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A late-night Olympic deal is struck. Now it’s up to council

Oct 31 2018 — Don Braid — They shrunk the Games. That was one of several devices used to get an Olympic deal, announced quite literally at the 11th hour Tuesday night. It’s signed by the feds, the province and Calgary’s BidCo. The line set aside for Mayor Naheed Nenshi is blank. No signature. Council still has to accept the agreement. And […]

Nenshi ready to cancel Olympic bid over funding furor

Oct 28 2018 — Don Braid — Mayor Naheed Nenshi says he’ll urge councillors to cancel the city’s Olympic bid unless a funding deal is reached over the weekend. The revelation came in a letter sent late Friday to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “If we cannot come to a mutually agreeable conclusion by Monday, I deeply regret that I will have no […]

Kenney’s cause scores a cash bonanza from car dealers

Oct 23 2018 — Don Braid — Jason Kenney loves his big blue pickup. In return, auto dealers love Jason Kenney. Twenty-six Alberta car and truck car dealerships have donated a total of $170,000 to the UCP leader’s cause in the past three months. The Motor Dealers Association of Alberta (MDA) also pledged $100,000 that hasn’t been donated yet. The money goes […]

Alberta’s UCP keeps kicking out extremists, but they keep on coming

Oct 11 2018 — Don Braid — The candidate is gone, Odin be praised, but the aroma lingers on. On Thursday the United Conservative Party disqualified nomination candidate Lance Coulter, who had a cheery chat with Soldiers of Odin at an Edmonton nomination event. This is just the latest, and the most serious, of UCP run-ins with candidate hopefuls who appear untroubled […]

Notley slams hypocrisy of B.C. LNG project

Oct 4 2018 — Don Braid — Premier Rachel Notley backs B.C.’s huge new liquid natural gas terminal, but there’s bitterness behind the smile. Notley was irked by the sight of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and B.C. Premier John Horgan announcing the $40-billion LNG project Tuesday, with happy grins plastered on their faces. “There is a high level of jaw-dropping hypocrisy that […]

As Alberta steams, Ottawa scrambles for pipeline fix

Sep 5 2018 — Don Braid — Fury mixed with hopelessness makes for a poisonous political stew. That’s where many Albertans are today, as last week’s pipeline rejection sinks in. This is a truly toxic moment for the province: another sign that national projects can’t be built; further evidence that the federal consultation “process” (are you hating that word yet?) is a […]

UCP wins bring Kenney closer to government

Jul 13 2018 — Don Braid — The new Alberta is taking shape. In Ontario. Premier Doug Ford’s early actions are a template for what United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney will do if he wins the Alberta election next year. Ford axed Ontario’s cap-and-trade system for carbon pricing. He just cancelled the Liberal school curriculum that taught about same-sex marriage. Kenney […]

Doug Ford’s victory a five-alarm warning for Alberta NDP

Jun 9 2018 — Don Braid — Doug Ford likes pipelines. That’s the end of the good news for Premier Rachel Notley. For her, Ford’s success is a five-alarm warning that a populist wave could swamp Alberta in the election next spring. It’s been a strong possibility since Alberta’s conservative parties united. Now, the UCP has a potent role model. Leader Jason […]

Kenney drops hammer on UCP policy blowup

May 7 2018 — Don Braid — On Saturday night, the United Conservative Party really looked united, as leader Jason Kenney thundered threats of retaliation against Alberta’s economic enemies. But by Sunday morning, the UCP was itself again. That is, not united at all on many hot-button social issues.

Kenney rouses his party with a fierce call to retaliation

May 6 2018 — Don Braid — UCP Leader Jason Kenney turned up his Alberta-first rhetoric Saturday, vowing retribution against Alberta’s perceived opponents, from banks to foreign-funded opponents. Party loyalists at the party’s founding meeting went berserk, shouting and applauding for minutes on end. Ex-Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, surely Canada greatest political orator, had the crowd primed and ready. It took some […]

A mammoth policy meeting where Kenney won’t talk policy

May 5 2018 — Don Braid — United Conservative Party MLA Jason Nixon, Alberta’s largest politician, has this to say about Alberta’s largest annual party meeting. “It is amazing,” Nixon said, surveying the party crowd from his towering height. “PC, Wildrose conventions? There’s never been anything like this, and I never thought I’d see anything like it.” By Friday, the number of […]

The federal NDP as pipeline peacemaker. Really?

Apr 12 2018 — Don Braid — ADJUST COMMENT PRINT On Wednesday, the pipeline crisis brought a stunning case of hypocrisy on the hoof. Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said the B.C. and federal governments should go to the Supreme Court, hand in hand, for a ruling on the constitutionality of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. That would bring peace and understanding […]

As Kinder Morgan wobbles, Alberta might buy a stake

Apr 9 2018 — Don Braid — Sunday’s news from Kinder Morgan was stunning, both in importance and insensitivity. It came just hours before the vigil for victims of the Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy that tore at the nation’s heart. The U.S.-based CEO and president, Stephen Kean, said all non-essential work and spending on the pipeline expansion will stop. If construction guarantees […]

B.C. Premier Horgan blew it, needs Trudeau to save him

Feb 8 2018 — Don Braid — B.C. Premier John Horgan had the nation’s attention. He had the microphone. He had righteous anger at Alberta’s wine ban written all over his face. But he did not retaliate. Horgan not only said Wednesday he will not impose countermeasures now, but pretty much promised not to act in the future, no matter what further […]

Notley and new Saskatchewan premier discuss action against B.C.

Feb 6 2018 — Don Braid — Saskatchewan’s new premier is considering retaliatory measures against B.C. over delays to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. Trade could be one of them, says Scott Moe, but other actions will be considered too. Moe spoke to Premier Rachel Notley for more than 30 minutes Monday. It was a friendly chat that focused largely on the […]