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Trump wants to split NAFTA negotiation, make separate deals with Canada and Mexico

Jun 5 2018 — Daniel Dale — U.S. President Donald Trump wants to “quickly” split NAFTA negotiations in two, holding separate rather than joint talks with Canada and Mexico and pursuing separate two-country deals rather than trying to update the three-country North American pact, Trump’s top economic adviser said Tuesday. Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, said the Trump administration […]

Trump’s fuel economy rollback leaves Trudeau in a bind: Follow the U.S., or take a stand

Apr 3 2018 — Daniel Dale — The auto industry wants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to go along with U.S. President Donald Trump’s move to weaken fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks. Environmentalists want Trudeau to refuse, immediately, and join forces with liberal American states. The Trump administration’s decision to abandon the current Obama-era standards puts Trudeau in the position […]

Trump ousts Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, replaces him with CIA director Mike Pompeo

Mar 13 2018 — Daniel Dale — Trump announced the move in a Tuesday statement to the Washington Post, then in a tweet. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been ousted by President Donald Trump. Tillerson had repeatedly clashed with Trump. Tillerson reportedly thought Trump was ill-informed and irresponsible. Trump reportedly thought Tillerson was disloyal, ineffective and overly fond of traditionalist […]

‘Brutal’ Canada has ‘outsmarted our politicians for decades,’ Trump says

Mar 10 2018 — Daniel Dale — U.S. President Donald Trump took another shot at Canada’s trade practices Saturday, alleging that Canadian leaders have taken advantage of bumbling American politicians “for decades.” “Canada’s brutal. Canada’s really tough,” Trump said during a rambling speech on behalf of a Republican candidate, Rick Saccone, who is running in Tuesday’s hotly contested special House of Representatives […]

Trump says he’ll impose a 25 per cent steel tariff, which could ‘decimate’ Canada’s industry — if it applies

Mar 1 2018 — Daniel Dale — U.S. President Donald Trump says he is about to slap major tariffs on steel and aluminum from other countries, a move that could cause significant harm to Canadian industry, raise prices for U.S. consumers and prompt an economy-damaging round of international retaliation. The steel tariff will be 25 per cent, the aluminum tariff 10 per […]

After Trump’s endorsement, the NRA denounces the FBI, calls Democrats ‘saboteurs’ and says reporters ‘love mass shootings’

Feb 22 2018 — Daniel Dale — Emerging from their defensive crouch, officials from the National Rifle Association, America’s top gun-rights lobby group, went on the attack Thursday with a series of wild claims — accusing members of the media of being happy about mass shootings and the Democratic Party of being “infested” with America-hating “socialists” and “saboteurs” looking to seize control […]