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UCP caucus expels the latest dissident, but the fight may not be over

May 13 2021 — Don Braid — MLA Todd Loewen’s demand that Premier Jason Kenney resign was serious business. But it quickly descended into farce, as the full UCP caucus agonized toward his inevitable expulsion at 7:40 p.m. Thursday. The virtual caucus meeting where UCP MLAs voted on Loewen’s fate was at times chaotic, and possibly the leakiest private meeting in Alberta […]

UCP has to set aside ideology and turn hard against COVID-19

Nov 24 2020 — Don Braid — Enough waiting around on the beach for the tsunami to hit. Action is essential now or this pandemic will swamp Alberta to U.S. levels. Premier Jason Kenney’s cabinet committee met Monday afternoon and evening to debate recommendations from Dr. Deena Hinshaw, the chief medical officer of health. Kenney and the doctor will likely announce new […]

A government MLA challenges Kenney’s rejection of separatism

Nov 3 2020 — Don Braid — The separatism issue flared into the legislature Monday, with plenty of heat behind it. The NDP urged the legislature to “affirm that it is unquestionably in Alberta’s interest to remain part of the Canadian federation and unequivocally denounce calls for Alberta to become a state that is independent of a strong and united Canada.”