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A very important point no one is making about the blockades — they’re Ontario’s fault

Feb 21 2020 — Chris Selley — It is easy, in the midst of this mind-boggling, all-consuming rail blockade, to lose sight of a very important point: It’s all Ontario’s fault. The RCMP in their role as British Columbia’s provincial police are happy to enforce court orders against blockades and encampments. Quebec Premier François Legault vowed Thursday that the Sûreté du Québec […]

Hypocritical Liberals are out to sea on rail blockade

Feb 20 2020 — Chris Selley — The stupefying weightlessness of Justin Trudeau’s government has never been more evident than in recent days, as it tries to arrange an end to the Mohawk blockade of CN’s main line near Belleville, Ont. At times it seems as if it might just float away, like an improperly tethered bouncy castle in a thunderstorm. This […]

Canada’s bilingualism myths die hard — just ask Peter MacKay

Jan 28 2020 — Chris Selley — Peter MacKay may or may not have a French problem. In Quebecor’s newsrooms, he does: The cover of Sunday’s Journal de Québec alleged he had officially declared his candidacy for Conservative leader with the words “j’ai sera candidate” (not “je serai candidat”). It was marked wrong in red pen. The headline underneath, in English, was […]

Jean Charest decides that the Conservative Party doesn’t deserve him

Jan 22 2020 — Chris Selley — Certain pundits — well, one at least — had speculated in recent weeks that Jean Charest might be a plausible defender and leader of a Canadian conservative coalition that sometimes seems scared of its own shadow. If nothing else, it seemed reasonable to assume Charest appreciated the nature of that coalition. He lived its glory […]

Liberal throne speech stays the course, but Justin Trudeau can’t

Dec 5 2019 — Chris Selley — In advance of Thursday’s throne speech, strategists both professional and amateur had advised Canadians to listen for a certain humility — a new tone that we weren’t accustomed to during the four years Justin Trudeau led a majority government. There would be calls for collaboration, and cooperation, and partnership, all that crap. This is what […]

Judge boxes debates commission’s ears for excluding Rebel, True North

Nov 15 2019 — Chris Selley — It has been more than a month since Federal Court Justice Russell Zinn forced the Leaders’ Debates Commission to accredit Rebel Media and the True North Centre for Public Policy to cover the Oct. 7 English-language debate. The commission had already been under fire for inviting People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier to participate, based on […]

Conservatives, don’t ditch Scheer just yet

Oct 31 2019 — Chris Selley — There are many things for the Conservative Party of Canada to ponder in the wake of their election-night performance last week, and one of them is certainly Andrew Scheer’s leadership. It should by no means be beyond reproach. Quite apart from anything else he signed off on a dispiriting grab-bag of a platform that seemed […]