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B.C. Law Society won’t accept Christian law grads

Oct 31 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - The British Columbia Law Society will not recognize graduates of a controversial Christian law school.The society's governing council voted Friday to reverse an earlier decision and uphold the results of a member referendum, rejecting accreditation for law graduates from Trinity Western University."The referendum enabled all of B.C.'s lawyers to have a say in […]

Quiet B.C. historian was wartime MI-5 spy

Oct 28 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - To his neighbours on Saltspring Island, B.C., he was an avid gardener and a history writer who lived a quiet life with his wife and children.But to the British spy agency MI-5, he was a wartime agent who exposed hundreds of Nazi sympathizers and intercepted secrets meant for Gestapo eyes.Records released by the […]

White-nose syndrome threatening bats

Oct 27 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - Don't be afraid of bats this Halloween. Be afraid for them, warn biologists tracking a disease that has nearly wiped out the airborne mammals in Eastern Canada.The little brown bat, northern myotis and tri-coloured bat have been "functionally extirpated" by white-nose syndrome in some areas of eastern Canada, said Graham Forbes, a biologist […]

Mine rejection improper, lawyer tells court

Oct 22 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - The federal environment minister acted improperly in rejecting a $1.5-billion gold and copper mine proposed in British Columbia and the company deserves compensation for her alleged wrongdoing, says a lawyer for Taseko Mines (TSX:TKO).A week before a judicial review was to get underway into the rejection of the New Prosperity mine, the company […]

Smart blade to measure figure skaters’ force

Oct 21 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - Triple Axel, death spiral, Lutz, Salchow, quadruple: figure skating even sounds painful.It is estimated that the magnitude of force on a skaters' body when they land on the ice can be up to six times their body weight.Injuries are common and can be career-ending.But a team of researchers has developed a smart ice […]

What did we learn from the Simushir?

Oct 19 2014 — Dene Moore — A disabled Russian cargo ship was en route to port in British Columbia for repairs and the rescue operation was declared officially over Sunday. Now the debate begins.In the end, the Simushir was secured but with a battle already brewing over oil tanker safety off the West Coast, the incident raised questions about the response […]

Opponents turn attention to Site C costs

Oct 19 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - With provincial and federal environmental certificates now in hand, BC Hydro faces a much tougher hurdle for its massive Site C hydroelectric project — the bottom line.The Crown agency estimates it will cost $7.9 billion to build the dam on the Peace River, making it the largest provincial public expenditure in the next […]

B.C. LNG window is closing: industry

Oct 8 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - With the provincial government on the cusp of announcing its tax and environmental regime for liquefied natural gas, the head of an industry group issued a warning Wednesday: the window is closing and B.C.'s trillion-dollar LNG dream is not a forgone conclusion.David Keane, president of the newly formed B.C. LNG Alliance, said the […]

Overlapping claims thorny issue: treaty commission

Oct 7 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - Despite the glacial pace of negotiations, the British Columbia treaty process remains a viable option for First Nations to pursue self-determination, says the provincial treaty commission.But commissioner Sophie Pierre said Tuesday that overlapping land claims are an ongoing and thorny issue for negotiations."We have consistently identified overlapping claims as one of the biggest […]

Class-action lawsuit launched over capacitors

Oct 6 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - A number of class-action lawsuits filed in several provinces claim electronics' giants including Samsung, Panasonic, Hitachi, TDK and Sanyo have acted as a cartel to "wring" $480 million in illegal profits from Canadian consumers for almost a decade.The lawsuits filed recently in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Quebec name 40 companies that allegedly […]

Guilty on all charges in Surrey Six slayings

Oct 3 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - The families and friends of six men found executed in a British Columbia apartment seven years ago erupted into tears and applause on Thursday as a judge declared two men accused of the murders guilty.B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Wedge found Cody Haevischer and Matthew Johnston each guilty of one count of conspiracy […]

Verdict coming in Surrey six slayings

Oct 1 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - It was a shocking gangland crime that could rightfully be called a bloodbath: six men murdered, execution style, two of them innocent bystanders who happened to be in the wrong place.On Thursday, two of the men accused in what's come to be known as the "Surrey Six" slayings will learn their fate from […]

First Nations focus added to B.C. jobs plan

Sep 30 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - Jobs Minister Shirley Bond says the Liberals' jobs plan is working but she's added a few more pillars to prop it up, including a sector just for First Nations.Bond released an update on the plan Tuesday, including a renewed economic blueprint for the province that makes specific mention of aboriginal participation in the […]

Protect public health care, coalition urges

Sep 29 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - Provincial and territorial health ministers will gather in Banff this week and advocates of Canada's public health-care system are urging them to protect medicare while they are there.Dr. Vanessa Brcic of the B.C. Health Coalition said a lack of federal leadership on health care has led to a proliferation of private health-care services […]

Earliest site of human habitation?

Sep 24 2014 — Dene Moore — VANCOUVER - Researchers using a robotic underwater vehicle off British Columbia's northern coast believe they may have found the earliest evidence of human habitation in Canada.Unfortunately, the site that could date back almost 14,000 years lies beneath more than 100 metres of water in the ocean around the Haida Gwaii archipelago.Archaeologist Quentin Mackie from the […]