National Newswatch

Trudeau visits former slave trading post in Senegal

Feb 12 2020 — Evan Dyer — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today visited one of the most notorious entrepôts of the African transatlantic slave trade. Gorée Island, a rocky outcrop of just 28 hectares off the coast of Dakar, Senegal, operated as a slave trading post from the 15th century until the 19th century. Trudeau toured the Maison des Esclaves, a notorious […]

Canada’s UN Security Council bid overlooks the pitfalls of influence

Feb 12 2020 — Evan Dyer — The Trudeau government has made its case for why a country like Canada should win a seat on the United Nations Security Council. There hasn’t been any discussion of the drawbacks. It fell to Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, also in Ethiopia to promote her country’s competing UNSC bid, to reflect on the pitfalls of […]

Trudeau headed to Kuwait to meet with Canadian soldiers

Feb 9 2020 — Evan Dyer — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit Kuwait on Monday, where he will meet with Canadian Forces members involved in both of Canada’s missions in Iraq. The visit was planned some time in advance, but not announced until now because of security concerns, as is often the case with diplomatic trips to the Middle East. The […]

Flames of blame: how climate change could upset the race to lead the Conservative Party

Jan 24 2020 — Evan Dyer — Former Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s tone was measured. But his words were as blistering as an Australian bushfire as he denounced his party’s refusal to face Australia’s grim climate prognosis. He told the BBC he “could not explain” why Prime Minister Scott Morrison — his successor as leader of the Liberal Party, Australia’s main […]

Admitting to downing Ukraine jetliner will cost Iran regime dearly

Jan 11 2020 — Evan Dyer — It was a short-lived honeymoon for the Islamic Republic regime — a rare wave of popular support, drowned out by a bigger tide of government neglect and recklessness. Much as Iran’s authorities may hate admitting the destruction of Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 to other governments, they are almost certainly more concerned about the reaction […]

Canada’s cannabis policy makes it an international rebel on drug treaties

Dec 20 2019 — Evan Dyer — While many Canadians have focused on the supply problems and overly optimistic business projections that have marred Ottawa’s marijuana legalization project, it’s also left behind some international loose ends that still haven’t been tied up. Not all other countries have accepted Canada’s right to forge a new path on cannabis law. And the ending of […]

‘False and unfounded’: Liberal MP denies claims that he’s worked with Iran

Dec 18 2019 — Evan Dyer — A Liberal MP is denying allegations, broadcast on an Iranian-language television network, that he has worked with and accepted money from Iran’s government. “These accusations are absolutely false and unfounded,” Majid Jowhari told CBC News in a written statement. “I strongly deny any accusations.” The allegations against the member of Parliament for Richmond Hill were […]

NATO marks 70 years with mutual suspicion and insults

Dec 1 2019 — Evan Dyer — After weeks of watching supposed allies trade allegations of betrayal and of insulting each others’ troops, delegates to the NATO Summit in London this week might be wondering who their friends are these days. But bitter as the recriminations have been, there’s an even bigger cloud hanging over the summit: doubts about the fundamental principle […]

Canada reverses UN stance on Palestinians in break with U.S. over settlements

Nov 19 2019 — Evan Dyer — Canada voted for a UN resolution this afternoon in support of Palestinians’ right to self-determination. The vote marks a major departure for Canada, which has declined to support substantially the same resolution through 14 consecutive votes since Stephen Harper came to power in 2006. Tuesday’s resolution was opposed by Israel, the United States and five […]

Watch what you tweet: new election law ‘chills speech,’ say critics

Nov 3 2019 — Evan Dyer — Though few Canadians seem to be aware of this, the recent federal election campaign was fought under a new law that imposes severe penalties for publishing misleading statements on the internet during the writ period. The new, amended Section 91 of the Canada Elections Act, which came into effect on September 11, threatens prison terms […]

From Brazil to Bolivia, Trudeau faces a hemisphere of headaches

Oct 31 2019 — Evan Dyer — The cancellations of the APEC Summit and the COP25 climate summit in Chile following deadly riots and looting in the country are just the latest eruptions of turmoil from Latin America spilling over into Canadian politics. APEC was to have been the first overseas trip of Justin Trudeau’s second term as prime minister. But for […]

MMIWG final report quietly altered after CBC inquired about errors

Sep 3 2019 — Evan Dyer — The MMIWG national inquiry overstated in its final report the percentage of Canadian homicide victims who are Indigenous women and girls by misquoting a figure from Statistics Canada — and later quietly altered the report online after CBC News raised questions. The error, which was confirmed to CBC News by the inquiry’s director of research, […]