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Dave Lovekin and Dylan Heerema

Canada’s remote communities meet renewable energy solutions

Feb 9 2019 — Dave Lovekin and Dylan Heerema — Challenges and opportunities for hybrid microgrids.   Vast distances separate Canada’s remote communities from their neighbours — and the energy systems many of us take for granted when we flip a switch. Since remote communities are not connected to either natural gas infrastructure or the North American electricity grid, they must produce their own energy […]

Dave Lovekin and Dylan Heerema

Diesel, renewables, and the future of Canada’s remote communities

Jan 16 2019 — Dave Lovekin and Dylan Heerema — The 250 or so remote communities scattered across the country are collectively home to about 185,000 people. They are mostly located in B.C., northern Ontario, northern Quebec (Nunavik), northern Labrador (Nunatsiavut), Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. Remote, in this case, refers to the fact they are not connected to North America’s integrated electricity grid […]

Dave Lovekin and Dylan Heerema

Indigenous clean energy shift must be built on trust and respect

Dec 17 2018 — Dave Lovekin and Dylan Heerema — Many opportunities and challenges are facing remote Indigenous communities in Canada as they shift towards a clean energy future. More than 70 per cent of these communities are powered by diesel generators. The burning of fossil fuels has negative impacts on health, well-being, the environment, and climate change. In some cases, communities’ reliance on diesel-based […]

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