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By talking like a conservative, Jason Kenney goes where Patrick Brown fears to tread

Nov 15 2017 — Chris Selley — There is some consternation that Alberta’s newly United Conservative Party opposes Bill 24, the NDP government legislation that would bar schools from informing parents whether or not their children are participating in extracurricular gay-straight alliance (GSA) clubs. Certainly the party’s opposition might be unwise: the timing of the bill was an explicit attempt to flush […]

Kathleen Wynne, witness for the prosecution at a bribery trial. That’s special

Jul 25 2017 — Chris Selley — On Tuesday, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced she will forswear parliamentary privilege and agree to testify in the upcoming bribery trial of Liberal henchpersons Pat Sorbara, formerly her deputy chief of staff, and Gerry Lougheed, a party activist. They stand accused of offering would-be Sudbury by-election candidate Andrew Olivier certain incentives, shall we say, to […]

‘Canada’s Donald Trump’ was never on offer in the Conservative leadership race

May 27 2017 — Chris Selley — Whoever walks away Saturday night as the Conservative Party of Canada’s new leader, it will not be Canada’s version of Donald Trump. That’s not because Kellie Leitch’s values-testing-for-immigrants campaign never really caught on, and it’s not because Kevin O’Leary dropped out of the race when it became clear he couldn’t win it. It’s because despite […]

Pot legalization plan is as good as could be expected. But will it happen?

Apr 13 2017 — Chris Selley — The evangelicals are not happy about the marijuana legalization framework that was finally unveiled in Ottawa on Thursday. Pot doyenne Jody Emery declared it “utter reefer madness,” and “Prohibition 2.0.” And indeed, there is much to quibble with. The bill allows police officers to compel breathalyzer tests of motorists without even the flimsiest pretense of […]

Most Canadians support ‘values screening’ — which is neither surprising nor concerning

Mar 13 2017 — Chris Selley — Monday’s headlines proclaimed “disappointment” and “concern” over a new CROP poll of Canadians’ attitudes toward immigration. “A majority of Canadians express concerns,” Société Radio-Canada declared on its home page. Notably, we learned that 74 per cent of respondents support implementing (as the pollsters put it) “a test of values to identify (potential immigrants) who have […]

On Islamophobia, Ontario Tories look to pass the very easy test their federal cousins failed

Feb 22 2017 — Chris Selley — Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown says he will support Liberal MPP Nathalie Des Rosiers’ private member’s motion asking the legislature to “condemn all forms of Islamophobia.” “I think it’s pretty straightforward to condemn any form of hate,” Brown told reporters Tuesday morning. “In terms of Islamophobia, it is real.” He said he would encourage […]

Look at Queen’s Park, and you will see a vision of the Trudeau government’s end days

Jan 12 2017 — Chris Selley — Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne shuffled her Cabinet slightly on Thursday — of necessity, thanks to the departure of Community Affairs and Correctional Services Minister David Orazietti. It was purely housekeeping. It won’t alter Wynne’s political fortunes. There are nevertheless echoes of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s own, bigger shuffle this week. Orazietti said he left politics […]