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The Emergencies Act is no War Measures Act

Feb 21 2022 — Ed Broadbent — The Emergencies Act is not the War Measures Act. I can say that as someone who voted against the War Measures Act in 1970. And as someone who sought the creation of the Emergencies Act to replace it. Back in 1970, I was still a new Member of Parliament for Oshawa–Whitby and one of the […]

Doug Ford’s plan would increase inequality and advantage the richest and most powerful

Jun 4 2018 — Ed Broadbent — It’s an unfortunate reality of our current electoral system that political parties regularly form majority governments with only forty percent or less of the popular vote.  This means Doug Ford could become Premier of Ontario on Thursday while receiving fewer votes than Andrea Horwath’s NDP.  How is this perverse outcome possible, you might ask?  It’s […]

Canadian tax hypocrisy that favours the rich must end

Nov 13 2017 — Ed Broadbent — Unless Federal Minister of Finance Bill Morneau introduces comprehensive tax reform he will face a massive loss of faith in a tax system that continues to allow the top 1 per cent to avoid paying anything like their fair share. Tax avoidance and evasion by the rich ultimately undermines democracy: it starves social programs and […]

Time to renew social democracy

Mar 13 2017 — Ed Broadbent — Social democracy transformed politics in Canada and most other advanced economies in the 20th century, especially in the aftermath of the Great Depression and the Second World War. Governments guided by this political philosophy delivered virtually full employment, rising wages and access to social programs and public services based upon citizenship rather than the market-based […]

Three ways Canada’s next NDP leader can find success

Mar 2 2017 — Ed Broadbent — The federal NDP leadership race has started to ramp up. The vote isn’t for seven months, so it’s still early days. But three candidates are now declared, and more will come forward. I have no doubt that the final lineup will be impressive. Over the summer, they will have the opportunity to meet Canadians in […]

It’s not too late to fight back against Tory anti-terror bill

Jun 4 2015 — Ed Broadbent — We are at a disheartening moment in federal politics. Despite all the powerful and thoughtful critiques of the government’s anti-terrorism bill, it is on the verge of becoming law. The legislation undermines our rights and liberties and does a disservice to every citizen and to the free society we all cherish. Long before the pending […]

Fair Elections Act attacks participation and debate

Mar 6 2014 — Ed Broadbent — For many months the Conservative government has blatantly taken away by fiat the right to strike of union members within federal jurisdiction. They are now threatening to shut down environmental charities that are talking about climate change. And they are ramming through Parliament changes to the elections act that will almost certainly mean that many thousands of […]