National Newswatch

Reining in Drug Prices, Before Pharmacare Slips Away

Sep 2 2021 — Danyaal Raza — To the dismay of many, this election thus far has had little mention of pharmacare. The NDP has re-iterated their support for a universal, public program to start as early as next year, while the Conservatives have no platform mention of it at all, and the incumbent Liberal’s absence of timelines in this week’s platform […]

Former medical student of Leitch dismayed by Trump-support email

Nov 18 2016 — Danyaal Raza — Many of my medical school classmates were immigrants, others were racialized and many spoke accented English. I wonder if Leitch saw us the same way we saw each other? All of us have since embarked on careers of service and compassion. Before entering politics, Conservative MP and party leadership candidate Kellie Leitch was a surgeon […]

Canadian doctors tackle the relationship between climate change, extreme heat and patient health

Aug 22 2016 — Danyaal Raza — This week, Canadian physicians are gathering for the annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Often called Canada’s ‘Parliament of Medicine,’ one of the meeting’s strategic sessions is zeroing in on the health consequences of climate change. Slated to start with a keynote address from Dr. James Orbinski, past president of Doctors Without Borders, […]

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