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How NATO — and Canada — could do a lot more to defend Ukraine

Mar 26 2022 — Evan Dyer — It’s become clear to all by now that NATO is not going to risk a Third World War by imposing a no-fly zone in Ukrainian airspace contested by Russian warplanes. But perhaps the debate over a no-fly zone has distracted attention from other actions that Canada — and what Russian President Vladimir Putin calls “the […]

Public outrage over the unvaccinated is driving a crisis in bioethics

Jan 22 2022 — Evan Dyer — The pandemic has triggered a new debate over what used to be a settled principle of bioethics — that you don’t treat patients differently based on past behaviour that may have contributed to their condition. “The core fundamental principle of clinical ethics tells us that once a person enters the hospital as a patient, whatever […]

Haitian commission sends message to Canada, U.S. — stop meddling in our government

Dec 8 2021 — Evan Dyer — In his letter of resignation, U.S. President Joe Biden’s special envoy for Haiti Daniel Foote apologized to “the people of Haiti, mired in poverty, hostage to the terror, kidnappings, robberies and massacres of armed gangs and suffering under a corrupt government with gang alliances.” “What our Haitian friends really want, and need,” he wrote, “is […]

Conservatives call for investigation into government data breaches that may have put Afghans in danger

Nov 3 2021 — Evan Dyer — The Conservatives have written to Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien to complain about a pattern of data breaches at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), CBC News has learned. The complaint is in response to a string of misdirected emails last month that may have exposed hundreds of vulnerable Afghans to danger. “The ramifications of this […]

Government data breach exposes Afghans to more danger

Oct 26 2021 — Evan Dyer — The names of several hundred vulnerable Afghans seeking refuge from the Taliban were recently leaked in emails sent in error by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), CBC News has learned. The Afghans in question fear reprisals from the Taliban, who took over the country in August. Some are in hiding because of past roles […]

Google agrees to government request to pull ads linking to fake travel sites

Oct 5 2021 — Evan Dyer — Google yesterday agreed to a request from the Government of Canada and changed the results that appear when travellers coming to Canada search for the ArriveCan app — an effort to protect travellers from paying unnecessary fees to phoney websites. ArriveCan is the app the government uses to record international visits for the purposes of […]