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Trudeau heads to Mexico after blunt talk about alternatives to NAFTA

Oct 12 2017 — Evan Dyer — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to Mexico City today may include some uncomfortable moments, coming the day after a visit to Washington that included discussion about creating a new free trade deal without Mexico. During talks at the White House Wednesday, President Donald Trump suggested the possibility of replacing NAFTA with a new U.S.-Canada deal […]

Amid gloomy signs in Washington, Trudeau keeps up the charm offensive on trade

Oct 11 2017 — Evan Dyer — Chrystia Freeland’s gloomy diagnosis of the state of the world Tuesday was perhaps a fitting curtain-raiser for Prime Minister Trudeau’s visit to Washington today. Canada’s foreign minister, speaking in the U.S. capital, said “this is probably the most uncertain moment in international relations since the end of the Second World War.” Heading the list of […]

Trump’s tough trade talk targets Mexico but his actions are hitting Canada

Oct 8 2017 — Evan Dyer — Almost every rally during Donald Trump’s campaign for president featured two bogeymen who were harming the United States and who would be put in their place if he were elected: Mexico and China. Trump’s only comment about the country north of the border during that campaign was when a Canadian reporter asked him if he […]

Should Canada have been more discreet about subsidizing Bombardier?

Sep 30 2017 — Evan Dyer — Every country that has an aerospace industry, subsidizes it. That is the first thing that must be said when looking at Boeing’s allegations against Bombardier. Both Boeing and Bombardier have enjoyed the largesse of national and sub-national levels of government, repeatedly. “The aircraft manufacturing industry is massively subsidized in the four countries where it’s based,” […]

At least 5 Canadian diplomats and families hit by mysterious ‘sound attacks’ in Cuba, source says

Sep 15 2017 — Evan Dyer — At least five Canadian diplomatic families were affected by mysterious “sonic attacks” in Cuba that left them with symptoms including hearing loss, headaches and dizziness. That is a larger number of people than previously reported and suggests the Canadian diplomats were targeted intentionally and were not merely victims of mistaken identity in a wave of […]

Migrants with no status in the U.S. battle anxiety as they await Trump’s next move

Aug 20 2017 — Evan Dyer — In the U.S. immigration debate, it’s called “twilight status,” and for many who hold it, the light is flickering and fading. Unlike Canada or Mexico, which both routinely deport almost anyone without a valid visa, the U.S. government allows otherwise-illegal immigrants to remain without legal status — sheltered under various forms of government sufferance. About […]

Ottawa gets an earful on proposed expansion of U.S. border pre-clearance powers

Aug 6 2017 — Evan Dyer — The Prime Minister’s Office received a flood of emails opposing the government’s bill to implement new pre-clearance measures at Canadian airports and other departure points following a CBC News story on concerns about the powers the bill grants to U.S. border agents, documents show. It’s been eight months since the U.S. Congress passed its version […]

Previous attacks underscore dangers for Canadians in Afghanistan training mission

Jun 22 2017 — Evan Dyer — As the security situation in Afghanistan continues to slip, NATO has asked Canada to help with its Resolute Support mission by sending trainers to help build an Afghan military and police force capable of defending the country. For the past three years, Canadian soldiers have been training and mentoring Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in Iraq with […]

Ukraine looks to Canada to help modernize military’s ‘Soviet mentality’

Mar 4 2017 — Evan Dyer — As the war in Eastern Ukraine grinds on, away from the international headlines, the country’s Soviet-era military is struggling to suppress separatist forces backed by a modern, well-resourced Russian machine. And it is looking to Canada for help. Both sides in the three-year-old conflict blithely ignore commitments made under the Minsk agreement — the ceasefire […]

Pre-clearance bill would give U.S. border agents in Canada new powers

Feb 12 2017 — Evan Dyer — U.S. border guards would get new powers to question, search and even detain Canadian citizens on Canadian soil under a bill proposed by the Liberal government. Legal experts say Bill C-23, introduced by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, and likely to pass in the current sitting of Parliament, could also erode the standing of Canadian […]

Canada looking at legality of enforcing Trump travel ban on Canadian soil

Feb 3 2017 — Evan Dyer — The federal government says it is looking into whether the enforcement of U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order banning entry of certain nationalities to the United States violates Canadian laws. Trump signed an executive order more than a week ago, restricting entry to the United States for travellers from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Canada is […]