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7 Qualities we need in the next Conservative Leader

Dec 16 2019 — Dennis Matthews — With the contest to replace Andrew Scheer on, let’s look closer at the kind of qualities we need in a leader. Leadership races are always about one thing: can you win. In 2017, defeating Justin Trudeau seemed like a long shot and members looked inwards for winnability, who amongst those running had the best shot […]

Conservative Party: Here’s a lesson on branding

Dec 3 2019 — Dennis Matthews — “Wow, that’s a Buick?” says the young, millennial woman in the ad. For years, the brand, generally thought of as a car for your grandparents, struggled to pass the generational torch. To curb sagging sales, General Motors (its manufacturer) needed to pivot. The truth is, you never want to find yourself in Buick’s position: forced […]

The real reason politicians love the Raptors

Jun 11 2019 — Dennis Matthews — The easy answer to explain why the Raptors bandwagon is gaining passengers by the day is to point to the wins. And they’ve played a part, no doubt. But it’s also undeniable that the Raptors—and, indeed, the sport of basketball itself—are having a Canadian moment that’s bigger than an epic playoff journey. Corporations get this. […]

Political advertising has changed, time for critics to catch up

Feb 6 2019 — Dennis Matthews — This past week saw two political ads by the federal Conservatives caught up in a media controversy — and we’re still more than 200 days away from voting. The first was a spoof of the old Heritage Minutes remixed with Trudeau’s greatest scandals. The second involved Google advertising on the UN global migration compact. Hardly […]

Advertising spending limits mean a lot less today

May 16 2018 — Dennis Matthews — We live in an age where it’s almost impossible to define advertising. It’s hard to distinguish between a Facebook ad that reaches voters, or a Facebook post that people share widely of their own free will. It’s not like the good old days where ads were confined to a commercial break. With the right content, […]