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Federal memo shows heavy impact of ‘just transition’ on Alberta

Jan 16 2023 — Don Braid — The federal plan to “transition” jobs and regional economies in the fight against climate change is more vast and all-embracing than suspected by even the most suspicious sovereignty fan in Premier Danielle Smith’s office. “When I saw the memo, I felt a pit in my stomach,” Smith said Monday morning. “It’s worse than I feared.” […]

Dictatorial, unworkable sovereignty act may be worst legislation in Alberta history

Dec 5 2022 — Don Braid — Alberta is engulfed in a heart-wrenching crisis of children’s health that even makes official cruelty unavoidable. Mortally ill children are being moved from the hospice where they were lovingly cared for in their dying, into the Alberta Children’s Hospital itself, along with their care teams. Respite care, which helps families whose kids have severe disabilities, […]

Premier Danielle Smith introduces herself, a little early

Oct 4 2022 — Don Braid — Welcome, Premier Danielle Smith. The new provincial leader introduced herself to reporters in a long Zoom session Monday, speaking not just to her party but to her caucus and the public beyond. Of course, she hasn’t won yet. The UCP leadership votes will be counted Thursday. But Smith has so convinced the province of her […]