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Blackmore welcomes being found guilty in B.C. polygamy case

Jul 25 2017 — Daphne Bramham — It took four hours in court listening to the judge read key sections of her 162-page decision before two fundamentalist Mormon leaders finally heard the verdict. Guilty. Winston Blackmore, 60, was found guilty of knowingly having entered into conjugal unions with 24 women in religious ceremonies even though he was already legally married to another […]

Is equity policy linked to NDP’s precarious grip on power?

Jul 19 2017 — Daphne Bramham — It only took a century, but for the first time there are as many women as men in British Columbia’s cabinet. The New Democrats were the first major party in the province’s history to have more female candidates than male. Although the electoral results suggest that voters are gender blind, the B.C. NDP’s two milestones […]

Seattle wants to tax the rich so the poor can afford to live there

Jul 13 2017 — Daphne Bramham — Amid the mansions of tech billionaires and millionaires, the luxury stores and upscale eateries, Seattle is having an existential crisis. There’s a deepening wealth gap and housing costs are soaring beyond the reach of many working people, including software engineers whose salaries average $120,000 a year (and those are U.S. dollars). And the question that’s […]

Christy Clark raises much and donates little

Jun 5 2017 — Daphne Bramham — There’s a glaring irony in the phrase “pay-to-play” when it comes to B.C. politics. While developers, oil companies, banks, unions and lobbyists clearly got the memo, B.C.’s fundraiser in chief apparently didn’t. Christy Clark helped raise $7.6 million for the B.C. Liberals in 2016. But the premier and party leader didn’t contribute a dollar of […]

How do secular societies strike a balance between religious and other rights?

May 8 2017 — Daphne Bramham — Where religious freedom begins and ends is increasingly bedevilling secular, pluralistic societies, including ours. Despite constitutions and charters of rights, no single freedom is absolute. Rights frequently overlap, and then jostle for supremacy. Determining which is more deserving falls to judges, who weigh the harms of one against the harms of another. That balancing is […]

Enter the dragon — How Kevin O’Leary wants to change Canada

Feb 11 2017 — Daphne Bramham — It’s likely that the 13 other candidates in the federal Conservative’s leadership race and the party’s 80,000-some members prefer to wait until after the May vote to declare a winner. But not Kevin O’Leary. He’s already moved on. During a 45-minute interview, he barely mentioned the leadership contest and he never once mentioned the names […]