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Corridors of power are a minefield for some

Feb 10 2018 — Luisa D'Amato — Sexual harassment is not just about sex. It’s part of something bigger. John Milloy, former Kitchener Centre MPP who held several cabinet positions for the Ontario Liberal government, described it this week in a column about workplace harassment. The flood of stories about sexual misconduct is only part of the story, he says in the […]

Jagmeet Singh offers the NDP a chance to grow

Aug 29 2017 — Luisa D'Amato — The man who could easily become Justin Trudeau’s worst nightmare strolled into Café Pyrus in downtown Kitchener to an enthusiastic, packed crowd. Jagmeet Singh is just as cool as the prime minister, with his candy-coloured turbans (the hues deliberately chosen to show a sense of pride in his heritage), martial arts training and fluent grasp […]

If Trudeau breaks his word, he’ll be kicked out

Oct 21 2016 — Luisa D'Amato — It looks like a pants-on-fire moment for Canada’s very own Sun King. A year ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was making this sweeping promise in his campaign literature as he prepared for victory in last year’s election: “We will make every vote count. “We are committed to ensuring that 2015 will be the last federal […]

Justin Trudeau is the real control freak on Parliament Hill

May 9 2014 — Luisa D'Amato — If I were to ask you which major Canadian political leader is an intolerant, uptight control freak, I’m guessing that many people would start thinking of our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. But get this — Harper looks like a pot-smoking, free-spirited hippie when you compare him to the autocratic leader of the federal Liberal party, […]