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Vicious online attacks won’t silence voices in Canadian media

Aug 12 2022 — Donovan Vincent — When it comes to the news and information we consume these days, there’s a broader variety of voices and viewpoints — female, Black, Asian, Muslim, Indigenous, members of the LGBTQ community, etc. — than was the case when I first entered journalism many years ago. Canadians have benefited immensely from this change, in my opinion. […]

Bill Morneau opens up about his path to the political hot seat

Nov 12 2017 — Donovan Vincent — Some of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s staff have a nickname for him: “Bruce Wayne.” It’s a term of endearment. Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, is an ultra-wealthy industrialist who dons a cape and uses his skills, intellect and brawn to fight for the underdog. Similarly, Morneau, a highly educated and wildly successful entrepreneur, left his business […]

Now on CBC: ‘a gay native feminist comic raised by bikers’

May 29 2016 — Donovan Vincent — It’s a warm Saturday afternoon and Candy Palmater is at home enjoying a day off from the hectic pace of preparing to host her new weekday afternoon program on CBC’s Radio One. Dressed casually, Palmater, 47, sits in her living room, sipping water from a plastic cup, her wife and manager Denise Tompkins, 45, comfortably […]

CBC exec: I never made harassment complaint to Hubert Lacroix

Nov 19 2015 — Donovan Vincent — A top CBC executive has confirmed to colleagues that public broadcaster vice-president Heather Conway apologized to him but says he “never made a harassment complaint” to CBC president Hubert Lacroix. The CBC has confirmed an apology was made after an incident between Neil McEneaney and Conway and that an outside firm will “conduct an environmental […]

Liberals maintain strong lead, Forum poll says

Oct 16 2015 — Donovan Vincent — The federal Liberals are maintaining their lead with 37 per cent public support to 31 per cent for the Conservatives and 24 per cent for the NDP, according to anew poll by Forum Research. The Bloc sits at 6 per cent and the Greens 2 per cent, while 1 per cent said they planned to […]

Liberals move back into lead, new Forum poll finds

Oct 8 2015 — Donovan Vincent — The Liberals have moved into the lead in the latest Forum Research poll, collecting 35 per cent support to 31 per cent for the Conservatives and 26 per cent for the NDP. The Greens and the Bloc round out the field with 3 and 4 per cent respectively, and 1 per cent of respondents said […]

Conservatives out in front, new poll finds

Oct 1 2015 — Donovan Vincent — With little over two weeks left before Canadians, the Conservatives have jumped out to a “clear lead” in public support, according to new results from polling firm Forum Research. The survey of 1,499 Canadian voters has Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s party ahead with 34 per cent support, compared to 28 per cent for the NDP […]

Poll suggests growing tolerance on key social issues

Sep 28 2015 — Donovan Vincent — Has Canada become more tolerant on hot-button issues? That’s what the results of a new Forum Research survey seem to suggest. The poll of 1,557 randomly selected adults found a majority believe assisted suicide should be made legal and want marijuana legalized. Nearly half, meanwhile, support the idea of legalizing prostitution. Here’s how respondents feel […]

Bill Blair, Joe Oliver among candidates in tight races, polls show

Sep 24 2015 — Donovan Vincent — Former Toronto police chief Bill Blair is battling it out in Scarborough in a race that’s too close to call, while high-profile Conservative candidate Joe Oliver is trailing in the hotly contested Eglinton-Lawrence riding, according to new public opinion polls by Forum Research. Forum results show Blair, who had the support of as much as […]

A new Forum poll finds Liberals leading in GTA, Toronto

Sep 19 2015 — Donovan Vincent — The federal Liberals appear to have a gained a foothold in Toronto and the GTA, with 41 per cent of voters saying they’ve decided on — or are leaning toward — the party, a new poll by Forum Research finds. Thirty-one per cent of 1,183 respondents in the 416 and 905 regionspolled Sept. 16 and […]

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