National Newswatch

Trudeau’s rush to unilaterally impose political correctness will generate backlash

Mar 22 2018 — Don Martin — It was a week the Liberals’ fixation with political correctness became politically incorrect. Amid a clear meltdown in Liberal government poll support, new moves on gender and tolerance issues were met by a head-shaking, eye-rolling, derision-snorting reaction from a public fed up with the excess of it all. The government’s proud plan to road-trip consultations […]

Waving the white flag on Canada as a middle military power

Mar 8 2018 — Don Martin — The most uplifting takeaway from my 2007 Afghanistan embedding with the troops was hearing how our soldiers had never been prouder to serve than being in combat against the tyranny of the Taliban. But a decade later, that pride has gone along with the fall in our status as a middle military power. We continue […]

Liberal budget was dead on arrival in wake of Delhi debacle

Mar 1 2018 — Don Martin — The day after a federal budget is usually filled with gloating by government MPs flushed with voter goodies galore. This week’s budget was particularly bulletproof from opposition attack, being an NDP budget with a warm and fuzzy gender theme even the Conservatives had trouble trashing lest they appear anti-women. But to scan the Liberal lapdogs […]

Great pipeline divide fracturing the national interest

Feb 8 2018 — Don Martin — The Great Divide forms the southern stretch of Rocky Mountain border between Alberta and British Columbia. Rain falling on the western side flows toward the Pacific. On the eastern slope, it gurgles toward the Atlantic or Arctic oceans. But this geographically defining landmark turned politically rocky this week with two premiers under the NDP flag […]

Ruth Ellen Brosseau’s political rise a welcome triumph

Feb 1 2018 — Don Martin — What happened in Vegas ended up as a very public triumph for an underrated MP on the floor of the House of Commons this week. The MP everyone would’ve voted least likely to succeed in 2011 has been named the NDP House Leader. Then-33-year-old Ruth Ellen Brosseau immediately negotiated all-party agreement to fast track anti-sexual […]

Parliamentarians should heed cautionary tales of Alexander, Leitch

Jan 25 2018 — Don Martin — With one simple pledge not to seek re-election, Parliament’s two most infamous star-crossed MPs have finally completed a double-helix dive into obscurity. Rarely were there brighter parliamentary futures then when surgeon Kellie Leitch, who announced her exit from politics this week, and diplomat Chris Alexander joined the Conservative ranks. They were the shining lights who […]

Is Trudeau playing politics with pro-choice funding stance?

Jan 18 2018 — Don Martin — When Justin Trudeau decreed in 2014 that all candidates for his Liberal party had to be pro-choice, one of his anti-abortion MPs labelled it a bozo eruption. There is an eruption echo sounding now in a move which is being widely perceived as the prime minister going beyond his party to impose Liberal morality on […]

Political correctness behind Sir John A. pub name change

Jan 11 2018 — Don Martin — The Maple Leaf flapped over Highclere Castle today, home of the famous Downton Abbey television series. It was to celebrate Sir John A. Macdonald’s 203rd birthday and to acknowledge he worked there while drafting the British North America Act. But there’s another flap very close to home for Canada’s first prime minister, which foreshadows his […]

Trudeau showed questionable judgement in meeting with Boyle

Jan 4 2018 — Don Martin — Every day like clockwork, even when he’s on vacation, the Prime Minister’s Office kicks out Justin Trudeau’s itinerary. But back on December 18, the itinerary listed Trudeau’s attendance at the new chief justice’s swearing-in ceremony and a chat with Quebec civic politicians, but nothing about meeting with freed hostage Joshua Boyle and his family, whose […]

Don Martin’s political predictions for 2018

Dec 22 2017 — Don Martin — Predicting the future of Canadian politics is a dark and murky art. But after consulting insiders and veteran observers, I’m going to try a glimpse the year ahead and hope my mostly-wrong 2017 predictions were a particularly miserable anomaly. For starters, it’s pretty clear NAFTA will be axed in late spring with President Donald Trump […]

Surely Kent Hehr has talked himself out of cabinet

Dec 7 2017 — Don Martin — So three days after and Kent Hehr is still in cabinet. That would be three days after the disabled minister of disabilities shrugged off victims with disabilities using some the coldest, crassest and frankly craziest language I’ve ever heard a politician utter. To the survivors of Thalidomide, who looked to him for compassionate understanding, Hehr […]

Bill Morneau’s political fate in Mary Dawson’s hands

Nov 30 2017 — Don Martin — If you passed her on the street, you’d be reminded of a Mrs. Doubtfire or a friendly visitor to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. But if those gentle bespectacled eyes narrow and that unassuming tone turns inquisitional, the most powerful politicians in the land ought to be wary of Mary Dawson. As of now, the seemingly irreplaceable […]