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Time for Trudeau to take aim at Trump’s base

Jun 14 2018 — Don Martin — The kneejerk Canadian reaction to this week’s presidential provocations is to hate America. Boycott everything made-in-the-USA. Vacation north of the border this summer. Or, if you’re the spouse of a senior Liberal cabinet minister, jokingly advocate we invade. No. Stop. Please.

Trudeau gambles against his partisan self-interest

May 31 2018 — Don Martin — I knew Peter Lougheed, having covered him as a much younger journalist. Justin Trudeau is no Peter Lougheed. Yet the prime minister invoked the iconic Alberta premier’s memory four times in one Question Period this week to justify his $4.5 billion Trans Mountain pipeline nationalization.

Slow and steady Scheer starting to win the race

May 24 2018 — Don Martin — It didn’t seem a fair fight at first, a boy-faced Saskatchewan career politician who is the son of a librarian up against the rainbow knight astride his silver unicorn and shielded by a prime ministerial family pedigree. But after a year of Andrew Scheer, the rookie Conservative leader has not been jousted into the realm […]

On Kenney’s Trudeau attack, stupid is as stupid does

May 17 2018 — Don Martin — Seemingly without provocation this week, the Official Opposition Leader in Alberta decided to blast the prime minister as stupid. Jason Kenney seems to be very proud of his hyper derision in the Calgary Sun, refusing to recant after belittling Justin Trudeau as “empty” and having “the political depth of a finger bowl” incapable of digesting […]

Trudeau apology tour dilutes the value of saying sorry

May 10 2018 — Don Martin — Saying sorry is the hardest word for politicians. It’s either viewed an admission of wrongdoing or a show of weakness. But Justin Trudeau has taken aim at becoming the greatest apologist in our history. In fact, the prime minister is apologizing for most of our history as regrets roll out, some for actions predating the […]

Erin Weir investigation worthy of being seen as a witch hunt

May 3 2018 — Don Martin — Even Erin Weir admits it. He’s socially awkward and doesn’t always pick up the signs he’s overstayed his welcome when talking to others. The rookie MP from Saskatchewan looms large physically and has strong opinions, but colleagues confide he’s basically a harmless policy wonk with an economics background. In other words, he’s among the unlikeliest […]

Canada stuck with overpriced beer and provincial monopolies

Apr 19 2018 — Don Martin — It was never just about the beer — although, as an occasional cross-border suds shopper, there may be a conflict of personal interest here. The case of Gerard Comeau was a crucial legal fight aimed at ending protectionism for a myriad of goods and services controlled by provincial monopolies or regulations which impose higher prices […]

Political hot air to blame for pending carbon pricing failure

Apr 5 2018 — Don Martin — On the same day as a think tank of economists found most Canadians don’t understand carbon pricing, the federal environment minister proved she doesn’t understand taxpayers. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says if Ontario’s Doug Ford or Alberta’s Jason Kenney win their respective elections and refuse to collect a carbon tax – as both seem likely […]

Trudeau’s rush to unilaterally impose political correctness will generate backlash

Mar 22 2018 — Don Martin — It was a week the Liberals’ fixation with political correctness became politically incorrect. Amid a clear meltdown in Liberal government poll support, new moves on gender and tolerance issues were met by a head-shaking, eye-rolling, derision-snorting reaction from a public fed up with the excess of it all. The government’s proud plan to road-trip consultations […]

Waving the white flag on Canada as a middle military power

Mar 8 2018 — Don Martin — The most uplifting takeaway from my 2007 Afghanistan embedding with the troops was hearing how our soldiers had never been prouder to serve than being in combat against the tyranny of the Taliban. But a decade later, that pride has gone along with the fall in our status as a middle military power. We continue […]

Liberal budget was dead on arrival in wake of Delhi debacle

Mar 1 2018 — Don Martin — The day after a federal budget is usually filled with gloating by government MPs flushed with voter goodies galore. This week’s budget was particularly bulletproof from opposition attack, being an NDP budget with a warm and fuzzy gender theme even the Conservatives had trouble trashing lest they appear anti-women. But to scan the Liberal lapdogs […]