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Alberta Premier Danielle Smith with peace offering to Justin Trudeau

Jan 26 2023 — David Staples — Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has suddenly and dramatically moved off her scorched earth stance against the Trudeau Liberal’s Just Transition plan to radically change the Canadian economy in the name of slashing carbon emissions. In a new letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Smith invites Trudeau to meet in February with the goal of negotiating […]

Premier Smith ‘sickened’ by staggering disruption planned with Trudeau’s Just Transition

Jan 16 2023 — David Staples — The staggering scope of change that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals intend to impose on Canadians with their Just Transition program is made clear in a newly-released government document. Such is the magnitude of the proposed change that Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said she “felt sick” reading it. The document — uncovered by a freedom of information […]

Kenney faces twin threat of Justin Trudeau and Alberta separatism

Sep 25 2020 — David Staples — The biggest threat to Alberta’s prosperity is almost certainly Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his ever-increasing number of policies that hammer Canada’s oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. This includes new hammers found in Wednesday’s throne speech, such as a coming fuel tax, a planned ban on single-use plastic and a major tax cut — […]

The road to Canada’s COVID-19 outbreak: timeline of federal government failure at border to slow the virus

Mar 28 2020 — David Staples — When the COVID-19 crises first hit in late January, Ottawa MPs of all political stripes weren’t satisfied with the federal government’s assurances that Canada had the problem under control. For the next two months, until major changes were at last made to our border policy in late March, the MPs dug into that policy, asking […]

Are Trudeau Liberals gearing up to make historic slap down of Canada’s Indigenous people?

Jan 22 2020 — David Staples — The Trudeau Liberals will engage in a historic slap down of Canada’s Indigenous people if they rule against the Teck Frontier oilsands project. Teck negotiated for years with the 14 Indigenous groups that will live next door to the gargantuan $20.6-billion Frontier project. The company came to economic opportunity and environmental stewardship agreements with 14 […]

Pipeline industry faces double Trudeau and Trump whammy but is still cautiously optimistic

Jan 8 2020 — David Staples — Alberta’s pipelines are about to get hit with a double regulatory whammy from Justin Trudeau in Ottawa and Donald Trump in Washington. Nonetheless, the Canadian pipeline industry is still cautiously optimistic about success in the coming decade. Its more positive outlook may well be the right mindset for success but that doesn’t mean more hardship […]

If anyone can persuade Trudeau to end his disastrous spirit quest on renewable energy, it’s Michael Shellenberger

Dec 20 2019 — David Staples — There is a brilliant way to build Canada with cleaner energy and higher levels of prosperity. Sadly, it’s not the way that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proposes, with his revolutionary shift to renewable energy from oil and gas. Trudeau’s way has been tried at huge expense in places like California and Germany but has done […]