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Nobody should tolerate the Liberals’ hideous tricks to hide WE documents

Oct 16 2020 — Chris Selley — “There probably isn’t a smoking gun in these docs, but the Liberals on committee are certainly acting like there’s one,” Andrew MacDougall, Stephen Harper’s former press secretary, remarked on Twitter this week. He was referring to the pathetic, endless spectacle of Liberal members of two separate parliamentary committees — 21 hours of useless wrangling between […]

As Trudeau faces fire over WE, Andrew Scheer’s antics aren’t helping

Jul 9 2020 — Chris Selley — The savage self-inflicted blows just keep coming for Justin Trudeau and his gang: On Thursday, the digital media outlet Canadaland and the CBC blew apart the story that the Trudeau family’s involvement with Craig and Marc Kielburger’s WE empire had been entirely voluntary, save for reimbursed travel expenses. Turns out Mother Margaret had collected $312,000 […]

From the Aga Khan to WE, Trudeau still can’t seem to grasp reality

Jul 8 2020 — Chris Selley — The WE Charity fiasco is a quintessential Trudeau-Liberal mess, involving the same mingling of personal relationships and government contracts as the Aga Khan’s Island fiasco. The only major difference is that, unlike the Trudeaus’ Bahamian vacation, WE Charity’s $19.5-million contract to administer more than $900 million in summer jobs programming has been withdrawn by mutual […]

Probe into anti-abortion volunteers proves how ridiculous Canada’s Election Act has become

May 14 2020 — Chris Selley — It seems like about a hundred years ago, but one of the disquieting revelations of last year’s federal election campaign was that the Elections Act’s rules covering third-party spending are completely bananas. Readers may recall Elections Canada warning environmental groups that they couldn’t just go on spending money in the fight against climate change without […]

A very important point no one is making about the blockades — they’re Ontario’s fault

Feb 21 2020 — Chris Selley — It is easy, in the midst of this mind-boggling, all-consuming rail blockade, to lose sight of a very important point: It’s all Ontario’s fault. The RCMP in their role as British Columbia’s provincial police are happy to enforce court orders against blockades and encampments. Quebec Premier François Legault vowed Thursday that the Sûreté du Québec […]

Hypocritical Liberals are out to sea on rail blockade

Feb 20 2020 — Chris Selley — The stupefying weightlessness of Justin Trudeau’s government has never been more evident than in recent days, as it tries to arrange an end to the Mohawk blockade of CN’s main line near Belleville, Ont. At times it seems as if it might just float away, like an improperly tethered bouncy castle in a thunderstorm. This […]