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Don’t force military court to hear Omar Khadr appeal, U.S. government argues

Nov 7 2019 — Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press — TORONTO — Forcing a military court to hear and decide an appeal from former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr is inappropriate, the American government says. In new legal filings, U.S. government lawyers argue the years-long delay in hearing the Canadian's case is reasonable, and civilian court intervention unjustified. American troops captured the Toronto-born Khadr, 33, […]

Courts should decide if refugee board in contempt, law society says

Oct 31 2019 — Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press — TORONTO — The tribunal responsible for disciplining lawyers in Ontario has asked the courts whether Canada's refugee board is in contempt for failing to produce certain documents. The request comes in the case of Toronto immigration lawyer, Richard Odeleye, accused by three former clients of sexual harassment. They allege he made unwelcome sexual advances and comments, or […]

Charter fight over denial of liver transplants to alcoholics can proceed against hospital

Oct 24 2019 — Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press — TORONTO — Relatives of two men who were denied potentially life-saving liver transplants because of their alcoholism can press their constitutional fight against a hospital for its refusal to perform the surgery, an Ontario court has ruled. In his ruling, Superior Court Justice Andras Schreck rejected arguments from Toronto-based University Health Network that the charter […]

Recommendation to remove Quebec justice from bench reasonable, court rules

Oct 10 2019 — Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press — TORONTO — A recommendation that a Quebec Superior Court justice be removed from the bench was reasonable, Federal Court ruled on Thursday in a long-running and complex judicial saga. In reaching its conclusion, the court dismissed numerous objections Justice Michel Girouard had raised about the Canadian Judicial Council's recommendation to the minister of justice. "The council's […]