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Canada can’t say where its crime guns are coming from

Aug 10 2018 — Evan Dyer — “It is a fact that the majority of gun-related crimes in our communities are committed with guns that are domestically-sourced,” RCMP Inspector Chris McBryan told the Vancouver Sun two years ago. Insp. McBryan was speaking as head of the Western Canada division of the National Weapons Enforcement Support Team (NWEST) of the Canadian Firearms Program […]

Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia keeps raising eyebrows

Jun 9 2018 — Evan Dyer — History will have to judge whether President Donald Trump is really the master of the ‘art of the deal’. But he’s certainly a master of distracting attention from one crisis by starting another. His last-minute call (literally made as he boarded his helicopter) for Russia to be welcomed back into the Group of Seven is […]

The G7 leaders plan to confront Trump on trade. So who goes first?

Jun 8 2018 — Evan Dyer — By all accounts, he’d really rather be somewhere else — preferably at home in his own bed, with his own remote control — and not in Canada being criticized by his annoyingly earnest counterparts in the G7. But it appears U.S. President Donald Trump will make the trip to Charlevoix, Que. today after all. That […]

Canada invites a dozen extra nations to G7 Summit

Jun 1 2018 — Evan Dyer — Canada will invite the leaders of a dozen additional countries to the Group of Seven summit in Charlevoix, Que., this month, as well as four international organizations, CBC News has learned. Canada holds the G7 presidency for 2018 and will host the summit in Charlevoix June 8-9. Core members of the G7 are:

What Trump’s proposed auto tariff could mean for Canada

May 26 2018 — Evan Dyer — As with many of the trade actions announced by the Trump administration, the possible effects of his proposed Section 232 investigation of vehicle imports are both menacing and unclear. To understand how it might affect Canada, one first has to know how the Trump administration intends to define an “imported car.” Clearly, a Japanese car […]

Sober suits, no drama: how Trudeau got the low-key foreign trip he badly needed

Apr 21 2018 — Evan Dyer — The Official Opposition barely mentioned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s foreign travel this week. Instead, Conservatives mostly used question period to rehash the PM’s excursion to India two months ago, and the unforced errors that plagued it. So the Trudeau government succeeded at least in not giving its enemies any fresh ammunition — which surely came […]

Hoping to bury the India debacle, Trudeau heads to Peru to talk trade, migration

Apr 12 2018 — Evan Dyer — As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today begins his first overseas excursion since a widely-panned trip to India in February, he might take comfort from knowing that at least one chaos-generating politician will be staying home. U.S. President Donald Trump’s last-minute decision to skip the Summit of Americas in Lima, Peru has thrown the event’s entire […]

Mexico’s election poses a growing threat to NAFTA’s survival

Mar 16 2018 — Evan Dyer — The whole dynamic of the NAFTA renegotiation effort — and the scramble by Canada and Mexico to save the accord from a truculent President Donald Trump — may be about to change. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador​ — or AMLO, as the presidential candidate is known to most Mexicans — is leading in the polls by […]