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‘A guilty conscience?’ MPP Randy Hillier mocks minister Ahmed Hussen’s experience with racism

Jun 3 2020 — Don Braid — Of all the Canadian responses to the “I Can’t Breathe” movement, one of the most offensive comes from Randy Hillier, a Progressive Conservative legislative member in Ontario. Ahmed Hussen, the federal Liberal minister of families, children, and social development, had said on CTV: “I have been followed in stores. Instinctively my back gets up when […]

Economic crisis forces major policy changes on UCP

Mar 9 2020 — Don Braid — Alberta at this moment is a lonely peanut shell, tossed aloft and blasted by ferocious world gales. There has been no day like this in my memory of oil riches and crashes, going back to 1978 as a young legislature columnist. Never have we seen such a collision of adverse forces — an international economy […]

As virus threat looms, it’s no time for a fight with doctors

Mar 5 2020 — Don Braid — The Kenney government is not known for gracious retreat. Faced with criticism, it hunkers down and fights. But this battle against the doctors must stop. With the new coronavirus likely to hit the province, it’s the worst possible moment for changes to physician pay and governance rules that could seriously affect service. Dr. Christine Molnar, […]

Kenney borrows from Lougheed’s playbook, but the rules have changed

Feb 25 2020 — Don Braid — In a throne speech shrouded in dark economic clouds, the UCP makes a startling announcement. The government promises to invest directly in energy projects to get them moving — a sharp change from UCP policy of encouraging business through tax policy rather than direct intervention. “When regulatory uncertainty, hostility by the federal government or pressure […]

As Teck shelves $20B oilsands project, Kenney puts blame on Ottawa

Feb 24 2020 — Don Braid — For the Kenney government and almost anybody interested in oil and gas investment, it was the Sunday night slaughter — sudden news that Teck Resources has cancelled its $20-billion Frontier oilsands mine. Federal cabinet was expected to rule on the mine this week. Teck’s sudden decision to withdraw its application has many consequences, but one […]

In public shift, Kenney says Alberta has to go green over time

Feb 10 2020 — Don Braid — Suddenly, Premier Jason Kenney is talking publicly about the “energy transition.” This is new. And it’s significant. “Over the next decades as we go through the energy transition, we all know that there will be a continued demand for crude,” he told a panel at Washington’s Wilson Center last Friday. Kenney added: “It is preferable […]

Kenney blasted for doing just what Notley did

Feb 7 2020 — Don Braid — The premier spends $24,000 on a six-day trip to Central Canada and the U.S., promoting investment in Alberta. Immediately, the slamming begins. The Opposition says it’s “nothing more than a political vanity trip . . . “Albertans want the premier to be more visible here at home right now, talking up industry and having a […]

Trans Mountain clears Horgan’s hurdles. Now he faces his own

Feb 5 2020 — Don Braid — Major religions urge us not to wallow in revenge. The Almighty, I hope, will grant an exemption for frustrations over the Trans Mountain pipeline. It is vengeful fun, frankly, to watch B.C. Premier John Horgan pleading for “the rule of law” as he faces opposition to his own natural gas pipeline, just as the pipeline […]

Conservative field shrinks as Harper talk starts

Jan 24 2020 — Don Braid — The talent void in the Conservative party leadership race is prompting strange scenarios among Alberta loyalists. Their first and faintest hope: Stephen Harper comes back, wins the leadership with ease, runs off Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and recreates a Conservative national government. There is no hard evidence for this, but you have to wonder why […]

Ambrose remains an ideal candidate for Conservative leadership

Jan 16 2020 — Don Braid — Quebec’s La Presse has declared that Rona Ambrose won’t run for the Conservative leadership. Albertans who know her scratch their heads and say, what the . . .? “A plant from a Quebec rival, no doubt about it,” says one. Who would that be, if not Jean Charest? Ambrose still hasn’t decided. That’s today’s understanding […]

New poll shows contented Quebec and angry Prairies — and no wonder

Jan 15 2020 — Don Braid — It was damned near impossible for the Liberals to turn Quebec into Canada’s happiest, most optimistic province, while killing hopes for millions of people in Alberta and Saskatchewan. But they’ve done it. Brilliantly. We already knew discontent was deep on the Prairies. A new Angus Reid Institute poll shows it’s almost bottomless. Seventy-one per cent […]