National Newswatch

Canadians Can No Longer Trust the Canadian Human Rights Commission to Address Complaints of Racial Discrimination

Mar 25 2023 — David McNairn — When the very body responsible for adjudicating human rights complaints actively discriminates against their own Black and racialized staff members, the impact goes far beyond individual employees and becomes a matter of national importance. Regrettably, the muted response to date from the Minister of Justice and other governmental officials suggests an intention to underplay the […]

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas: The Federal Government Reverses Course on Remote Work for Public Servants

Dec 20 2022 — David McNairn — Last Thursday the federal government abruptly announced a new policy, the Direction on Prescribed Presence in the Workplace, which reduces the amount of remote work permitted by public servants by 40-60%. For public servants who have now been working efficiently, effectively and productively from home for almost three years, this change is an unpleasant and […]

The Ford Government Steps Back From the Precipice and Agrees to Repeal its Oppressive Labour Law

Nov 8 2022 — David McNairn — Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Government did the right thing on November 7th and stepped back from the precipice by agreeing to repeal its oppressive labour legislation aimed at low-paid Ontario education workers.  The Government will now head back to the bargaining table with CUPE. For the moment, a crisis may have been averted.  However, as […]

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