National Newswatch

Ontario gives Ford a do-over. It will be even riskier than before

Jun 3 2022 — Chris Selley — The last poll Abacus Data conducted before Ontarians went to the polls Thursday pretty much summed up the story of the campaign: Doug Ford attracts extreme antipathy from his legions of detractors, but those legions simply aren’t large enough to trigger the sort of humiliating defeat they think he is owed — or indeed, defeat […]

Blaming bankers and bureaucrats only lets Liberals off the hook

May 22 2022 — Chris Selley — Candidates for the federal Conservative leadership have until June 3 to sign up new members; at that point, almost three months before the actual election date, the result may be more or less baked in. Pierre Poilievre must hope that’s true — not just because he seems to be the prohibitive favourite, but because his […]

Poilievre almost speaks the unspeakable: your house price needs to fall

Apr 20 2022 — Chris Selley — Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre was pretty clear in a video released last week about his basic plan to address Canada’s housing crisis: “Fire the gatekeepers, build houses.” Essentially, the federal government would use its considerable financial means to strongarm municipalities into softening zoning restrictions, cutting pre-construction red tape and reducing regulatory and development charges […]

Liberals, NDP have no good answers to Poilievre’s housing policy

Apr 13 2022 — Chris Selley — Pierre Poilievre will not find much support for his Conservative leadership campaign, or for anything else, among Canada’s Gen-X and Millennial urban progressives. But judging by the reaction on social media, some in that demographic are surprised to find themselves nodding along with Poilievre’s new housing-policy video, in which he bemoans the insane price of […]

For a cheap and gullible date, call Jagmeet Singh

Mar 22 2022 — Chris Selley — In the past, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been mocked for propping up the Liberals and not getting anything in return. As of Tuesday, that narrative is at least on hold: In exchange for three years of support in the House of Commons, the Liberals have promised Singh more than 800 words’ worth of NDP-friendly […]

Not such a happy Easter for Pierre Poilievre’s haters

Mar 21 2022 — Chris Selley — Would-be federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre faced a small but intense backlash on social media recently when someone unearthed an old newspaper advertisement he had taken out offering his Christian constituents best wishes for Easter: “He is Risen!” it read, with a photo of Poilievre’s mug attached and his contact information below.

A long leadership race will do the Conservatives some good

Mar 9 2022 — Chris Selley — Supporters of Pierre Poilievre’s bid for the Conservative leadership are said to be disappointed in the party’s decision to opt for a long race: Candidates have until April 19 to enter, then 20 more weeks to win over the party membership before a Sept. 10 vote. That disappointment is understandable. Out of the gate, Poilievre’s […]