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Trudeau acknowledges mistakes over SNC-Lavalin as Scheer calls for RCMP investigation

Aug 19 2019 — Daniel Leblanc — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged his government made mistakes in its handling of SNC-Lavalin’s request for a settlement on charges of bribery and fraud, but rejected the Conservative Party’s claim that the actions may have been criminal. Mr. Trudeau has come under fire for refusing to apologize to Canadians after Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion found […]

Ottawa awarding military contract to Davie shipyard weeks before election call

Jul 15 2019 — Daniel Leblanc — The federal government will award a third of $1.5-billion in maintenance contracts on its 12 military frigates to the Davie shipyard in Quebec, which has long complained of unfair treatment under Canada’s shipbuilding strategy, federal officials said.Ottawa has been under pressure to provide additional contracts to Davie, which is located south of Quebec City in […]

Conservatives blast Liberal promise to ban assault weapons

Jun 17 2019 — Daniel Leblanc — The Conservative Party will be campaigning against a ban on specific kinds of assault weapons in the next election, arguing a Liberal Party proposal to prohibit some military-style assault weapons that are currently legal would penalize law-abiding gun owners while failing to address the real cause of gun crime in Canada. “The Liberals are playing […]

Canada puts premium on fighter jets’ ability to conduct attacks on foreign soil

Jun 10 2019 — Daniel Leblanc — The federal government’s plan to buy new fighter jets puts greater emphasis on the aircraft’s ability to conduct “strategic attacks” in foreign countries than their capacity to defend Canada and North America from enemy incursions, government documents show. The importance awarded to the new aircraft’s offensive and first-strike capabilities abroad, rather than their defensive capabilities […]

Liberals hope to attract environmental star who can burnish their green credentials in Quebec

May 31 2019 — Daniel Leblanc — Steven Guilbeault, an environmental activist who scaled the CN Tower in 2001 to protest government inaction on climate change, wants to run for the Liberal Party in the federal election. The governing party, including Prime Minister Trudeau, hopes he runs under the Liberal banner. Like many Quebeckers, however, Mr. Guilbeault first needs to be convinced […]

PMO confirms use partisan database Liberalist to vet prospective senators

May 2 2019 — Daniel Leblanc — The Prime Minister’s Office acknowledges that it uses a partisan database called Liberalist to conduct background checks on prospective senators before appointing them to sit as independents.The government came under fire after The Globe and Mail revealed last week that prospective judges were being put through the Liberal database, which states whether individuals have been […]

PMO’s background checks on potential judges reveal more than a decade of partisan past

Apr 30 2019 — Daniel Leblanc — The PMO’s background checks of prospective judges cover more than a decade of their partisan past, revealing their history with the Liberal Party of Canada – including details as specific as whether they took lawn signs during election campaigns, records show. The “due diligence” on candidates for judicial appointments conducted in the Prime Minister’s Office […]

Trudeau attacks Conservative plan to let Quebec collect federal income taxes in province

Feb 5 2019 — Daniel Leblanc — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is accusing the Conservative Party of “pandering” to Quebec voters by supporting the transfer of income-tax collection duties in Quebec to the provincial government. The Conservatives are putting pressure on the federal government to abide by the wishes of the Quebec government and the National Assembly, which have called for Revenu […]