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Canada to reconsider Extradition Act in wake of Diab case

Jan 18 2018 — Evan Dyer — Upon his return to Canada, Hassan Diab could not have been clearer; he doesn’t want “a penny” of compensation, “not even to buy a cup of coffee.” Instead, the former university professor said, “my main mission for the time being is to help get rid of the existing — I call it lousy — extradition […]

Liberal MP Majid Jowhari’s Iran tweets roil his heavily Iranian riding

Jan 4 2018 — Evan Dyer — The Liberal MP for Richmond Hill is facing the ire of many of his Iranian-Canadian constituents after posting a tweet many see as an attempt to legitimize the theocratic government in Iran. Iranian-born Majid Jowhari was elected in the 2015 election to represent Canada’s most Iranian riding. But his Iranian-Canadian constituents, many of whom strongly […]

New year rings in changes to laws, taxes, wages

Jan 1 2018 — Evan Dyer — New Year’s Day always brings a round of changes to laws, regulations and taxes, and 2018 brings its fair share. One welcome change for Canadian small businesses is a drop in their tax rate to 10 per cent from 10.5. That reduction had been promised for some time but was brought forward as the Liberal […]

UN vote today on Jerusalem presents dilemma for Trudeau government

Dec 21 2017 — Evan Dyer — Few votes at the UN General Assembly in recent years have been held in such an atmosphere of drama and tension as today’s vote on the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel. The U.S., bracing for what is likely to be a near-unanimous rejection of its policy, took the highly undiplomatic […]

Canada hasn’t added any of its ‘terrorist travellers’ to UN sanctions list

Dec 20 2017 — Evan Dyer — The Canadian government insists it’s using “all available tools” to find, detain and convict citizens who have travelled overseas for the purposes of terrorism, but it hasn’t submitted a single name to the UN committee that maintains a sanctions list of international jihadists. UN Resolution 2253 encourages all member states to actively submit the names […]

Rising pessimism has Mexico exploring world of post-NAFTA possibilities

Dec 17 2017 — Evan Dyer — “There is no need for a Plan B,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in June, when asked what Canada would do if NAFTA renegotiations failed. Canada, Trudeau told the New York Times, was confident the free trade deal could be salvaged. That is Mexico’s preferred option as well, but fears the Trump administration in the […]

Does the law prevent Canada from killing its ‘terrorist travellers’?

Dec 4 2017 — Evan Dyer — The rules of engagement governing the Canadian military do not prevent it from targeting and killing ISIS fighters holding Canadian passports, according to military experts and the Department of National Defence. But one constitutional expert believes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects Canadian enemy combatants from being specifically targeted by the military, with some […]

Federal government not tracking interventions with returning ISIS fighters

Nov 23 2017 — Evan Dyer — Turning radicalized individuals away from extreme ideologies and helping them rejoin Canadian society is a key goal of the federal government, but it has little data on how well that fight is going. The new Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence is supposed to be on the front line of this fight. […]

Fight for legal marijuana revenue heats up, as cities make their case

Nov 10 2017 — Evan Dyer — The federal government’s plan to legalize marijuana has already generated a spat with the provinces over how potentially lucrative tax revenue will be divided. Now a new player has entered the fray: Canada’s cities are demanding they be given a share of the revenue pie to help cover costs associated with legalization. In a letter […]

Provincial rules for legal pot could bring new ways to run afoul of the law

Nov 9 2017 — Evan Dyer — If federal legislation moves forward as planned, as of next summer Canadians will be able to grow, possess and consume marijuana legally — but that doesn’t mean they won’t face limits. The Liberal government has said it wants to see marijuana made legal by July 1, 2018. There’s debate as to whether that timeline will […]

As Canada ignores NATO’s request, Afghanistan slips further into chaos

Nov 3 2017 — Evan Dyer — This past June, Canada took a pass on an invitation from NATO to jump back into the Afghan conflict. With hindsight, every indication is that Canadian forces avoided a painful and increasingly dangerous mission to pull Afghanistan out of its nosedive. “We remain committed to helping Afghanistan build a stable, secure, prosperous and democratic country,” […]

Trudeau heads to Mexico after blunt talk about alternatives to NAFTA

Oct 12 2017 — Evan Dyer — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Mexico City today may include some uncomfortable moments, coming the day after a visit to Washington that included discussion about creating a new free trade deal without Mexico. During talks at the White House Wednesday, President Donald Trump suggested the possibility of replacing NAFTA with a new U.S.-Canada deal […]