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Seeking political revenge: few rewards but many risks

Apr 16 2018 — Dan Leger — Existence must be a bitter trial for those grand figures who have reached for the golden ring of leadership, imagining themselves the stuff of glittering biography as they nearly grasped it, only to be stymied by a lesser light. It’s tragic to be sure, but politics abounds with such tragedies, although it’s uncool to complain […]

Plan to undercut democracy working quite well for Putin

Apr 9 2018 — Dan Leger — There must be days when Vladimir Putin wakes up in the Kremlin amazed at his good fortune. The New Czar of Russia is one of the world’s richest men, with an army to protect him. And his modest investment in undermining Western foes is paying solid dividends. Putin’s Russia literally gets away with murder, despite […]

Pray that Easter break brings humility to Trudeau’s team

Apr 2 2018 — Dan Leger — It being the holy Easter season, it’s time to adjourn, briefly, from the profane and political. Let us therefore take this time to pray that the federal Liberals will contemplate the error of their ways and earnestly strive for coherence in the land and in their government. I’m not much for praying, so I’ll put […]

Has time come to unfriend Facebook once and for all?

Mar 26 2018 — Dan Leger — Facebook’s vigilant robots tell me I’ve reached 10 years as a member or user, or whatever you call the 2.2 billion people who visit the site each month. Lately, 10 years feels like enough. Everyone knows the story of how Facebook evolved from a university social site into a global media juggernaut, with users in […]

Ottawa shouldn’t rush to match Republicans’ business-tax cut

Mar 5 2018 — Dan Leger — It’s fair to say the Trudeau government’s budget didn’t do anything dramatic about traditional budgetary concerns, the entirety of which I will now list. The traditional concerns are 1) taxes and 2) spending. This was a budget not about those things, but about politics and an election 20 months away. That Budget 2018 put politics […]

Parties to blame for failing to properly vet candidates

Feb 5 2018 — Dan Leger — Let me offer some advice to every political party at every level in Ottawa and every province. Get to know yourselves before you make us do it for you, the hard way. This simple recommendation will save pain and embarrassment for all of us: candidates, parties and voters. Fewer candidates will resign in the middle […]

Wait, is Canada standing up to the Americans? The nerve!

Jan 29 2018 — Dan Leger — Goodness gracious, fellow Canadians, have we gone off script? Have we forgotten our designated role as the obsequious neighbour to mighty, indifferent America? Do we dare? Apparently we do dare, at least when it comes to trade. It finally has dawned on us that we can do better than spin on the end of the […]

Trump’s chaos spills across the border

Jan 15 2018 — Dan Leger — After brewing away quietly for months, the NAFTA file is fermenting into a serious problem, if not yet a foaming crisis, for the Trudeau Liberals. Last week, the Canadian dollar swooned along with the country’s stock indexes as reports emerged suggesting continuing trouble in the three-state trade talks. It was hard to know what was […]

PM, rivals exude ineptitude as amateur hour grips Ottawa

Jan 8 2018 — Dan Leger — Doesn’t anybody want to be prime minister around here? With a year and change before the start of the 2019 political season and the three starting pitchers picked, it’s like they’re all just going through the motions. Consider the recent perils of the formerly faultless prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Pick an escapade: the tone-deaf and […]

Tillerson’s Ottawa visit comes amid diplomatic dysfunction

Dec 18 2017 — Dan Leger — Spare a moment to consider the plight of that oppressed profession, the diplomats. Scoff if you must, but it’s tough being an international functionary in the troubled times in which we live. Oh sure, the diplomats still have their nice suits and dresses, which they wear to polite parties in elegant embassies. They get paid […]

Our age of lies demands citizens be more vigilant

Dec 4 2017 — Dan Leger — Is it just me, or is everyone finding it difficult lately to consume the news? And I don’t mean difficulties caused by the turmoil in the news business itself or by the war and violence that it covers. I’m talking about the feeling of living in the mad crossfire of facts, pseudo-facts and plain lies […]