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The Second Wave: Why decision-making has never been harder – or more important – for leaders like Doug Ford

Oct 15 2020 — Don Lenihan and Andrew Balfour — When the pandemic first hit, none of us knew what to expect. Medical experts called for a lockdown and governments took their advice. This time round it’s different. Our political leaders are being called on to protect both our health and our economy. As Doug Ford noted on Tuesday, that can be an unpleasant place […]

Leslyn Lewis Needs a Lesson on Assisted Dying – and Democracy

Sep 1 2020 — Don Lenihan and Andrew Balfour — As a candidate for the Conservative leadership, Leslyn Lewis hoped to “stop the expansion of new categories for Medically Assisted Death.” Social conservatives like Lewis are angry that party leaders prevent MPs from “voting their conscience” on a list of issues, including assisted dying, abortion, and LGBTQ rights. In their minds, whipping these votes is undemocratic and […]