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The danger in normalizing political interference

Mar 5 2019 — Craig Scott — Amid the spiralling SNC-Lavalin affair, the Liberal government, the party and their surrogates are trying to normalize the kind of aggressive interference with the attorney general’s independence that appears to have occurred. By “normalize,” I mean they are seeking to create an impression that nothing untoward happened in this instance. They want the idea to […]

‘Trust Us’ doesn’t cut it on the SNC-Lavalin affair

Feb 12 2019 — Craig Scott — At the pinnacle of Canada’s justice system is a member of cabinet who plays a dual role, being both the attorney general (AG) and the minister of justice – something we informally call double-hatting. Wearing one hat, the minister of justice has a policy-making, legislative and administrative role that is embedded in parliamentary politics in […]

The “noble failure” approach to electoral reform

Dec 2 2016 — Craig Scott — We should take our collective hat off to all the members of the House of Commons Special Committee on Electoral Reform, which worked in a spirit of civility and seemingly in good faith in less-than-ideal conditions created by the government (more on this below). Their majority report, which recommended the government design a new proportional […]

Reining in the Senate

Nov 25 2015 — Craig Scott — In October 2013, the NDP Official Opposition proposed removal of Senators from parliamentary party caucuses as one initial step to de-partisanize the Senate. Three months later, Liberal leader (now prime minister) Justin Trudeau announced the ejection of senators from the Liberal Party’s caucus. A shaky foundation was thereby laid for future internal reforms that could […]