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How Donald Trump turned the United States into a headless giant

Jan 12 2018 — David Frum — hen doing things he shouldn’t, Donald Trump is a hyperactive president. He blurts high secrets to Russian visitors. He fired the FBI director who investigated things Mr. Trump wished to hush up. Mr. Trump spreads disinformation, tweets abuse and hurls paper towels at Puerto Ricans like a dog owner dispensing treats. From the actual work […]

In praise of the Prime Ministerial ‘control freak’

Dec 6 2013 — David Frum — On an official visit to West Germany in 1985, Canadian minister of defense Bob Coates visited a strip club. He left behind a briefcase containing sensitive documents. Uproar ensued. Coates soon resigned, the first of a lengthening series of ministers and MPs to depart the new Mulroney government under a cloud. A young Stephen Harper […]