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Drug treatment a better answer than injection sites

Aug 10 2019 — Danielle Smith — A listener recently recommended a documentary that everyone should see. It’s called Seattle is Dying and it shows in graphic, heart-wrenching detail what happens to a city when its drug and homeless problem gets out of control. Calgary can avoid this fate but it will require a dramatic investment in addiction treatment. I have always […]

Now is the time for Canada to fight back against Saudi Arabia

Aug 9 2018 — Danielle Smith — It’s becoming increasingly clear that Saudi outrage at the Trudeau government is little more than bluster and strut, so what is Saudi Arabia really trying to accomplish? The overreaction is almost comical. The Saudis invest so little in our country and buy so little from us, it’s been challenging to find examples of any businesses […]

Trudeau decline in popularity self-inflicted

Mar 27 2018 — Danielle Smith — I remember lamenting last fall that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed untouchable. No matter what his missteps – the ethically questionable Aga Khan island visit, the absurd $10-million payout to enemy combatant Omar Khadr, his attack on small business owners with unnecessary changes to the tax code – his popularity continued to soar. It seemed […]

Amazon rejection a wake-up call for Calgary

Jan 19 2018 — Danielle Smith — We don’t have enough tech-savvy hipsters. That seems to be the deciding factor in why Amazon gave Calgary the brush-off in its bid to win the company’s new headquarters. I always thought it was a longshot, particularly when we started hearing stories of how much other places were offering to sweeten the pot.

The toxic people you need to get rid of – and how to do it

Jan 4 2018 — Danielle Smith — I started the new year by doing a segment jumping off a story I’d read in the Huffington Post about how to leave toxic relationships behind in 2018, and ended up getting some great advice from listeners about how to unfriend a “friend.” The eight toxic personality types are ones we all recognize: the always […]

Carbon Tax: We’re Fighting the Wrong Fight

Jul 22 2016 — Danielle Smith — Listeners keep forwarding me emails from different conservative campaigns asking me to: “Add your name to the petition today and help us stop the carbon tax!” No doubt petition forms are piling up all over the province in support, but I think conservatives are fighting the wrong fight. It’s hard to argue with the logic: […]

Wilting Rose: Coup attempt against Wildrose Leader Brian Jean

Jun 10 2016 — Danielle Smith — It’s out. The story is out. A new blog by a political strategist is blowing the lid off a coup attempt against Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and is drawing some interesting links to another coup effort that happened two years ago. Here’s the broad brushstrokes: The author of the blog, Nicky Walker, first broke the […]