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Tony Clement says he plans to return to Parliament this month

Jan 4 2019 — Catherine Cullen — Tony Clement has been absent from the House of Commons since early November after admitting to sharing explicit photos and videos of himself online — but he tells CBC News he’ll be back when Parliament resumes later this month. “I plan to be in Ottawa,” he said in a brief e-mail exchange. The return will […]

Bernier team ‘can’t keep up’ with offensive, off-message online content

Sep 19 2018 — Catherine Cullen — There’s a website address that sounds a lot like Maxime Bernier’s — but it redirects users to a controversial Reddit discussion forum. There’s a “People’s Party of Canada Open Border Caucus” that’s cropped up on Facebook — again, with no ties to the former Conservative cabinet minister or his new federal party. Even on Bernier’s […]

Libertarians considering a merger with Bernier’s People’s Party

Sep 17 2018 — Catherine Cullen — Tim Moen may not like the name of Maxime Bernier’s new party (“a bit too left-wing for me”). He may not think the former Conservative minister’s policies are daring enough (“milquetoast libertarian” is how he described them). But the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada is still considering a merger with Bernier’s new political […]

Why immigration could make or break Maxime Bernier’s new party

Sep 14 2018 — Catherine Cullen — You can almost hear the sighs of relief on some of the “People’s Network” Facebook forums Maxime Bernier set up this week. Many forum participants say they’re hungry for a frank conversation about immigration. “Hey, the great thing about Maxime’s party is we are at least HAVING a discussion about this, which is totally verboten […]

Two Conservative senators abstaining from pot vote because they stand to profit from it

Jun 7 2018 — Catherine Cullen — It’s no secret that many Conservatives don’t like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plans for pot. On Wednesday, the Conservative leader in the Senate, Larry Smith, criticized the federal government’s “rush to legalize marijuana.” A few days earlier, Conservative Senator Denise Batters said Canada is not ready for legalization and “Canadians will pay the price for […]

Brad Trost not backing down from legal battle with Conservative Party

May 22 2018 — Catherine Cullen — Conservative MP Brad Trost is not backing down from his legal battle against the Conservative Party of Canada. His lawyer is filing a motion to appeal a previous decision which confirmed that Trost’s leadership campaign has to pay a $50,000 fine, and added $22,000 to cover the party’s legal costs. Trost has threatened in the […]

Pot legalization to proceed even if impaired driving law isn’t ready: Blair

May 9 2018 — Catherine Cullen — When the federal government revealed what pot legalization would look like in Canada, it put forward two proposed laws to police the new regime: one to change the rules governing the sale and distribution of the drug itself and another to help police better address impaired driving. Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould said they were “companion” […]

Federal program funds summer job to help ‘stop Kinder Morgan pipeline’

Apr 25 2018 — Catherine Cullen — As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to vow that the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion “will be built,” his government’s summer jobs program is funding a position with an activist group working to stop the project. A call for applications for an “organizing assistant,” posted online by the non-profit group Dogwood B.C., says the job involves […]

Bernier pulls book that accuses Scheer of using ‘fake Conservatives’ to win leadership

Apr 18 2018 — Catherine Cullen — Maxime Bernier has agreed to pull from distribution his controversial book accusing Andrew Scheer of winning the Conservative party leadership with the help of “fake Conservatives,” CBC News has learned. Sources within the Conservative caucus confirmed Bernier’s decision on Wednesday. Bernier, who narrowly lost the leadership to Scheer in the 13th round of voting in […]

Canada sending home families of diplomats in Cuba after cases of ‘new type’ of brain injury

Apr 16 2018 — Catherine Cullen — Canada is designating Cuba an “unaccompanied post” — meaning diplomats’ families will not be allowed to live with them in the country during a posting — following new information about mysterious injuries suffered by Canadian and U.S. diplomats and their families. Canadian staff in Havana were informed of the decision Monday morning. Ten Canadians experienced […]