National Newswatch

American domestic terrorism presents a threat to Canada

Jan 12 2021 — Diane Francis — Canada is not immune from the hate crimes and domestic terrorism perpetrated by white supremacists that afflicts the United States. The difference is that the Americans have pneumonia and, so far, we only have a cold. Last week’s riot in Washington, D.C., provides the most shocking example of the grave and present threat gripping the […]

Trump getting increasingly desperate and erratic as election nears

Oct 13 2020 — Diane Francis — History reveals that as power ebbs desperate leaders undertake desperate actions. Some monarchs have launched wars and Nero watched Rome burn, as the legend goes. And in the most powerful democracy today, there’s rising concern about an erratic President Donald Trump who thrashes around in a worrisome manner as his polling support sags. “Presidents fabricate […]

Debunking the Liberal tax-and-spend myth

Sep 21 2020 — Diane Francis — Liberals often share two common myths: that running deficits and racking up debt can continue indefinitely; and that there is no limit to how high taxes can be raised. Both must be debunked. Deficit spending may have to continue in the wake of the pandemic. But Canada’s problem is that the Liberals, pre-COVID, were a […]

Erin O’Toole is the best man for the job

Aug 24 2020 — Diane Francis — Newly minted Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is the right guy for the job. He will become Canada’s next prime minister. His acceptance speech was pitch perfect. His French was excellent. He reached out to Canadians of all regions and viewpoints with a pitch to consider the Conservatives as an alternative to the divisive, tainted and […]

China is an enemy of the West, and Canada needs to act like it

Jul 17 2020 — Diane Francis — Huawei Technologies Co. is not a tech corporation. It is a weapon, created and subsidized by Beijing that ruthlessly gobbles up and spits out competitors and countries. It’s also pushing a technology that will spread China’s surveillance ability around the world. One of Huawei’s early victims was Nortel, Canada’s busted technology champion. Nortel had become […]

This is why America burns

Jun 2 2020 — Diane Francis — America is a great country to live in as long as you’re not old, sick, black or poor. This was the reality in the 1960s, when I immigrated from the United States to Canada, and very little has changed since. To my mind, America’s failure to provide a more level playing field for its people […]

Alberta needs a new deal, fast, or separation is inevitable

Nov 4 2019 — Diane Francis — Alberta must adopt Quebec’s playbook and become a “nation” within a nation or threaten to leave. The ballot box does not work and Alberta is Canada’s breadwinner, but is treated like a stepchild. Step one is for Alberta to demand the immediate construction of the TMX pipeline and the scrapping of Bills C-48 and C-69. […]

The crushing of Wilson-Raybould and Philpott is proof Canada is run by a Liberal cabal

Apr 22 2019 — Diane Francis — It was no coincidence that the current unravelling of the Liberal party was caused by the principled objections regarding SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. by two political newcomers against a concerted attempt to subvert justice. It is also no coincidence that both were female and both from outside the Quebec-Ottawa power centre that has controlled postwar Canada […]

Justin Trudeau’s ‘annus horribilis’: All the reasons why the October election can’t come soon enough

Apr 15 2019 — Diane Francis — The Prime Minister’s threatened libel lawsuit against Andrew Scheer enhances the Opposition leader’s stature, and diminishes his own. Scheer’s response — to allegations that he defamed the PM concerning the SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. scandal — was pitch perfect. At a Sunday afternoon press conference, he was passionate but unemotional. He looked Prime Ministerial, was lauded […]