National Newswatch

The fall of Justin Trudeau has begun

Jun 14 2022 — Don Martin — The Justin Trudeau brand is in trouble. The 2015 fresh prince of politics with the celebrity hair and rock star aura is heading into a 2022 summer of inflation-driven Canadian discontent as a faded force of personality in need of an exit strategy. You know there’s a reputation hit happening when Trudeau becomes the unnamed […]

It’s time for the whiners to win and the government to reopen the skies

Jun 9 2022 — Don Martin — Incredibly, the current Pearson passenger chaos could be a calm before the perfect storm whacks Canada’s most important airport in just three weeks. The Toronto Pearson International Airport crush is about to face the year’s worst passenger crunch, the dreaded Canada Day jumpstart of the summer rush when an army of families with strollers and […]

A basic Doug Ford takes a middle-of-the-road victory lap in Ontario election

Jun 2 2022 — Don Martin — There’s a cautionary lesson in Doug Ford’s victory for Canadian politicians generally, Conservatives specifically and leadership hopeful Pierre Poilievre in particular: Boring politics is back, coloured in many shades of grey. To an electorate fed up with heavy-handed government interventions into their pandemic-lockdown lives and wincing at increasingly stark political polarizations about nothing, noisy drama, […]

Premier Jason Kenney deserved a better death

May 19 2022 — Don Martin — There’s a lesson for Canada’s political leaders in the short life and quick death of Jason Kenney as premier of Alberta. It’s one-strike-you’re-out politics now after Kenney got the weakest vote of confidence possible with a 51 per cent thumbs-up to his leadership from the United Conservative Party base. It’s an almost-unfathomable act of internecine […]

Never mind abortion, what book are you reading? There’s no debate it was a brutal Conservative format.

May 12 2022 — Don Martin — The abortion question was dealt with in less time than the revelations about the candidate’s favorite music and the book they are currently reading. We also learned their most binge-worthy television series, their personal hero and which historical figure those vying to become a future Conservative prime minister would want to join them for dinner. […]

The thunder of overreaction as Rolling Blunder wheels toward Ottawa

Apr 27 2022 — Don Martin — There’s panic in Ottawa that thinks it’s hearing the distant rumble of an angry rerun of the Freedom Convoy heading toward the national capital. The Public Safety Minister is vowing federal help to block Friday’s Rolling Thunder biker rally from becoming another Ottawa occupation. Public health officials caution about the mental stress so many baritone-belching […]

Trudeau’s emissions plan fits a pattern of inconsistency and delusion

Mar 29 2022 — Don Martin — Sometimes, you just have to shake your head. Justin Trudeau, the prime minister until 2025 and possibly beyond, runs a government that excels at being predictably inconsistent, transparently delusional, occasionally devious and excessively obsessed with the latest shiny object. Think not? Let me count the ways leading to Tuesday’s latest grand delusion.

The result of the Liberal majority rule agreement: Justin won. Jagmeet 0.

Mar 22 2022 — Don Martin — Just six months after voters gave them a disappointing second minority mandate, the Liberals have suddenly emerged with what amounts to a four-year majority government. They must be pinching themselves. In a surprising, nay shocking, turn of events, the Liberals and NDP have put 1,677 words to paper to create a hybrid parliamentary creature unlike […]

The tragic, but necessary, rejection of Zelensky’s big ask from Canada

Mar 15 2022 — Don Martin — This wasn’t exactly a ‘Dear Justin’ love letter filled with pledges of eternal friendship and gratitude for support already provided. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky wrapped a big ask inside the emotional wallop he delivered Tuesday, an address unlike any other visiting dignitary’s speech to the House of Commons. These celebrity speeches are usually humorous, self-deprecating, […]

A nasty fracturing surfaces as the Conservative leadership race kicks off

Mar 8 2022 — Don Martin — Two political polar opposites are on a collision course for the Conservative leadership – and the winner could be the leader of the Liberal party. Moderate, extremely experienced, dignified but largely forgotten four decades after entering the federal fray, former party leader and Quebec premier Jean Charest will officially enter the race in Calgary on […]

An emergency about nothing as tow trucks become the excuse to act

Feb 22 2022 — Don Martin — Pressed hard for an Emergencies Act justification with the protests gone, border blockades down and convoy leaders in custody, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reached deep into his leadership vacuum for rationalizations. The emergency demanding the unprecedented use of the Act was . . . hesitant tow truck drivers, the prime minister declared. Without a broad […]

Trudeau’s besieged leadership cried out for an Emergencies Act

Feb 14 2022 — Don Martin — That’s the rub as Canada moves into uncharted territory with the federal Emergencies Act being invoked alongside provincial orders and court injunctions aimed at pushing the Freedom Convoy out of Ottawa’s core and away from border crossings. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has an odd sense of timing for his heavy-handed stand against what was a […]