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The Locked-Down Blues: Canadians, Live Music, and the Pandemic

May 14 2020 — David Coletto — A new poll conducted for Music Canada finds that many Canadians say it will take six months or more before they feel comfortable going to watch live music again, even after physical distancing restrictions are lifted. For video interviews by Skype or Zoom or audio interviews, please contact David at 613-884-4730 or At the […]

Co-operatives and Mutuals in the Age of Uncertainty

Mar 11 2020 — David Coletto — At the end of last year, we conducted a national survey of 5,000 Canadian adults for Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada that explored public attitudes about the economic system, broader public concerns, and what role co-operatives could play in alleviating those concerns. The survey also sought to profile cooperative members in Canada. The survey finds that there is […]

Canadians recognize that regional wireless competitors have helped to reduce prices and believe further competition will reduce prices even more.

Feb 12 2020 — David Coletto — Earlier this month, we conducted a national public opinion survey commissioned by Shaw Communications on public perceptions and impressions about the wireless market in Canada. Here’s what we found: 3 IN 4 CANADIANS BELIEVE THAT THEY CAN FIND LOWER COST OPTIONS FOR THEIR WIRELESS SERVICE THAN THE CONTRACT THEY ARE CURRENTLY ON. This may seem […]

Is climate change “an emergency” and do Canadians support a made-in-Canada Green New Deal?

Aug 12 2019 — David Coletto — Abacus Data was commissioned by Seth Klein, adjunct professor with Simon Fraser University’s Urban Studies program (as part of research for a book he is writing on the climate emergency), with support from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives –BC Office, and the Corporate Mapping Project) to conduct a national public opinion survey of 2,000 […]

2 in 3 Toronto residents think Ford Government should postpone council size cut until after the election or scrap plan entirely

Aug 7 2018 — David Coletto — By a 3 to 1 margin, Torontonians think that the provincial government should either consider postponing the change in council size until after the election or scrap the proposal entirely. When asked what the provincial government should do, 47% believe that the provincial government should consider postponing the change until after the election given the […]

NDP leads PCs by 4 points

May 27 2018 — David Coletto — THE NDP HAS TAKEN A 4-POINT LEAD OVER THE TORIES. Since our last survey, NDP support among decided voters has increased marginally by 3 points while the PCs are down 2, and the Liberals down 1. The NDP now leads for the first time in our tracking, ahead of the Tories by 4 points.

PC lead evaporates as NDP momentum builds

May 20 2018 — David Coletto — As Ontarians headed into their long weekend, we at Abacus were busy crunching the numbers of our latest survey. As with the previous wave, the numbers reported in this survey come from two separate sample sources. The first comes from a panel study we have been running since the early April. In our first survey, […]