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Quebec ethics commissioner lets Pierre Karl Péladeau off easy

Dec 11 2014 — Don Macpherson — Of the five inquiries concerning members of the National Assembly conducted by the Assembly’s ethics commissioner in the four years since that position was created, the one concerning Pierre Karl Péladeau was the most politically sensitive. Péladeau was not an ordinary MNA when the commissioner, Jacques Saint-Laurent, began his inquiry in October, after it was […]

The punishment of Pierre Karl Péladeau

Oct 18 2014 — Don Macpherson — It probably was, as Bernard Drainville said this week, “an honest mistake” when Pierre Karl Péladeau, Drainville’s potential rival for the Parti Québécois leadership, used his position in the National Assembly to lobby on behalf of his business interests. If Péladeau had guilty intentions, it’s unlikely that he would have done some of his lobbying […]

Nobody looks good in Quebec National Assembly debate on Pierre Karl Péladeau’s conflict of interest

Oct 11 2014 — Don Macpherson — Nobody in the National Assembly came out of the debate on Pierre Karl Péladeau’s conflict of interest, which dominated Quebec politics this week, looking good. Not Jean-François Lisée, the delayed-whistle blower who suddenly realized that his rival for the Parti Québécois leadership had been in an obvious conflict of interest for the past six months. […]

Pierre Karl Péladeau’s grand jeté to the left

Oct 4 2014 — Don Macpherson — Pierre Karl Péladeau was doing so well. And then the Sphinx of Saint-Jérôme spoke. Without saying anything, Péladeau had been running away with the Parti Québécois leadership race before it officially started. The only apparent threat to him, Gilles Duceppe, had withdrawn his name from consideration in May. The latest poll on the PQ leadership, […]

Pierre Karl Péladeau increases his lead for the PQ leadership

Sep 30 2014 — Don Macpherson — It’s PKP-mania, the kind of enthusiasm for a politician that Quebecers have usually reserved for the ones who walk with a cane. Even among supporters of the left-wing Québec solidaire party, right-wing businessman Pierre Karl Péladeau is the first choice for the Parti Québécois leadership in the latest poll on the subject by the Léger […]

The Scottish referendum bounce likely won’t last

Sep 27 2014 — Don Macpherson — What goes up quickly often comes down just as quickly. That’s why Quebec independentists, as they’ve reverted to calling themselves, shouldn’t get too excited just yet about new poll results showing a sudden, 7-percentage-point spike in support for their objective. The result of the CROP survey for La Presse and Quebec City’s Le Soleil suggest […]

Jacques Parizeau’s incoherent advice to sovereignists

Sep 20 2014 — Don Macpherson — Jacques Parizeau is impatient. But at age 84, the former Parti Québécois leader and premier can’t afford to be patient. Other sovereignists say they mustn’t rush another referendum, because they can’t afford another defeat. But every passing year reduces the chances that Parizeau will see the realization of what has been his life’s work for […]

Couillard’s distancing himself from Porter fuels the story

Sep 11 2014 — Don Macpherson — In the 1994 Harrison Ford film Clear and Present Danger, an American president is advised to distance himself from a longtime friend, a businessman murdered for cheating his partners in a drug cartel. Ford’s character disagrees, however. “I would go in the other direction,” he says. “If a reporter asked if you and Hardin were […]

Federalists and sovereignists each face an awkward truth

Sep 9 2014 — Don Macpherson — There is one truth that Quebec federalists can’t admit to other Quebecers, and another that sovereignists can’t admit to themselves. On Monday, Jean-François Lisée, who is considering running for the Parti Québécois leadership, proposed his strategy on sovereignty. Like his former PQ cabinet colleague Bernard Drainville, Lisée said the party can’t fight another general-election campaign […]

A PKP coronation is not what the PQ needs

Sep 6 2014 — Don Macpherson — Pauline Marois may have left public life, but not politics. Between spins in the $350,000 red Ferrari her husband bought shortly after her Parti Québécois government lost the April 7 general election, she is reported to have been working the phones on behalf of Pierre Karl Péladeau. The former chatelaine of Île-Bizard is apparently trying […]