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Top UCP candidates flee The Rebel, after flirting with it

Aug 18 2017 — Don Braid — Brian Mason, a top NDP cabinet minister, blasted the United Conservative Party Thursday for snuggling up to Rebel Media. The two main leadership candidates, Brian Jean and Jason Kenney, responded by fleeing Ezra Levant’s alt-right outfit at light speed. At the same time, they reviled Mason for suggesting they had any link at all with […]

From pipeline to Wall and Fildebrandt, a day that went all wrong

Aug 10 2017 — Don Braid — Thursday was one bad day for Alberta politicians, both on the left and right. First, Brad Wall is leaving as premier of Saskatchewan. He’s the idol of many Alberta conservatives. The United Conservative Party was looking forward to a cross-border alliance to fight the federal carbon tax, with Wall in the vanguard. Now the new […]

Even without a leader or policy, the new UCP is far ahead of NDP

Aug 1 2017 — Don Braid — “One and done,” Jason Kenney likes to say about the NDP. It’s his one-term dream for the government. A new poll from Mainstreet Research shows that if the NDP isn’t quite done yet, it’s at least half-baked. The United Conservative Party — still leaderless, with not a single policy to its name — has a […]

Kenney’s a UCP candidate now, but still mum on policy

Jul 30 2017 — Don Braid — Charging that the NDP “poured gasoline on the fire of recession,” Jason Kenney joined the United Conservative Party leadership race on Saturday. He didn’t say anything really new, but then, he doesn’t have to. The regular stuff had his Calgary crowd applauding and hollering.

A massive and historic vote for conservative unity

Jul 23 2017 — Don Braid — Enjoy your temporary jobs.” That was Brian Jean’s instant slam at the NDP after his Wildrose Party voted 95 per cent to merge with the Progressive Conservatives into a new entity, the United Conservative Party. Two hours later, the PCs announced their own unity landslide, with the identical majority 95 per cent. Some people might […]

Voting troubles cloud conservative unity vote

Jul 22 2017 — Don Braid — Progressive Conservative Leader Jason Kenney. Wildrose Leader Brian Jean. Roll those titles around on your tongue like fine grassroots wine. By Monday, they will be out of stock. If the conservative unity referendum passes Saturday, Kenney and Jean will no longer be leaders of anything. Both parties will cease to exist as active political entities, […]

Trudeau’s fame grows, along with his troubles

Jul 16 2017 — Don Braid — Two phenomena follow Prime Minister Justin Trudeau everywhere these days – his own monumental celebrity, and anger at the $10.5 million settlement paid to Omar Khadr. Trudeau is now so instantly recognized that he’s featured on a new episode of The Windsors, a brutally funny British comedy show about the royal family. The Trudeau character […]

Cross-border NDP cold war kills hope of pipeline peace

May 31 2017 — Don Braid — If there was any hope for pipeline peace in our time, it’s gone now, deflated by B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver’s attack on Premier Rachel Notley. He was patronizing, petty, inaccurate and inflammatory. Weaver gave not the slightest nod to Notley’s climate-change policy, which is far more vigorous than B.C.’s. NDP Leader John Horgan […]

Kinder Morgan pipeline about to fall into enemy hands

May 30 2017 — Don Braid — Alberta government officials hit speed dial to Ottawa as soon as they heard the B.C. Greens and NDP have a deal to form a government. They were looking for assurance from the Prime Minister’s Office that approval of Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion is still solid. The answer was a firm federal “yes,” according to a […]

No new party yet, but leadership campaigns already revving up

May 20 2017 — Don Braid — Brian Jean and Jason Kenney want to create a united conservative party but, while they’re dealing with that little chore, they’ll scratch like bobcats for the top job. The unofficial race for the leadership of the United Conservative Party was underway less than 24 hours after the unity proposal was announced. We’re talking about the […]

A rickety conservative creation that will probably work

May 19 2017 — Don Braid — It may be possible, at least mathematically, to jam a bunch of car parts into a can, shake the hell out of it, and get a Maserati at the other end. Alberta conservatives hope so. They’ve made a rattling can stuffed with every Wildrose and Progressive Conservative fear, tension and uncertainty. They hope these random […]

Ambrose says no, but Alberta conservative prize is tempting

May 17 2017 — Don Braid — Rona Ambrose insists she doesn’t want the prize, but, like it or not, she’s now a shadow contender for leadership of a merged Alberta conservative party. Ambrose has consistently said she will not run when, or if, the Progressive Conservatives and Wildrose come up with a merger deal and then hold a leadership contest. Her […]

Alberta Conservatives edge toward merger, but who will lead?

Apr 29 2017 — Don Braid — Rumours of floor crossings. Talk of a Wildrose-PC merger agreement as early as this weekend. Alberta’s conservative world is still in turmoil, although a bit more private about it these days. The two-party merger committee held long and intense meetings Thursday and Friday. They’re trying for an agreement as soon as possible. The self-imposed deadline […]