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By promoting Chrystia Freeland, Justin Trudeau may have shored up his own support — or strengthened a potential rival

Aug 19 2020 — Douglas Quan — As a nimble “star performer” in the Trudeau cabinet with an ability to work across partisan lines, Chrystia Freeland’s selection as new finance minister was an unsurprising choice, political observers said Tuesday. But the move also raised a question about whether her promotion to the powerful portfolio might have been a politically strategic one: Given […]

‘She threw us under the bus’: Internal email shows RCMP commissioner faces backlash over racism comments

Jul 8 2020 — Douglas Quan — The head of the RCMP is facing backlash from some rank-and-file members over her recent statements acknowledging the existence of systemic racism within the force. In an internal email leaked to the Star, some members say they feel “betrayed” by Commissioner Brenda Lucki’s comments and worry that her statements have “opened us up to more […]

Defence minister ripped for attending gala honouring Chinese Communist Party anniversary

Oct 1 2019 — Douglas Quan — Canada’s defence minister has drawn criticism for his recent appearance at a reception in Vancouver during which he stood on stage alongside the Chinese consul-general. The gala event Sept. 22 at a restaurant in Chinatown was organized by the Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver, an umbrella organization for dozens of business and cultural associations, to […]

RCMP’s new strategy for tackling terrorism, organized crime — accountants, computer whizzes and data geeks

Apr 23 2019 — Douglas Quan — The RCMP is embarking on a new recruitment strategy that will substantially alter the complexion of the national police force, replacing scores of traditional criminal investigators with civilians who have specialized skills to help pursue terrorists, cyber criminals, money launderers, drug traffickers and fraudsters, the National Post has learned.

Possible fraud and theft of public funds led to removal of two senior officers of the B.C. leg, sources say

Nov 22 2018 — Douglas Quan — Two senior officers of the B.C. legislature who were publicly escorted out of the building in Victoria this week amid a criminal probe are being investigated for possible fraud and theft involving public funds, two sources told Postmedia News Wednesday. The investigation is being handled by the financial integrity unit of the B.C. RCMP, and […]

Tories cut ties with Scheer’s B.C. South Asian community organizer after Post reveals accusations of past ‘cheque kiting’ scheme

Mar 29 2018 — Douglas Quan — The federal Conservative Party has cut ties with one of its key South Asian community organizers in B.C. after the National Post revealed his past legal troubles. Businessman Raj Bhela has been photographed frequently with Andrew Scheer, and on social media has described the Conservative leader as his “best friend.” In an interview with an […]

Many Mounties oppose opening ranks to permanent residents, easing entrance requirements, spokesmen say

Jul 24 2016 — Douglas Quan — An association that represents some of Canada’s Mounties says members have “grave reservations” about the RCMP’s recent decision to ease entrance requirements, including allowing permanent residents to apply. The Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada (MPPAC) said Sunday management has caved in to political correctness and the “knee jerk” changes amount to lowering standards. “Essentially […]

Three ex-OPP union leaders among those charged with fraud, money laundering after RCMP probe

Jun 16 2016 — Douglas Quan — Three former top executives of the Ontario Provincial Police Association and two of their business associates were charged Thursday with fraud and money laundering following a 19-month RCMP probe into allegations of misuse of funds. The investigation, led by investigators with the RCMP’s financial crime and anti-corruption units, centred on allegations that the union leaders […]

Charges imminent in RCMP fraud probe of former OPP union leaders, sources say

Jun 15 2016 — Douglas Quan — Charges are expected to be announced soon in the RCMP’s fraud and theft investigation targeting former senior executive members of the Ontario Provincial Police Association and their business associates, sources say. The investigation, which started in the fall of 2014, centres on allegations that top union leaders worked with others to set up companies to […]

How drugs are fuelling the crisis in Attawapiskat

Apr 23 2016 — Douglas Quan — Each winter in northern Ontario, a 300-kilometre ice road that connects Attawapiskat to the rest of the world becomes a pipeline for drug smugglers and bootleggers who conceal contraband in engine compartments, diaper bags, even in children’s ski-doo pants. The only other way into the town — in the headlines recently for a massive suicide […]

Heated email exchange over harassment on the force landed RCMP head with bullying charge

Mar 29 2016 — Douglas Quan — In his zeal to investigate reports of rampant harassment in the workplace, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson was formally accused of being a bully. The 2012 allegation prompted then-public safety minister Steven Blaney to probe Paulson’s conduct and force the commissioner to apologize for exercising “bad judgment,” the National Post has learned. The incident arose after […]