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Canada was unprepared when it came to protective equipment and data — will we be ready for a COVID-19 vaccine?

Jul 4 2020 — David Olive — We are at least a year away from getting vaccines that protect us from COVID-19. While not a blessing, we will need that time to plan history’s biggest mass inoculation. There will be no “silver bullet” vaccine. Instead, it is expected that several viable vaccines will emerge from laboratories worldwide, but each with limited, specific […]

The Trans Mountain pipeline will likely become one of the largest Indigenous-owned assets in the world — and that’s just the start

Jan 20 2020 — David Olive — It’s likely that sometime this year, control of the $13-billion Trans Mountain pipeline, one of the biggest megaprojects in Canadian history, will be transferred to First Nations investors. That transaction would be a historic turning point in relations between the First Nations and non-Indigenous peoples of Canada.

Are healthier relations with Russia in the works?

Jul 30 2016 — David Olive — This might seem a curious time for Ottawa to make a 180-degree turn in trying to restore healthy relations with Russia. But there were Stéphane Dion, Canada’s foreign affairs minister, and his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, meeting Monday on the neutral ground of a Pacific nations summit in Laos for a 30-minute cover-the-waterfront talk on […]