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Are Trudeau Liberals gearing up to make historic slap down of Canada’s Indigenous people?

Jan 22 2020 — David Staples — The Trudeau Liberals will engage in a historic slap down of Canada’s Indigenous people if they rule against the Teck Frontier oilsands project. Teck negotiated for years with the 14 Indigenous groups that will live next door to the gargantuan $20.6-billion Frontier project. The company came to economic opportunity and environmental stewardship agreements with 14 […]

Pipeline industry faces double Trudeau and Trump whammy but is still cautiously optimistic

Jan 8 2020 — David Staples — Alberta’s pipelines are about to get hit with a double regulatory whammy from Justin Trudeau in Ottawa and Donald Trump in Washington. Nonetheless, the Canadian pipeline industry is still cautiously optimistic about success in the coming decade. Its more positive outlook may well be the right mindset for success but that doesn’t mean more hardship […]

If anyone can persuade Trudeau to end his disastrous spirit quest on renewable energy, it’s Michael Shellenberger

Dec 20 2019 — David Staples — There is a brilliant way to build Canada with cleaner energy and higher levels of prosperity. Sadly, it’s not the way that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proposes, with his revolutionary shift to renewable energy from oil and gas. Trudeau’s way has been tried at huge expense in places like California and Germany but has done […]

Prentice willing to borrow to build Alberta

Jul 25 2014 — David Staples — When it comes to building Alberta, Jim Prentice isn’t afraid to use the “B-word”: Borrow. Prentice, who is in a three-man race to replace Alison Redford as Progressive Conservative leader and provincial premier, says when it comes to building schools, senior care facilities, roads, bridges and mass transit, if it’s necessary to borrow, his government […]

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith accuses Redford government of chasing “New Age” educational fads

Mar 9 2014 — David Staples — The Great Canadian Math Debate, Pt. 19: Will the education debate become a wedge issue of the 2016 provincial election? Danielle Smith, leader of the Wildrose, is accusing the Redford government of chasing after New Age educational fads. “For decades the Alberta basic math curriculum was world leading,” Smith said in the Legislature on Thursday. […]