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With Trudeau resignation fever rising, a Conservative nightmare appears

Nov 29 2023 — Don Martin — With speculation on the rise that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will follow his father’s footsteps in the snow to a pre-election resignation, there was an interesting subplot to a bland news conference Tuesday. It took four cabinet ministers to deliver a rehashed how-great-they-art list of government accomplishments they insist are responsible for creating a low-debt, […]

Life in Trudeau’s brain defies imagination

Nov 15 2023 — Don Martin — Getting inside Justin Trudeau’s head these days requires a vivid imagination. The prime minister’s bizarre statement on the Middle East war this week reflects a distorted view that human-shielded resistance by Hamas terrorists can be overcome with “maximum restraint” by Israel’s military.

As much as Poilievre wants it, he will not get his election wish for 2023

Nov 1 2023 — Don Martin — It’s been 100+ hours of brutal aftermath since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau turned carbon pricing from a national principle into regional graft by lifting the tax on home heating oil and using free heat pumps(opens in a new tab) to buy back the Liberal loyalty of Atlantic Canada voters. On Tuesday, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre […]

Trudeau frolics with unicorns amid the pounding drums of war

Oct 23 2023 — Don Martin — There’s a parallel Canadian universe that exists only on Justin Trudeau’s social media feed. It’s a place somewhere over the rainbow where unicorns graze on emerald green fields and a carefree population of politically correct citizens begin each day with a rousing hand-over-their-heart chorus of Kumbaya.

Looking beyond Trudeau to the ‘Conservative Rewind’

Oct 16 2023 — Don Martin — If there’s any fun to be had in contemplating a future with Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, it’s what will change should he win a majority government. A major rewind in federal policies is already taking shape. This was foreshadowed ahead of last week’s surprising Supreme Court decision to declare big chunks of the federal Impact […]

Canada is back on the world stage. And mostly alone.

Sep 19 2023 — Don Martin — On the bright side, Justin Trudeau got one promise right: Canada is back on the world stage. Sadly, it’s for all the wrong reasons after the prime minister accused the government of the world’s fifth largest economy of dispatching assassins to kill a Sikh separatist leader in broad daylight outside a Surrey, B.C. temple. The […]

Nice try, Prime Minister Trudeau. But it’s too little, too late

Sep 14 2023 — Don Martin — Nice try, prime minister. But likely too little, too late and too transparently desperate to serve as a realistic government-salvage strategy. In a Hail Mary course correction designed to stop the Liberal death spiral, Justin Trudeau resurrected the ghost of rejected promises past, took notes from opposition ideas minutes before their release and delivered an […]

Poilievre doesn’t feel your pain, but he’s sure good at communicating it

Sep 7 2023 — Don Martin — His pitch to voters doesn’t come from personal experience. Pierre Poilievre’s outreach to average Canadians struggling against inflation, seeking a decent paycheque from a steady job and owning an affordable abode are challenges the Conservative leader has never endured himself. Probably no other leader, including Justin Trudeau with his modest drama teacher resume, has landed […]

‘The Talk’ beats the walk for a prime minister on the decline

Aug 31 2023 — Don Martin — It’s time someone sat Justin Trudeau down for The Talk. It happens to the best of them, that moment in a prime minister’s reign when a top staffer, political ally or even a trusted family member finally tells them what they need to hear instead of what they want to hear. The Talk is invariably […]

I’ve never seen anything quite like the control-everything regime of Trudeau’s government

Jun 20 2023 — Don Martin — On the bright side, there was no sign of Chinese interference. Voters in four byelections delivered status quo results on Monday that show, if you squint hard enough, that the severely tainted Liberal brand has staying power while the Conservatives aren’t resurging enough to threaten as a majority-government-in-waiting. So now, with the summer solstice dawning […]

The no-inquiry report that shredded David Johnston’s class-act reputation

May 23 2023 — Don Martin — As the hour dragged on, his French language comprehension failed him, his answers drifted into long-winded rambles and he was forced onto the defensive as his once-impeccable character came under attack. At some point during that media release of his “special rapporteur” report on the merits of holding a public inquiry into foreign interference in […]

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