus Data, Canadians were asked to assess the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition: Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre – on several attributes. The survey aimed to gauge public perception of the politicians’ competence, kindness, understanding of people’s lives, whether they hide their true beliefs, and if […]

The NDP takes the lead in Alberta

May 13 2023 — David Coletto — With just over two weeks to go in the Alberta provincial election, a new survey of 885 eligible voters in Alberta by Abacus Data finds the Alberta NDP jumping ahead of the UCP after several months of near or complete deadlock in vote intentions between the two parties. In this report, I’ll share results from […]

Smith vs. Notley & the Presidentialization of Alberta Politics

May 1 2023 — David Coletto — Last Wednesday, my polling firm Abacus Data released the first report from our pre-election Alberta survey. We surveyed 1,000 eligible voters from April 21 to 25. We also released some new data on the top issues on Friday. It’s expected that the provincial election will officially begin today and I expect a lot of focus […]

UCP and NDP tied as the provincial election is set to kick off

Apr 26 2023 — David Coletto — As the start of the Alberta provincial election approaches, Abacus Data conducted a comprehensive province-wide survey of 1,000 eligible voters from April 21 to 25 to understand the dynamics of public opinion in the province and to track questions previously asked in our surveys. Note that this survey was conducted prior to the Calgary event […]

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