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Toews likes yoga, wouldn’t block federal laws or put Kenney in cabinet

Jun 19 2022 — Don Braid — UCP leadership hopeful Danielle Smith’s pledge to declare Alberta “sovereign” and nullify federal laws could create chaos and scare off investors, says candidate Travis Toews. Toews, the former finance minister, said in an interview: “Some initiatives I would align with, but others would be very challenging both from a legal and constitutional standpoint, and from […]

As UCP field expands, federal MP Rempel Garner considers

Jun 9 2022 — Don Braid — There’s talk of Michelle Rempel Garner running for the UCP leadership, but so far the federal MP for Calgary Nose Hill is atypically elusive. She answers text queries about her plans with informative asides such as “hahahaha!” One source close to Rempel Garner says she’ll be in the race to replace Premier Jason Kenney, but […]

The rise and fall of Jason Kenney’s leadership

Jun 4 2022 — Don Braid — Jason Kenney. What an incredible story — from the peak to the pit in three years. How does that happen? Here’s a man who left federal politics to come back to Alberta, win the leadership of one provincial party, merge it with another, form a new party from the merger and win a thundering majority […]

UCP erupts again over Kenney’s claims about anti-vaxxers

Jun 2 2022 — Don Braid — Many UCP politicians and activists are furious at Premier Jason Kenney for blaming his forced exit on anti-vaccine militants. “Why is this guy still allowed in front of a microphone, saying things like this?” says one prominent UCP MLA, who asks not to be named. “It’s frustrating and divisive and not reflective of where Alberta […]

UCP has earned the public mistrust of leadership vote

May 13 2022 — Don Braid — Premier Jason Kenney will be in Washington May 16 and 17 to testify before the Senate energy committee. He flies home May 18, the very day leadership votes are being counted. Well, he does have a day job. But this is either supreme confidence or a sign of denial as the end draws near. After […]

Notley takes on Kenney over women’s right to choose

May 5 2022 — Don Braid — NDP Leader Rachel Notley asked a direct, simple question in the legislature Tuesday. “Can the premier commit that the UCP will never act to reduce access to abortion in this province? Yes or No.” Premier Jason Kenney did not say yes, no or maybe. He talked about something else in the way politicians have when […]

UCP veteran quits role, blasts toxic politics and Kenney’s leadership

Apr 30 2022 — Don Braid — Veteran conservative activist Al Browne is fed up with “vile” legislature behaviour, Premier Jason Kenney’s leadership and the divisive mood in the UCP during the leadership review campaign. Browne recently quit as riding president for Calgary-Hays, the seat held by Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver, so he can finally speak his mind publicly.

Why mail-in ballots? They give Kenney a better chance

Mar 24 2022 — Don Braid — What looked like Alberta’s political blowout of the century is now just another trip to the mailbox. After months of organizing in-person voting in Red Deer on April 9 — with space reserved, contracts signed, security organized — the UCP abruptly pivoted to mail-in ballots to decide on Premier Jason Kenney’s leadership.

UCP to make key decisions on leadership vote that keeps on growing

Mar 22 2022 — Don Braid — The United Conservative Party will wrestle Tuesday with how to handle the biggest political party event in Alberta’s history — the vote on Premier Jason Kenney’s leadership on April 9. Cynthia Moore, president of the UCP, says board members will decide on extra voting venues outside the Cambridge Hotel in Red Deer, the main site […]