National Newswatch

People’s Party attracting offbeat candidates in Nova Scotia

Jul 22 2019 — Dan Leger — The federal election isn’t tomorrow, but it’s soon enough to start paying attention to opinion polls, which are predictably contradictory. Depending on the survey, the Conservatives have been leading for months but might be slipping. A different poll has the Liberals, formerly sinking by the day, resurfacing and perhaps even leading.

Partisan hyperbole strips words of their meaning

Jun 10 2019 — Dan Leger — There’s no respect for language in these uncivil times of ours, least of all in politics, where words and ideas are subjected to violence every day of the week. Think “alternative facts,” “fake news” and “truth isn’t truth.” In the blind partisanship of 2019, formerly reliable terms like conservative, socialist, liberal and populist get bruised […]

Trumpism isn’t winning here, and that shoe doesn’t fit Scheer

May 13 2019 — Dan Leger — Trumpism isn’t taking over in Canada, thankfully, and for good reasons, even if its vile effects have taken root among the gullible. Side-effects are not a movement, especially given revulsion here at the mess Donald Trump is making of the once-great U.S. Fewer than one in four Canadians approve of Trump’s American madness: the lawlessness […]

If Kenney wants real change, he needs friends, not enemies

Apr 29 2019 — Dan Leger — Huzzah for Alberta, which has elected Jason Kenney and soon will resume its status as an energy superpower. To restore Albertan glory, Kenney plans to take on unions and cut regulation, lower business taxes to laughable levels, battle environmental groups, all the while intimidating other provinces and Ottawa into compliance with his goals. Good luck […]

Online hate faces a long-overdue reckoning

Apr 15 2019 — Dan Leger — The online hate and mischief industry is hitting a rough patch, Iím happy to report. Society is waking up to the damage caused by online bigotry, harassment and malicious political meddling. The sooner those modern plagues are fenced in, the better. Much damage has already been done but finally political, legal and law-enforcement authorities in […]

Lavalin affair exposes need for justice reform

Apr 1 2019 — Dan Leger — To review: the Jody Wilson-Raybould affair so far has not improved the processes around ministerial confidentiality or bolstered government accountability. It hasn’t made the corporate world more honest or improved the process for appointing Supreme Court justices. It certainly has not improved the re-election chances of the Liberals, who now trail the Conservatives in the […]

Budget a chance for Liberals to get back to good governance

Mar 18 2019 — Dan Leger — It is the season, once again, of potholes, dirty snow and fading playoff hopes, when March Break briefly frees the children and finance ministers everywhere blend reality and fantasy to come up with their annual budgets. It will be thus in Ottawa tomorrow when Finance Minister Bill Morneau presents his budget, with the overarching goal […]

Old, new politics clash in SNC-Lavalin scandal

Mar 4 2019 — Dan Leger — This Jody Wilson-Raybould fiasco might not have happened in the bad old days, not this way at least. There might have been pressure put on attorneys-general over the years, but back then, you wouldn’t have heard about it. Time was that ministers fought their fights behind the scenes and kept disputes in the family. For […]

SNC-Lavalin scandal feels, and smells familiar

Feb 18 2019 — Dan Leger — As federal scandals go, the rampaging furor over who said what to influence a decision by former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould feels familiar. The facts are only vaguely understood, subject to partisan and geographical interpretation and the whole thing is drenched in hypocrisy. It seems likely that some sort of pressure was indeed applied to […]

Alberta’s anger is misdirected; no one out to sabotage the West

Feb 4 2019 — Dan Leger — Pity the poor Westerners — besieged at every turn, struggling valiantly against adversity, generous to a fault yet unloved by their ungrateful fellow citizens. No wonder they’re alienated, again. More evidence of Western malaise, if we needed more, has emerged in research from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute suggesting that Canadians west of Ontario are […]

Race-tinged political rhetoric blowing up in parties’ faces

Jan 21 2019 — Dan Leger — The lie of the century, so far, is that facts don’t matter and that the line between truth and lies has been blurred into insignificance. All opinions are equally merited and anything goes, supposedly. You might even consider yourself entitled to a personal set of “facts,” to use the old-fashioned term. Some people further believe […]

Trump trap will torque Canadian federal election

Jan 14 2019 — Dan Leger — Justin Trudeau is lucky he’s facing voters this year and not in 2020, when the air will be so full of lies and fallout from the U.S. presidential campaign that political messages in Canada risk being obscured. For now, Trudeau’s Liberals are staying sunny. They’re leading the polls against lacklustre opposition, even while facing a […]

Canada does U.S. a favour and Trump turns it into a farce

Dec 17 2018 — Dan Leger — It is not an axiom of international diplomacy that “no good deed goes unpunished,” but perhaps it should be, especially deeds undertaken on behalf of our dear ally the United States under its bumbling leader, Donald Trump. Last week, two Canadians were detained by security agencies in China, questioned and thrown into gulags. As this […]

Hate crimes are on the rise as bigotry creeps into politics

Dec 10 2018 — Dan Leger — Bears might be prowling the stock indexes, but shares in hate are enjoying a bull market like we haven’t seen in generations. Western democracies, once justly proud of their openness and tolerance, are seeing the intolerant minority growing bolder and more violent. In Canada, federal statistics captured almost 2,100 hate crimes reported to police in […]