National Newswatch

Is climate change “an emergency” and do Canadians support a made-in-Canada Green New Deal?

Aug 12 2019 — David Coletto — Abacus Data was commissioned by Seth Klein, adjunct professor with Simon Fraser University’s Urban Studies program (as part of research for a book he is writing on the climate emergency), with support from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives –BC Office, and the Corporate Mapping Project) to conduct a national public opinion survey of 2,000 […]

2 in 3 Toronto residents think Ford Government should postpone council size cut until after the election or scrap plan entirely

Aug 7 2018 — David Coletto — By a 3 to 1 margin, Torontonians think that the provincial government should either consider postponing the change in council size until after the election or scrap the proposal entirely. When asked what the provincial government should do, 47% believe that the provincial government should consider postponing the change until after the election given the […]

NDP leads PCs by 4 points

May 27 2018 — David Coletto — THE NDP HAS TAKEN A 4-POINT LEAD OVER THE TORIES. Since our last survey, NDP support among decided voters has increased marginally by 3 points while the PCs are down 2, and the Liberals down 1. The NDP now leads for the first time in our tracking, ahead of the Tories by 4 points.

PC lead evaporates as NDP momentum builds

May 20 2018 — David Coletto — As Ontarians headed into their long weekend, we at Abacus were busy crunching the numbers of our latest survey. As with the previous wave, the numbers reported in this survey come from two separate sample sources. The first comes from a panel study we have been running since the early April. In our first survey, […]

Youthquake? Public attitudes to youth civic engagement in Canada

Mar 22 2018 — David Coletto — As American youth mobilize and engage to change policy around gun control in the United States, Canadians have doubts about how prepared Canadian youth are to do the same. Seven in ten Canadian adults believe that Canadian youth are unprepared to be civic leaders in their community according to a survey conducted for a coalition […]

Finding Parity: Canadian Opinions About Women in Politics

Mar 6 2017 — David Coletto — In partnership with Equal Voice and in recognition of International Women’s Day and Equal Voice’s Daughters of the Vote initiative, we conducted a national survey of over 2,100 Canadian adults and asked them a range of questions about their views and perceptions about women in politics. Here are the top 5 findings from the study: […]

Is Prime Minister Trudeau losing the Millennials?

Feb 25 2017 — David Coletto — Recently, a CBC opinion journalist asserted that Millennials had “finally fallen out of love” with Justin Trudeau because of his decision not to pursue electoral reform. The argument was that electoral reform was so important to Millennials that this breach of faith was a final straw in the relationship. Millennials are those born between 1980 […]