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Jason Kenney’s political fate is in the ICU – and failing fast

Sep 24 2021 — Don Martin — All that was missing were pitchforks and torches when the United Conservative government MLAs gathered this week to decide the fate of their dead-premier-walking. The caucus was seething – and fearing for their political lives – as fourth-wave case counts went tsunami, forcing the province to go bended-knee to the feds to help with ICUs […]

Trudeau lost the debate, but the voters may not notice — or care

Sep 10 2021 — Don Martin — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau lost, but didn’t face the sort of devastating smackdown which would end his prime ministerial prospects. Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole didn’t lose, but failed to unleash high-calibre firepower to generate enough buzz to enhance his prime ministerial prospects. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh doled out his predictable everything-for-everyone lines well, which likely […]

It’s all about him — and that’s why Trudeau is in trouble

Sep 1 2021 — Don Martin — Forgotten is 2015’s Trudeaumania, when it was all about him as the anti-Harper. Six years later, it’s still all about him as the Liberal leader launched the campaign as a Trudeauerendum on his pandemic performance. But three weeks after Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau started the victory lap for his vaccination procurement success, the Liberal party […]

The Liberal and Conservative campaigns limp out of the starting gate

Aug 15 2021 — Don Martin — Let’s get the obvious rant out of the way – the Sept. 20 federal election is not necessary, has no coherent rationale to justify Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s $500-million bid for a majority mandate and, worst of all, puts the federal government on hold at the precise moment when a fourth COVID-19 wave will hit […]

Teflon Trudeau dodges trouble with a gift from the Greens

Jun 10 2021 — Don Martin — Faced with a scathing headline-grabbing committee report into Justin Trudeau’s biggest second-term scandal, a gift floated down from the political heavens where, as a wag noted long ago, God is clearly a Liberal. An all-opposition savage but salient analysis of the WE controversy — that the prime minister and his finance minister tried to give […]

How to win the next election: It’s the reopening, stupid.

Jun 5 2021 — Don Martin — There’s a pandemic twist to the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign’s famous view of the economy as key to election victory: In Canada today, it’s the reopening, stupid. Many Canadian politicians are oh-so-deserving of an electoral spanking for actions that introduced, spread, slowed and then revived COVID-19 across the country. But with the third wave becoming […]

Sorry is never the hardest word for Justin Trudeau

May 27 2021 — Don Martin — I’m sorry, but enough with the apologies Justin Trudeau. The sorriest prime minister (as in apologetic quantity not leadership quality) in our history was at it again Thursday, ignoring his father’s political advice to ‘live in our time’ as he dredged up some more sad Canadian history for his signature retroactive reckoning. In his eighth […]

Vaccination-leading Canada is finally shedding fear factors for hope

May 20 2021 — Don Martin — – For far too long in this pandemic, the light at the end of the tunnel was an oncoming train wreck. Today, there’s reason to hope that the light is actually a way out of the darkness. When vaccination clinics swung into arm-jabbing action this morning, they reached the milestone of Canada inching ahead of […]

Vaccine hesitancy spreads as provinces hit the AstraZeneca pause button

May 13 2021 — Don Martin — The original public health message from just five or six weeks ago was short, simple and effective. Vaccines are the gateway to a near-normal summer and the best vaccine is the first one available. But like everything else about COVID-19 in Canada, the only constant is inconsistency and the only consistency is confusion. So now, […]