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The Red and Green Budget

Apr 19 2021 — Don Newman — Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland gave us their vision of Canada Monday in the Liberal Government’s first budget since 2019. It is a Canada that is both green and red. Green because it will accelerate spending on a variety of environmental programs and create stronger targets for reducing greenhouse gases. Red because deficit spending to […]

Lessons from the Pandemic

Mar 4 2021 — Don Newman — As 2021 unfolds and the COVID-19 pandemic, hopefully, recedes, Canada will have to adapt and adjust to some of the lessons we have learned from the pandemic and other events of the past year. Some of the adjustments will be difficult. Some will appear contradictory. We will have to be more independent and assertive, both […]

Playing the Prediction Game: An Election in 2021

Dec 22 2020 — Don Newman — When Don Newman couches his predictions with qualifiers about how predictions are for suckers, we advise readers to recall that he predicted that Donald J. Trump would win the 2016 election. With all due respect to the theme of this issue of Policy, predicting the year ahead can be a mug’s game. One year ago, […]

Trump Takes the Low Road, Again

Nov 4 2020 — Don Newman — There was a moment Tuesday night, as the votes were piling up and being counted, that it was possible to forget. It was possible to get caught up in the moment and believe that what was unfolding was a traditional, exciting, close American presidential election where the outcome would not be known until sometime the […]

How the GOP Sold Out America

Oct 18 2020 — Don Newman — While it may be weeks after the polls close on November 3 before all the absentee and mail-in ballots have been counted, the court challenges exhausted and the winner of the US presidential election declared, one thing is already clear: We know who has lost. Whatever the final outcome of the vote, the Republican Party […]

Keep Calm…or Not. We’ve Seen Worse.

Jan 5 2020 — Don Newman — Alberta and Ottawa at each other’s throats. Separatists winning votes in Quebec. Britain collapsing over Brexit. And the rolling cataclysm of Donald Trump’s presidency colliding with impeachment proceedings in the United States. The world’s going to hell in a handbasket, right? Don’t worry. We’ve seen it all before. Most of it, 30 or more years […]

Monsieur Blanchet’s Tour de Force

Oct 27 2019 — Don Newman — Monsieur Blanchet’s Tour de Force Column/Don Newman Take a bow, Yves-François Blanchet. In the federal election on October 21 st , you changed the political landscape in Canada by changing the political landscape in Québec. Almost singlehandedly, you have revived the Bloc Québécois, taking it from ten seats to thirty-two and making it the third […]

Behind the scenes of Budget 2018 – The effect of NAFTA and the Trans Mountain Pipeline on Canada’s Economic Future

Feb 24 2018 — Don Newman — Next week two events will occur that will both shape Canada’s economic future. On Tuesday, Finance Minister Bill Morneau will bring down his – and the Trudeau Government’s – third budget. And on Sunday, the seventh round of negotiations on changing the North American Free Trade Agreement will get underway in Mexico City. Although Morneau […]

Newman on NAFTA: Mitigating Collateral Damage

Dec 9 2017 — Don Newman — Canada is a trading nation. That is why developments in the past year to both our current and potential trading relationships are so troubling. Look at the four pillars of our trade policy. NAFTA, The Trans Pacific Partnership, CETA, the trade agreement with the European Union, and a potential Free Trade Agreement with China. The […]

Drunk on power: A fond farewell to Hy’s steakhouse

Dec 31 2015 — Don Newman — Weekdays at lunch, the bar is crowded. The same is true at the cocktail hour after work. Weeknights in the dining room, there are few tables available. Suddenly, political Ottawa has rediscovered Hy’s Steakhouse. It is like 1995 all over again. But nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, and after more than 30 years […]

Welcome To The Broadcast

Oct 22 2013 — Don Newman — Candid, honest and often funny, one of Canada’s most respected political commentators shares decades of insights and experiences In his first book, Welcome to the Broadcast, titled after his famous greeting to his viewers, Don Newman writes about his many decades of reporting on Canadian and international politics. He covered some of the most important political […]