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Trudeau meets the moment – and ducks for cover

Jan 31 2023 — Don Martin — He hailed it as dawn of the Liberal “meet the moment” era, an eye-rolling slogan of unclear meaning introduced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last week as his party’s challenge for the parliamentary year ahead. While sitting in an overcrowded hospital waiting room Monday waiting for a preventative checkup, I watched the year’s first question […]

Trudeau has a new retirement roadmap, now that Ardern’s called it quits

Jan 19 2023 — Don Martin — When it comes to finding his exit ramp, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a new retirement roadmap. On the far side of the planet a once-popular feminist prime minister, who battled violent Parliament-obstructing protests over pandemic policy, divided the population over its vaccination status, fought to green up resource industries and struggled with an economy […]

The plane truth behind so much holiday misery becomes a blame game

Jan 12 2023 — Don Martin — The airlines and airports that threw so many Christmas plans into hard reverse thrust have a simple explanation for the memory-destroying misery they inflicted on so many family holidays: Terribly sorry, but it’s not our fault. The Standing Committee on Transport gathered Thursday with MPs demanding an explanation for how that highly unusual Canadian winter […]

Don Martin on Pierre Poilievre’s seven New Year’s resolutions to top polls in 2023

Jan 5 2023 — Don Martin — Be it resolved that Pierre Poilievre needs help. When a majority of the respondents with an opinion, even in truest-bluest Alberta, tell pollster Nik Nanos that the Conservative leader should be replaced, this while Poilievre’s still supposedly basking in his political honeymoon period, the alleged prime-minister-in-waiting clearly needs to embrace some New Year’s resolutions for […]

Fort Myers Beach rises again as the Canadian snowbird migration arrives

Dec 8 2022 — Don Martin — It started just 10 days ago when residents placed a few poinsettias at the foot of the washed-away pier where Hurricane Ian had destroyed the holiday-season palm. Within the week that symbolic act blossomed into nine levels of donated potted plants encircling a quickly replanted palm with dozens more surrounding the site. It’s now unofficially […]

Kenney’s pandemic reign will appear competent in contrast to Smith’s

Nov 30 2022 — Don Martin — Eight years ago, Danielle Smith ended her first political fling by jumping into a dumpster fire. Having botched a merger attempt between two Alberta conservative parties, she was blocked as unworthy of re-election by her new political masters. Just three years ago, Jason Kenney capped a stellar career as a senior federal cabinet minister to […]

Trudeau faces the greatest risk of Freedom Convoy fallout

Oct 19 2022 — Don Martin — He may not have seen the potential threat when truckers rolled toward Ottawa last January, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cannot miss the risk of Freedom Convoy fallout he now faces. Under the no-nonsense watch of Justice Paul Rouleau with a lineup of inquisitive lawyers representing all sides of the protest, the Public Order Emergency […]

Question Period sleeper turning into slugfest between Poilievre and Trudeau

Oct 6 2022 — Don Martin — There’s been a 20-year series of middleweight clashes in the parliamentary fight club – Chretien vs. Day, Martin vs. Harper, Harper vs. Mulcair, Trudeau vs. O’Toole – but nothing comes close to the slugfest now raging between Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. After three grudge-settling matches this fall, which is all […]

An Alberta storm is brewing as Danielle Smith is set to become premier

Oct 4 2022 — Don Martin — The next premier of Alberta could well make Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre look like a right-wing lightweight. Meet Danielle Smith, the disgraced former Wild Rose party leader now poised to become Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s fiercest provincial antagonist as leader of the United Conservative Party. After a campaign born out of vaccine mandate opposition amid […]

Blocked at the border no more: Good riddance to the ArriveCAN app

Sep 23 2022 — Don Martin — Finally and mercifully, ArriveCAN is dead on arrival at airports and border crossings as mandatory vaccination for foreign entry to Canada is lifted by month’s end, according to government sources. The glitch-prone app, which frantic foreigners scrambled to download in customs lineups or while huddled in cars near land points of entry, had its day […]

Firebrand Poilievre now starts the hard search for wider support as a no-pivot party leader

Sep 11 2022 — Don Martin — It’s a daring experiment by the Conservatives – overwhelmingly elect a hard-right fire-breathing leader and expect enough voters to gravitate in his direction to win a federal election. That wasn’t the case with post-Harper leaders Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole, who shifted right-wing positions toward the mainstream in what became a futile effort to find […]

The fall of Justin Trudeau has begun

Jun 14 2022 — Don Martin — The Justin Trudeau brand is in trouble. The 2015 fresh prince of politics with the celebrity hair and rock star aura is heading into a 2022 summer of inflation-driven Canadian discontent as a faded force of personality in need of an exit strategy. You know there’s a reputation hit happening when Trudeau becomes the unnamed […]