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Speedy signing of new NAFTA looking less and less likely

Dec 7 2019 — Edward Keenan — Just over a week ago, when Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland jetted to Washington to meet with U.S. and Mexican officials on the eve of the American Thanksgiving weekend, it appeared a resolution to long-running trade talks was imminent. Canadian officials were saying it was close. American politicians measuring rhetorical distance in football metaphors […]

Doug Ford cannot lose, and Toronto cannot win

Jan 29 2018 — Edward Keenan — Of course Doug Ford is running for the suddenly vacant leadership of the provincial Progressive Conservative party, as he announced in a press conference in his mother’s Etobicoke basement Monday. I mean, of course he is. He can’t lose. And those of us in Toronto who’d like to see the end of the stranglehold he […]

When Stephen Harper refers to “barbaric culture,” he means Islam — an anti-Muslim alarm that’s ugly and effective because it gets votes

Oct 5 2015 — Edward Keenan — It seems quaint now that in mid-September, there was a debate about whether Stephen Harper’s off-hand use of the term “old-stock Canadians” was an example of him blowing a racial “dog-whistle.” Two weeks later, any imperceptibly high-pitched whistles the Conservatives might be using have been drowned out by the cacophony of their constant cranking of […]