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National Newswatch

Canada has Indian diplomats’ communications in bombshell murder probe: sources

Sep 21 2023 — Evan Dyer — The Canadian government has amassed both human and signals intelligence in a months-long investigation of a Sikh activist’s death that has inflamed relations with India, sources tell CBC News. That intelligence includes communications involving Indian officials themselves, including Indian diplomats present in Canada, say Canadian government sources. The intelligence did not come solely from Canada. […]

NATO’s latest moves could bottle up much of Russia’s naval power

Jul 20 2023 — Evan Dyer — Since midnight Wednesday, Moscow time, Russia has been warning the world that any ship approaching a Ukrainian port “will be regarded as potential carriers of military cargo.” This obvious threat to sink commercial shipping appears to be an attempt to prevent ships from taking on Ukrainian grain. This week, Russia unilaterally ended talks on renewing […]

Cornered in Ukraine and isolated by the West, the Kremlin returns to Cuba

Jun 3 2023 — Evan Dyer — Dozens of Russian officials have travelled to Cuba in recent months — and some former Cuban government insiders are warning that Russia might plan to again use the island as a forward base on the United States’ doorstep. This week, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel went on the Spanish-language version of Russia Today to insist on […]

Haiti’s outgunned police will have to wait even longer for Canadian armoured cars

Apr 8 2023 — Evan Dyer — Another delay in the delivery of Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicles (MRAPs) to Haiti means that Haitian police will have to wait even longer for the vehicles they desperately need to protect their dwindling force from Haiti’s ruthless and well-armed gangs. The manufacturer has confirmed for CBC News that the earliest potential delivery date is May 3 […]

Yazidis plead with Canada not to repatriate ISIS members

Jan 30 2023 — Evan Dyer — The looming return of alleged ISIS members to Canada has brought trauma, worry and fear to people who were invited to Canada as a safe haven after the terrorist group all but destroyed their ancient community in northern Iraq. “When I first heard the news, I felt the strength leave my body,” Huda Ilyas Alhamad […]

Canada takes sides as hemisphere splits over who rules Peru

Dec 16 2022 — Evan Dyer — Canada has recognized Dina Boluarte as the new president of Peru and has sent its ambassador in Lima to convey a message of support to the new government in person — putting Ottawa firmly on one side of a crisis that has split the hemisphere into two rival blocs. In a media statement, Peru’s new […]

Israel’s new hard-right government presents new problems for Justin Trudeau

Dec 11 2022 — Evan Dyer — Pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian groups in Canada don’t agree about much, but the coalition government now being formed by Benjamin Netanyahu has both sides worried about the future. The arrival of Israel’s most right-wing government ever will also challenge the Trudeau government — which has pursued the same pro-Israel course as Stephen Harper, albeit with less […]

Amnesty International Canada hit by cyberattack out of China, investigators say

Dec 5 2022 — Evan Dyer — The Canadian branch of Amnesty International was the target of a sophisticated cyber-security breach this fall — an attack forensic investigators believe originated in China with the blessing of the government in Beijing. The intrusion was first detected on October 5, the human rights group said Monday. The attack showed signs of being the work […]

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