National Newswatch

Trudeau attacks Conservative plan to let Quebec collect federal income taxes in province

Feb 5 2019 — Daniel Leblanc — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is accusing the Conservative Party of “pandering” to Quebec voters by supporting the transfer of income-tax collection duties in Quebec to the provincial government. The Conservatives are putting pressure on the federal government to abide by the wishes of the Quebec government and the National Assembly, which have called for Revenu […]

Liberals move Trudeau fundraiser off Canadian Forces base

Dec 10 2018 — Daniel Leblanc — The Liberal Party of Canada has cancelled plans to host a fundraiser with Justin Trudeau on a Canadian Forces base, an event that might have run afoul of military rules around political events. The Liberal Party had planned to hold the Dec. 19 fundraiser at the Vimy Officers’ Mess in Kingston, according to information posted […]

Tony Clement reveals ‘acts of infidelity’ left him open to potential blackmail

Nov 8 2018 — Daniel Leblanc — Ontario MP Tony Clement has revealed further instances of inappropriate interactions with women, stating he has known since the summer that “acts of infidelity” had exposed him to blackmail. The new revelations showed that his initial disclosure of an extortion attempt earlier in the week was incomplete, leading Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to face another […]

Ottawa changes requirements for new fighter jets to help European firms to qualify

Oct 30 2018 — Daniel Leblanc — Canada has modified the mandatory specifications for its next fleet of fighter jets to make it easier for European manufacturers to qualify for the $26-billion contract and foster more competition among five qualified bidders, federal officials said. Under the previous Conservative government, the requirements for the fighter jets could be met only by the Lockheed-Martin […]